A wild wildcard weekend and another new Dolphins head coach

As we said last week, it’s virtually impossible to beat the Steelers  in the playoffs or even leading up to the playoffs.   Still can’t prove what kind of hold the Rooney family has over the NFL, but the Steelers continue to get all the calls.  All the time.

In the Bengal game, for example, a Steeler leveled a Bengal by diving at his head–helmet first–and received no penalty.   Coach Joey Porter later ran onto the field in the middle of a melee, and the refs looked the other way.  The only other team to get as many calls is New England.

It will be some kind of cosmic explosion when the Steelers go to Foxboro for the AFC championship game in two weeks.   The NFL won’t know which team to favor.  Heads will spin.

Now onto our new coach, Adam Gase.   I’ve had some time to digest all the news and watch and re-watch all his press conferences and interviews.  Here are some thoughts.

We hired a coach because “they” say nice things about him.

He doesn’t seem like a leader.  He’s not confident at all, and seems nervous about what he’s about to undertake.  It might just be stage fright.  He could be an excellent head coach who doesn’t like the bright lights of media coverage.  Not the end of the world.   But I sense it’s more than that.  In watching his initial press conference, it’s almost as if he looks like, “Man what did I get myself into?   I have to be in charge of defense now too?  And special teams?  And I no longer have Peyton Manning running my plays?”

Omar Kelly noted almost the same things that many of us did.   Check out this article from Chicago:  http://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/7/71/1242339/dolphins-fans-already-getting-mad-adam-gase

Gase spoke a lot about planning and preparation, etc.  So did Joe Philbin.  So did Dan Campbell.

He seems like another X’s and O’s guy, and I have no doubt that he knows of his stuff.   But he never mentioned football strategy, what it takes to win, toughness, what he brings to the table, etc.

We’ve heard the story about 500 times already about how he was making little money as a coach, but he stuck with it anyway.   Nice.   Now tell us why you deserve to be a head coach.

We had to endure Stephen Ross tell us how highly regarded Gase was.  The best accomplishment we heard about Gase is that he’s highly thought of.  So was Clueless Joe.

If Gase has any innovations in mind, he certainly didn’t spell them out.   Yes, it’s early.  But still, you’d think he would give us something to look forward to.  Anything.

As usual, the Dolphins management and front office schemes are confusing.  Mike Tannenbaum said that Gase will be in charge of the roster, but that does not mean Gase gets to pick the players.  Player selection will still be handled by the other brainiacs who gave us such luminaries as Dion Jordan.  And then throw in a GM with zero power into the mix and you get…the same old Dolphins.

Gase thanked and praised Nick Saban, with seemingly zero awareness of the year-long deceit that Saban foisted about Dolfans.

Watching Gase’s mannerisms and listening to his tone, he doesn’t come across as a strong leader who can whip the Dolphins into shape.  Certainly not a man to be feared and respected.   Then again, Dan Campbell did seem like a man to be feared and respected, and the Dolphins still didn’t play well for him.  So who knows.

If only Ross was as passionate about the Dolphins as the rest of us are.  Stephen Ross talks of the Dolphins like a business.    But when he talks about U Michigan, however, his eyes light up and we see the true passion he has.

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  1. Author

    Readers, just curious… Every time I try to read a Miami Herald or Sun Sentinel article, they want me to subscribe to read it. That ain’t happening. Just wondering if you guys pay/subscribe to those sites for your Dolphin news.

    1. Nope. I wont pay another dime to follow this “disaster”.

    2. Hey guys…I just wanted to comment on how to read Herald articles for free…go thorough Twitter. Just find the writers and and click the link to story.

      No comment on Gase other than he fired the entire coaching staff except for Rizzi…a good start, indeed. The riff-raff is out! Let’s see what he does about Tannepuke. That is all.

      1. Author

        Thanks Juan. I never thought of Twitter.

    3. Hello,

      For some reason when the Herald tested their Paywall in 2007 for two weeks I had thought that it was a permanent thing (I think they thought it would turn into one) and I called and complained bitterly and then followed up with a letter every day for almost two months (By this time they had done away with the experimental Paywall) but one day an account rep contacted me and gave me a username and password and it has always worked so no I do not pay for it but I probably would because I can’t stand ESPN James Walker and I hate the video news on the sun sentinel because I can read so much faster then most of those idiots can talk.

    4. With the garbage they write, they should pay us to read it.

  2. Yes, Ross’ heart belongs to Michigan. First with Henne as QB, then a clandestine attempt to land Harbaugh, and now Gase , all for leadership positions. To me, this a huge gamble on another unproven coach. I’m baffled that Tannenbaum with his vast “expertise” didn’t go with a bonafide coach with head coaching experience. Seriously, if Gase can’t produce a quality team, this is going to fall heavily on Tannenbaum. And it better happen soon because I think we, the fans, deserve a winning team. We, the fans, are demanding it. We are way past due for a playoff appearance, heck even a winning season. In short, the Dolphins better hit it out of the park. Just my $0.02.

