Adam Gase Proves Me Right About just how Unqualified He Truly is.

Back in January, before the ink on his contract was dry, I was one of the few Dolphins writers who told you why it was a mistake to hire Adam Gase.   More on that later.

But first, I have to tell you why I’m doubling down on my assertion that Gase isn’t good.   And today we saw two hugely important reasons.

  • ONE, he blew the game.  We’ll get to that, and I’ll break it down.
  •  TWO, he made things worse after the game, by stubbornly foisting Ryan Tannehill upon us.

When asked if he considered benching Tannehill, he stubbornly said no.


Mrs. Gase can throw a ball better than Lauren Tannehill's husband.
Mrs. Gase can throw a ball better than Lauren Tannehill’s husband.

He stubbornly said that Tannehill is going to start every single game this season.   Not even Bill Belichick says that.   Who says that?   Who is so obstinate and so stubborn that he would rather see his own team lose than make a change?   This kid Gase has to go.

We have to start with the game plan, and more specifically Adam Gase’s play calling.   It was atrocious.

It’s like the man wasn’t looking at the field.  Play after play after play, he kept calling a 7-yard straight dropback pass.  Never mind that our line was banged up.  Never mind that the lowly Titans were sacking us left and right.   Never mind that our QB is incapable of simply taking a step forward to avoid a rush.  Virtually ALL of Adam Gase’s play calls were NOT working, but he stuck with it anyway.

In our Dolphins Truth chat room, we were screaming for a read-option and let Tannehill keep the ball.   We were screaming for a rollout.  A bootleg.  Anything.   Anything other than a straight dropback pass.   And no matter what we screamed for, guess what we got?

Tannehill did us no favors by taking all those sacks.   The guy has zero internal clock.   Or if he has one, it’s set on 7 seconds when it needs to be set on 1.5 seconds.  He gets buried alive, and to the uneducated eye, it always appears to be the line’s fault.  But when you’ve had FIVE YEARS’ experience with a bad line, you have to know what’s coming.  In an ideal world, you can say rely on  teammate to do his job, but it’s not a perfect world.   Dolphin linemen get burned (often), and so the QB must adjust.  STEP UP to avoid a sack.   It’s that simple.   We saw Mariota do it a dozen times today.

When the head coach and play caller sees this occurring week after week after week, and still calls the same play?   I’m sorry, but that’s on the coach.  Calling the same garbage plays continually and hoping for a miraculous difference?   You know that’s insanity.  What on earth could Gase be thinking?  He changed up nothing and made zero adjustments.

He watches Ajayi catch fire, and then he benches him.   He watches our hurry-up offense do good things this year, but he refuses to use it.   He watches good things happen when Tannehill rolls out, but he calls for ONE rollout all day long.

And then after the game, when he finally has a chance to own up to his horrible decisions, he makes yet another one:   He announces that all the fans and reporters and announcers are wrong and that he is right:   he announced we are stuck with Tannehill.

On the other side of the ball, Gase has already proven he cannot handle the defensive responsibilities that go along with head coaching duties.  We can’t stop the run.  Even when we know it’s coming.   We were lucky to catch the Seahawks when they were rusty and only scored 12.    Other than that, we cannot stop anyone.   Including 4th string QBs, journeymen bums, rookies…it doesn’t matter who we play or what style plays they run at us…we cannot stop anything.

We haven’t come close to a turnover in weeks.   Did we even touch Mariota today?  No QB will throw interceptions (except Tannehill) if he gets no pressure.   It was a disaster today, it really was.   And it all comes down to Gase’s decisions.

When Gase was running the Bronco’s offense, they got blown out in the Super Bowl, as he had zero answers for the Seahawk defense.   Then the Broncos fired head coach John Fox.  It was time to hire a new head coach, and the Broncos did not promote Gase.   The people who knew Gase better than anyone knew that he was not able to be a head coach.   So they let Gase walk, hired Gary Kubiak, and won a Super Bowl sans Gase.  NFL experts realized that Gase wasn’t head coach material, but Stephen Ross was duped.

He was duped into hiring a blind dud who says that Ryan Tannehill is his starter no matter what.

I invite you all to click here and review my column from January.  God, I hate being right.



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  1. I told you guys Philbin was better than Gase.

  2. Author

    Jay, do you really think Gase has secret orders that he MUST play Tannehill? Or is he really that blind and thinks Tannehill is a gem?

    1. Yes, I think all the head coaching candidates were told that TannePuke was a fixture if they wanted the job and Gase was the only one that said ok….

