Some basic advice for Dolphins coach Adam Gase

New Head Coach Adan Gase has already started to mold his staff and his on-field personnel, which is good and bad.

It’s good to get the staff settled in early so they can start working together.   But it’s bad who he is choosing.

Vance Joseph is our new defensive coordinator, coming in from being the Bengals’ defensive backs coach.  The same coach whose defensive back cost the Bengals a playoff win the other day.   If Joseph can’t get Pacman Jones  to  just walk away, how will he control Kong Suh?

Our new Defensive Coordinator was in charge of Pacman Jones as of last week. How well did he coach Pacman?

The main problem with signing coaches too early is that all the good ones are still playing!  We went with a coach whose defense just lost to an injured Roethlisberger and his 3rd-string backup.  Not impressive at all.

Meanwhile, the Patriots, Panthers, Broncos and other outstanding defensive coaches are still out there.  Why not wait and pluck one of them instead?   What is the rush?

Gase has already retained Darren Rizzi.  I’m not a fan of Rizzi, but he’s not really a detriment either.   I was very puzzled when Dan Campbell took over and put so much faith in Rizzi.   The guy in charge of the kicker and punter was suddenly elevated to assistant head coach, guru of the challenges, etc.   Too much power for a special teams guy.  I hope Gase utilizes him better.

Gase needs to utilize the guys who make plays and bench/trade/cut the ones who don’t.   For example, why is Damien Williams still on the team?

I can understand that you don’t want Jarvis Landry to return every single kickoff, but don’t just stick Damien in there for the hell of it.   Find someone better, maybe like Rishard Matthews.  Williams made some huge gaffes in the return game last year.  (Remember when he returned the ball from the endzone, got to the one yardline, then went back into the endzone–realized it was about to be a safety–and then barely dove back out to the one?   He should have been cut right then and there, but the old regime rewarded him with more playing time.  Enough.

Jamar Taylor got benched for playing poorly, and we beat New England.  It’s not rocket science.  Bench your shitty players and give someone else a try.

Mr. Gase should also use the strengths of his players better.   Ryan Tannehill can run.  Unfortunately, we only get to see bits and pieces of that sporadically, because the old regime(s) preferred for him to get sacked instead.

Hopefully Gase knows that a QB sneak is a legal play, because our other coaches didn’t.   They preferred the 5-wideout sets in the shotgun when we needed to gain an inch.

I think Olivier Vernon was playing like a man who wanted out.  Let him walk.   He’s been good, but those ignorant penalties he took showed no commitment.   Shelby, on the other hand, wants to stay and deserves the job.  Cameron Wake cannot be jettisoned.   Don’t care how much cap space he eats up.  It ain’t our money.

Suh had a so-so season.   I think it’s up to the next coaching staff to find out why…was Suh barely trying?  Was it the schemes we ran?   Was he just exhausted?  Find out why and correct it.

Adjustments need to be made quicker.    There was a definitive pattern in almost every Dolphin loss this year.   We came out slowly.   We made a run right after halftime.  Then the other team adjusted to our run and won the game.  Other teams react quicker to whatever the Dolphins do. The Dolphins react much more slowly.   Don’t wait until halftime to change things up.

The Rams just moved to L.A.    That means THREE west coast trips next season, including the longest flight in the NFL…Miami to Seattle (no two teams are further apart).   Those trips are hard on the players, and I hope Gase maintains a productive practice and travel schedule those weeks .    In addition, our division games are way up in the Northeast.   That is a LOT of travel.  I remember Philbin going on and on about all the studying and travel-planning he did for the Europe trip last year, and we got blown out !

Gase’s personality seems very passive, but I’m okay with that.   “Aw, shucks, thanks to Mr. Ross who is the greatest owner in the NFL.  I study hard to be a coach.”  We’ve yet to see him coaching on the field, which we hope will be 100% different demeanor than what he shows now.

All in all, I’m still optimistic about our chances with this new coach, and I will give him a fair shot.  But after years of watching previous regimes blow it, and I have be cautious as well….





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  1. We have no choice but to give these clowns a shot because were irrelevant!

    Have any hope in them…..NO I don’t have to have any hope in them and I don’t.

    Remember all off season and preseason I wen’t on and on about how we absolutely needed an OL that could protect our QB and what did we get? Mediocre improvement for some starters and crap on the bench. Sure enough the starters went out in week three (I think) and from then on the season was totally over.

    Well we still have that problem but worse we have a new set – I think our 4th set of new coaches with NO EXPERIENCE.