  3. Author

    I kinda get the feeling that Gase will begin his tenure by meeting with guys like Tannehill and Dallas Thomas and Jamar Taylor and Jason Fox asking, “Okay, fellas. What can we do better next year to improve?”
    I just don’t see him (yet) as an authoritarian who’s going to tell these guys to shape up or ship off to Cleveland.

    1. I wish Gase all the best. I hope he is the savior to our beloved team. But if he fails, Tannenbaum may never have another job in the NFL.

  4. How long til Gase is fired? one year or two?

    1. I asked that question here right after he was hired. I say 2 full seasons. It may go past 2 if we draft a franchise QB in 2017.

  5. Like Dave Hyde said/wrote, regarding Gase, nobody knows anything (yet).
    The # 1 thing I am most looking FWD to, is that we will all find out about our QB – one way Or another. Tannehill has NEVER had a decent QB coach, since he got here, and I think that makes a huge impact upon a QB’s improvement, esp. In the NFL. If Peyton Manning calls Gase the smartest guy I know, I think Tannehill is in for some (finally) quality QB coaching, which I believe he needs. Example -Tannehill Never has learned (yet) to look off receivers, not stare them down, which he always does, and safety’s/db’s can read him like a book.

    We all know that QB is (by far) the most important player on any (nfl) team, and it demands the highest quality coaching possible, and I hope that Gase can be that coach for Tannehill, and can take his game to an elite level, (over time), which is required (now) for any nfl team that wants success in the playoffs. And if Gase can’t do that, then maybe nobody can with Tannehill.

    1. No coach can make chicken salad out of chicken shit. If Philbin, Lazor, Sherman, and Marino couldn’t help Tannepuke NOBODY CAN!!

        1. Yeah, even Philbin KNEW Tannepuke stunk. He probably wanted to bench him for Matt Moore and was not allowed.

  6. If they knew all they were going to get for a HC was a 37 yr old OC from a bad offense they should’ve/would’ve just kept Philbin.

    I’m sure they were expecting better than Gase when they fired Philbin.

  7. Piece of lying shit Nick Saban wins another title and proves that lying scum can finish first. Just like Patriots.

  8. The biggest positive for me next season is the canopy that will keep me dry. But I’ll miss the sun. Again I say 2-3 wins and top pick in 2017 and hopefully a franchise QB drafted. I’ve crapped on Gase as much as I can for now and I did every chance I got on FB when the Dolphins post anything about him. Lots of exposure there and the vast majority feel as we do about Gase. What else can we say about Ross, TannenBOMB,the front office and TanneBUST? I think we’ve said it all.

    1. They have to try for a franchise QB in the upcoming draft. Heck,they should’ve drafted a QB last year.

  9. So Joe wasn’t so clueless after all. He wanted to ditch Tannehill and draft Derek Carr, but Hickey didn’t listen and drafted Ja’Waun James instead.

    1. @Rick
      From everything I’ve heard, read, and seen, Philbin never even wanted Tannepuke!

  10. If the dolphins do good in the next few years with gase and tannehill all of u can go rout for some other team. If your gonna talk this much shit on someone who hasn’t even got a chance yet your not fans of the team.

    1. What an ignorant entry. I’ve been a fan longer than you’ve been on earth. I’ve EARNED the right to criticize these current mutts that run and own this team. Of course we hope they do well but apparently you’ve missed all of the talk of previous BAD HIRES with ZERO HC experience.

      1. Agree that Zach is very ignorant…..

  11. Adam Gase didn’t get his team to the playoffs. He got them 6 wins just like the Dolphins. His offense was in the BOTTOM third of the league with a better more experienced QB than we have!!!!! WTF?

  12. @Zack

    Sorry man but this is one of the few times Jay and I see eye to eye! This franchise deserved the best coach out there not another coordinator with NO EXPERIENCE who is simply a “Yes” man to a proven LOSER in Tannabumm.

    He was hired because he would say “YES” and he might help Tannehill.

    This team needs a coach not a babysitter and you can walk around with the Rose colored classes all you want but that wont change the fact that it was ROSS AND TANNUBUM who picked this idiot not Robert Kraft!

    If Kraft picked him I would be like….. Ok this kid must have some talent because Kraft knows talented coaches but it was Ross and Tannabum who picked him….

    No Rose colored glasses for me anymore!

  13. @brian dude hasn’t even been given a chance yet, all great coaches start somewhere, mike Tomlin didn’t have head coaching experience before taking over the steelers. Mike Zimmer was a first year head coach this year and he took his team to the playoffs. It just seems like you guys are literally hoping this guy fails

    1. Author

      I certainly hope he doesn’t fail, but I try to look at things objectively. So far, in only 3 days as head coach, he has shown me nothing yet to demonstrate that he’s a winner.
      Ross has shown no leadership in the situation either. Did you hear the reasons Ross hired him: people said Gase was ready; it must be the correct choice because Gase went to Mich State; stuff like that does not instill confidence.
      So far, Gase does seem to be a Yes man. He doesn’t seem to have much knowledge of the current Dolphins or our rich history. He seems more nervous than confident.