  3. It’s sad when you have ten days to work on stopping what your next opponent does more than anything else and you still can’t figure out what to do about it. I mean, how is this possible? You know they’re going to run, they know they’re going to run, the fans in the stadium and at home watching TV know they’re going to run, it’s no secret they’re going to run, they tell you they’re going to run….and still, you have problems stopping it?

    Me and a friend were looking at Tannehill on the sidelines. He was busy looking at the defense getting ran over on the field. I said to my buddy “look at Tannehill, he doesn’t take time to study film of the game while he’s on the sideline like we saw Payton Manning doing.” Tannehill looks to not be getting it at all. He seems to be just going through the motions. I mean, I’m no expert, but the guy is simply not a quarterback. After getting “clocked” in the head as many times as tannehill’s has, you would think the clock in his head would’ve sped up rickytick by now. And it seems the Dolphins don’t have a head coach who knows how to game plan for that.

    Stupid penalties are killing this team too. How does a kicker commit a personnel foul? And how many times have the Dolphins gotten penalized for roughing the passer? The dumb shit has got to stop!

    Stock up on beer, liquor, and wine everybody….the Steelers are coming to town.

    1. Hmmm….Admin, this is Phil, I see my comment above didn’t include my name, is this because I’m in the chat room?

      1. Author

        Phil, I’m not sure why that happens. I will investigate…

  4. I don’t get why he is ok with benching everyone but Tannehill. That has to be coming from the front office

    1. I guess I agree with Admin. I don’t mind if Gase wants to hitch himself to a losing quarterback. It’s his own funeral. But what really upsets me is that Gase is so adamant and angry and fierce about defending him. Did you see his face when he was telling the reporters “you can ask me 100 times, and I will answer you 100 times…I am sticking with Ryan” ??? He is mad at the reporters as if the Tannehill questions are unfounded.

  5. Dolphins fans burn Ryan Tannehill’s jersey in stadium parking lot.

  6. Author

    Gase LITERALLY just said “There’s nothing we can do about it” concerning Tannehill’s performance. Can you guys believe it. Not making it up.

    1. Well, he stinks and Ross insists he play so……that’s it!

  7. Author

    Gase now talking about how good Ajayi was playing…but then no comment about why he then benched Ajayi.

  8. well we cant run the ball because we are always behind and only get 3 downs to score. We have to throw the 2nd half of the game which ends up being a sack or INT.

    1. We cant run the ball because D’s just stack the line against the run knowing TannePuke cant beat em passing.

  9. We all have to remember that when Gase took the head coaching job with the Dolphins, Tannehill was supposed to be Gase’s special priority. Gase took Tannehill under his wing to personally work with him and basically promised us we were going to see a much improved Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. Remember, Gase was a quarterbacks coach with the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos. That’s why Gase is so adamant and stubborn about not making a quarterback change.

    Gase can be stubborn all he wants….but he doesn’t understand South Florida football fans yet. But he’s going to find out!

  10. As much as this might hurt to contemplate I think we all knew going in that this year was several things

    1. a rebuilding year
    2. With a new rookie HC a 8-8 year MAX
    3. A year where no major shake up would occur
    4. A year where no one would be held accountable

    So they must be giving Tannabum and Gase three years to turn this around.

    This makes sense if you look at the time it takes a new HC to come in and get a winning season it’s usually 3 years and with a Rookie HC you have to give them 3 years so I think that Ross had decided that 2018 was really the year to evaluate this group in and that ironically will be Tannehills last year under contract I think.

    So all that to give my prediction that we are in for a long frustrating drought.

    Also can you imagine what this team will look like after two more of Tannabums drafts!!!!!!

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The thought of another Tannabum draft is downright frightening much less a couple more. You should hear Mike Lombardi talk about Tannabum on the Bill Simmons podcast. He basically says all Tannabum does is draft receivers and trade future draft picks.

      Who in their right minds looks at the Jets organization and says ‘we gotta have those guys’? Seriously. It’s one thing to poach someone from the Patriots or the Steelers…winning organizations. We are the only organization with an owner dumb enough to be obsessed with all the front office talent of the Jets. This is the same moron who hitched his future to Mark Sanchez and basically got everyone fired. Now he wants to hitch his future to Tannehill. Wonder how that’s gonna turn out.

      We need to print a t-shirt with a picture of all the GMs, head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches that have been fired since Tannehill was drafted…and then print a smaller photo of Tannehill getting sacked with the caption…”They all died for his sins.” It was be hilarious and an immediate best seller at the Stadium.

  11. Anyone think that Gase may be sandbagging to show management what T-Hill is and hoping to get a higher draft pick? Maybe, just stick with him, lose, and then bring in his own guy at QB?

    I am not convinced of this opinion but I am hoping and praying that Gase has a plan.

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