A Warning About Ryan Tannehill’s Injury and other Roster Moves

Ryan Tannehill is officially out this week, meaning Brocktober continues at least for another week.   Here is a warning or two based on unfortunate past Dolphin history.

After the Detroit game, we get  less than 72 whole hours until we have to fly to Houston.   It’s a brutal part of the schedule.   The players hate Thursday games, and the visiting team hates it 100 times as much.   The Patriots have no such hate, because they are the home team for their annual TNF game every year, but we’ve covered that enough.

The game before our TNF game has not been good for the Dolphins.   We are already on our second-string QB, and this is where it gets dicey.   If Osweiler gets hurt, then we’re down to David Fales to play Thursday with little prep time and no backup!    What if they BOTH get hurt this Sunday?  Think it can’t happen?  It can!  It has!

Just a few years ago, in the game before our TNF game, we lost BOTH Chad Pennington and Chad Henne to injuries.  In the same game.  We had to bring in third-stringer Tyler Thigpen to finish that game AND get him ready to start 4 nights later..   Of all weeks to need your 3rd stringer, it happened to me the short TNF week.    Thigpen got destroyed.   The Chicago Bears easily shut us out in Miami, 16-0.  The Bears’ QB that night was Jay Cutler.  Eeek.

Let’s just hope Osweiler stays healthy and can go again 4 nights after beating the Lions this weekend.   We have no one after Fales.  No third stringer this time around.  I’d sign somebody quick!

I think Osweiler did a fine job Sunday, but I don’t like this injury to Tannehill.   Our backup QBs have a habit of playing great for a game or two, but then coming down to earth.   We saw this with Matt Moore the past few years.   He got us all excited, but then his faults were exploited by the better teams.  I’m not saying that Tannehill should automatically be given his job back if Osweiler stays hot, but I think we’re better with Tanny and Brock suited up, rather than Brock and Fales.

One of our readers pointed out that they noticed Osweiler recognized the defense better than Tanny, and I have to agree.   After re-watching the Bears game, he truly seemed to have a better command of the situation than Tannehill routinely does.   I liked that he was calling out signals to his teammates.

There was one play where he was under center and called out “Miller Miller.”   But then he saw the defense adjust, so he stepped back and said, “No, no.  Rhode Island. It’s Rhode Island.”  I don’t think this was an audible to change the play, because no Dolphin adjusted.   Instead, I think he was calling our what defense the Bears were in.  Whatever “Rhode Island” meant, it worked.  Osweiler recognized what the defense was doing, and he alerted his team.   When we ran that play, it was an 8-yard run for a first down.

He made similar calls throughout the game.    I don’t hear Tannehill call out such things as often.  I don’t see him recognize the defense as quickly as Brock did.  It was interesting to watch.

By the way, Sam Young and Mo Smith were both cut last week and both are now back on the team in backup roles.   Neither is a star, but they are serviceable Dolphins who know the system.    An average player who knows the play book is more valuable than perhaps a newer, better player who will take a month to get productive.

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  1. I have to agree with you about the backups coming back down to earth. Last week I thought the injury to Tannehill was an excuse but it seems for real. What is concerning is if it is a tear will he really have the power that he did before without surgery. One thing about Tannehill is that he is slow to make his reads but once he pulls the trigger the fastball to the receiver is what bails him out because he can get it to them fast. In light of the injury the NE game makes sense because he was making his usual slow read and then didn’t have the arm strength to make up for it.

    Can he recover from that with a few weeks rest? Not an injury we have had a lot of experience with as a team and they don’t seem to be saying much about it so I guess we hope in the meantime OZ can go and not fall back to earth.

  2. Good article I said the same thing better to have Tanny and Os than Os and Fales. I think they still have the QB they plucked from titans no? Either way at least they are more prepared than last year.

    Apparently McCain, Wake and Derby will be back. Parker is also practicing for now. As much as we rib him let’s hope that he breaks out as a tall WR would help this team tremendously down the stretch…

    1. Author

      Flyer, that QB was Luke Falk. He is out for the year on IR. He got hurt in practice holding a clipboard!

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