    2. Gassy’s chances of success are near zero. Take off your rose colored glasses and get a stiff dose of reality. Lay off the kool aid .

  14. Gase mentioned Nick Satan-that went over well and shows how clueless he is regarding Satan and the Dolphins.

  15. Admin 3 days?? Bro your gonna base any decision off someone’s first 3 days on the job? That doesn’t make much sense give the dude two years and see. Most nfl “experts” say this dude is the real deal let’s see how the draft and offseason signings go before we judge at least

  16. Here’s a chicken or the egg example of what’s going on here….

    What came first? Glass half empty Dolfans or a perpetually mediocre football team?

    Stop all the bitchin all about Gase and let him at least try an build a foundation. Who cares if he’s 37. All that means is that if he is a good coach we’ll have him for a ton of years. If he sucks then we move on. I am interested in seeing how he molds this team and implements his plan. What the hell plan did Joe Philbin have? Campbell at least had a plan of changing the culture. I bet Gase has been planning for this moment before he was even able to drink a beer legally.

    Everyone just stop all the lack of head coaching crap for now.

  17. So the same guy that got rid of or let guys like Dansby, Brandon
    Marshall, Vontae Davis, and Sean Smith walk in free agency and replaced them with ineffective players and created several holes in the line-up that exist til this day was supposed to be right about replacing the potential franchise qb? By that time who in the franchise, with the exception of Ross, had any confidence that he had a clue what he was doing? I’m sure Derek Carr is more than pleased that he wasn’t allowed to though, seeing as how he would have spent most of the past two seasons on IR playing behind Fox and Dallas Thomas.

    1. I agree with Dolphdope that Derek Carr is thrilled he’s not on this garbage team! That being said we all know he;s better than Tannepuke!

    2. BTW that was Ireland that got rid of all our good players.

    3. Author

      I prefer Tannehill’s sklills over Carr’s. However, Carr’s passion and will to win is inspiring. Guys WANT to play their ass off for that kid. Meanwhile in Miami, Tannehill still hasn’t once gotten mad at someone or yelled at anyone to do better.

  18. Bryan and dolphingang thank you lol

  19. Coughlin is 69 and Shanahan is 63. If the Dolphins had hired either how long would they coach before they decided to retire? Two, three years? And the team would still be looking for a coach in three years. Regardless of the results the experienced coaches produced.

    1. @DOLPHGANG!!
      Rationalize the bad decision anyway you want. But rest assured we WILL be looking for a new coach in two years.

  20. Here’s a feel good moment- Jason Fox has been waived.

    1. That’s good news-he can replace one of the broken turnstiles on Metrorail.

    2. Author

      I don’t blame Fox as much as I blame the management to let guys like like Samson Satelle, Darren Colledge, Shelly Smith, and Sam Brenner walk away or be waived. Philbin thought more of Fox than those others. Sadly incompetent

  21. Here a NOT feelgood moment we just hired a DC who has as much experience as our HC does at being a DC


    Maybe we can all stand in a circle, hold hands and sing – “Were all Doomed – Were all Doomed – Were all doomed”


    1. Author

      I was hoping for Rob Ryan to run our D, but Buffalo beat us. Again.

  22. Most coaches come in after being coordinators so everyone has to relax. I personally would have went with Shanahan but I’m willing to give the guy a chance. Don’t doom him before he has a chance…

    Philbin being considered as an oline coach in indy…now that’s comical.

    1. Author

      Flyer, I actually think Philbin MIGHT be decent as an o-line coach. The ONLY thing he knows is Xs and Os. When he needs to make a decision, he is doomed. But as far as lining up his men correctly and then letting someone else make a decision, he might be okay.

  23. admin let me get this straight you don’t want gase cause he didn’t do well with Chicago last year, but u want rob Ryan?? Weren’t the saints like the worst defense in the league this year?

  24. We were 19th in points allowed this season. Saints were LAST. Points are the only defensive stat that matters. No team giving up more points made the playoffs.If we can improve just 5 -6 spots,it will make a huge difference. The top 12 in fewest points allowed ALL made the playoffs.

    1. Author

      I don’t know how you teach things like momentum, tenacity, and capitalizing, but the Dolphins are always horrible at it.
      So many times after we scored, the defense came out flat and let the opponent score right back.
      Or else the defense played great, and the offense couldn’t capitalize. No killer instinct on either side of the ball.
      There was that period in the first Patriots game when we made them punt about 5 times in a row (first time ever under Tom Brady), and yet our offense gave the ball right back.
      That flat level of play needs to change.

      1. I agree.Seems ike the defense played decent,not great,some games,at least good enough for us to win,and the offense was no where to be seen. Other games,the defense was just pathetic and we no chance to win. Bottom line,be Top 12 in points allowed and nearly always,you make the playoffs. Simple.

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