Let’s Be Positive About Adam Gase for a Change…

While Adam Gase leaves a lot to be desired as a head coach (his play calling is atrocious and his player management is questionable at best), still he does a good job in some facets of the job.

This season especially, we’re seeing improvement. As recently as the Bears game, Gase recognized the hot hands. He continued to called Gore’s and Wilson’s number, and they kept producing. I guarantee you that the old Adam Gase would have forced the ball to DeVante Parker or to Mike Gisecki. Not so much this season. So far.

Gase’s clock management has been superb. Look at the end of Overtime. The Dolphins got to the line of scrimmage on the penultimate play, and we let the clock tick down. There was no panic. Brock-n-Roll Osweiler knew what he was doing, and Gase didn’t interfere. The timing was flawless.

On Cody Parkey’s field goal attempt, Gase did NOT call a timeout to “ice” the kicker. This is wise. When Parkey was lining up, you know in the back of his mind, he was thinking, “Are they gonna call a time out here?” It makes a kicker worry about lining up his field goal while ALSO worrying about “Are they gonna ice me” all at once.

Compare that to Matt Nagy “icing” Jason Sanders before his game winner. Once Nagy called the timeout, Sanders was free and clear. There was no mystery and nothing to concern himself with except for kicking the ball.

In the Bengals game, we led 7-0 just before halftime. We stopped the Bengals with about 30 seconds to go. I thought maybe Gase would let the clock run down, but he called a timeout. This forced the Bengals to punt. Jakeem Grant took the punt and raced 71 yards for a touchdown. It was brilliant clock management by Gase.

When Torry McTyer was getting smoked left and right, Gase benched him in favor of Cordrea Tankersley. Now I don’t know if it were Gase or Matt Burke who made that call, but it was an excellent call. In the past, we all know Gase would have been like, “I stick with my men. It wasn’t Torry’s fault.” We’ve heard the same thing for 3 years…but finally things are changing.

Gase challenged a call in the Bengals game when Chase Allen insisted he tipped the ball with his finger on a roughing-the-punter call. We ended up losing the challenge. But…I like the challenge anyway because Gase heard Allen saying that he touched it.  Gase believed in his players, instead of insisting that he knows best. I am upset with Chase Allen on that call, not Adam Gase. I love the fact that Gase believes his men out there.

Leading up to Kenyan Drake’s big overtime fumble, I loved how Gase kept running the ball. He (finally) noticed how well we were running, and he kept it up. I fault him slightly on the fumble play for starting off in a shotgun spread, but at least it wasn’t a fade pass. And the run looked to be the right call until Drake decided to drop the ball.

I give credit where it’s due. Gase has been making some excellent decisions as of late. The improved playcalling is going a long way. This could truly be the turning point with this guy. But first let’s see what happens against a pretty poor Lions team coming onto our home turf.

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  1. I agree. I’ve always kind of liked Adam Gase. I was excited when Miami hired him because a lot of people were hyping him up. He hasn’t lived up to that hype but Miami did make the playoffs in 2016. If he can find a way to get them there again this year that in my mind is good progress for a franchise that hasn’t won a playoff game in 16 years I think.

  2. The guy has always been decent at making halftime adjustments but his initial gameplan has been below average to poor. But, I think this MIGHT be changing as his gameplan against Chicago was pretty good. I think Chicago outmatched him at halftime however. The bottom line is that he definitely studies and tries to make progress with his own development. The question is can this development continue because he is along way from a Belichick or Reid. I noticed that he was attacking on first down (trying to get 5-6 yards) with passes downfield instead of bubble screens more often against Chicago and planned against Mack very well. Have to see if this continues.

    1. The play calling was definitely better last game but let’s hope he wasn’t more balanced because Os was in. He needs to stay that way. Put a zapper on his neck! If you have Rodgers you can pass more but average QB’s need balance…

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