    At lest in the past we had some coordinators OC & DC who had a lot of experience so you would have thought that would have helped but it didn’t

    Now we have no coach with any experience in the position they are hired to coach.


    If that isn’t enough it was Ross and Tanubumm who are both disasters with talent evaluation.




    WE ARE SUNK (No need for any optimism or “giving the guys a chance) because they have been set up to fail


    1. And the new OC will have no experience either. Take that to the bank.

    2. We could have replaced 1 of those turnstiles/OL with Evan Mathis but we didn’t want to spend the money we had available. Wouldn’t have given us a .500 season but would have changed EVERY down we played on offense-every down!

  2. I agree 100% , as for hiring OC and DC now how good can they be they are knocked out of the first round shouldn’t you wait and try to pluck someone from a winning team , I think so.

  3. When I want a good laugh I watch the incompetent Dolphins.

    1. You must be doing a lot of laughing then!

  4. How many years have we heard “give em a chance”???

  5. Some basic advice for Dolphins coach Adam Gase :

    Replace Tannepuke before you get fired too!!!

  6. Think about it. What decent OC would go to the dysfunctional Dolphins and risk their career and reputation on a rookie 37 yr old HC and an accuracy challenged QB(with a huge contract) with no pocket presence that has already gotten 5 people fired?

    1. No qualified, experienced assistants will want to coach under a Rookie thats why he has to bring in a Defensive Backs coach to be the DC and that is why I don’t need to give this coach and this coaching staff any chance.

      They are doomed by inexperience.

      The will fail.

      What other option is there?

  7. Author

    The new OC will have zero power and no say in anything, much like Clueless Joe did in Green Bay. Gase is gonna call the plays, which means he is the OC unofficially. The “official” OC will just be some figurehead to help him run meetings and make Xerox copies, again like Philbin did in Green Bay

  8. Author

    Just saw some entertainment gossip news about singer Jewel’s new boyfriend, and it’s Charlie Whitehurst, the journeyman 4th-stringer who defeated the Dolphins this year. How embarrassing.

  9. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Maybe Ross will get lucky with Gase.

    1. Ok let’s say this guy lights the NFL on fire?

      Let’s say it looks like the Dolphins will go undefeated 3/4 of the way through next season.

      Then what?

      In an ironic twist of fate Gase will be lured away by Mississippi State to the tune of 20 mil a year and the no experience coordinators will tank the team and we miss the playoffs


      Maybe Brandon Albert comes out as gay and in a sorted affair with Gase and then Tannehill (Who judging by how hot his wife is probably isn’t gay) and a few other guys boycott the team for making them all shower together and we lose the last four games and miss the playoffs


      Maybe a week before training camp Gase leaves with a tent for Australia to smoke dope for the rest of the year

      Actually it’s to hard to fathom the Dolphins ever getting lucky!

      1. Ross already got lucky…….winning 6 games with these scrubs.

  10. Ross is lucky the fans don’t go on strike.

    1. They have. Did you see how empty the stadium was for the Dolts game. But the moron owner Ross says we played in front of “capacity crowds”! Even the bathrooms weren’t at capacity.

      1. Author

        If ZERO people show up for a Dolphins home game, Ross still makes the same amount of money as if it were a sellout. You cannot hurt this man in the wallet. I think the fans and media have a better chance of shaming him into selling the team. I mean, how many years in a row does he want to read the media saying how inept he is? The Miami sportswriters have been on him for years. It has to take a toll on his confidence, and one day he’ll just say Screw It, and sell the team to someone who actually likes the Miami Dolphins.

        1. Shame Ross into selling the team? Are you serious? You think that he’s going to walk away from the NFL gravytrain? You think he became a billionaire because he is a sensitive fellow? Fuddget about it!

          Look, Ross is 75. I assure you he won’t be here 50 years from now.

  11. The Dolphins top need with the No. 8 overall pick is quarterback, although an argument could be made for linebacker.

    1. Author

      I’m not opposed to drafting a stud linebacker. Koa Misi has turned into an avergae player. Unknown rookies like Neville Hewitt and Zach Vigil outplayed the starters all year.. But I think DBs might be a better need.

  12. I think a TRUE linebacker in the 2nd or 3rd round (If we get a decent guy) would be better then Misi. We desperately need a guy with true instincts who can diagnose run vs pass plays about .5 seconds faster then Misi.

    I don’t think we need to throw our 1st rounder at it with how much a need we have at OL, CB and DB because if we have to play with Misi it’s not the end of the world

  13. Reggie Ragland and Scooby Wright are some quality Mike linebacker prospects.

  14. I’ll take Ragland in a Joe Philbin 30 second timeout!

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