An Ugly Loss, And No Help Again From the Bengals

The Bengals continue to make the Dolphins look like Super Bowl contenders.  Facing a Steeler team decimated by injuries, suspensions, and the benching of their QB, the Bungles still found a way to blow a game in which they led.

Some rookie, unknown, undrafted free-agent bum came into the game and tossed an 79-yard TD on his first pass, and the Steelers had it won from there.

Adding insult to injury, Minkah Fitzpatrick further proved how wrong Brian Flores was by picking up his 8th takeaway this season.  Minkah by himself has almost as many takeaways as the entire Dolphin team.  He’s scored more points–a defensive safety mind you–than most of our offensive players.  This just in:  He’s that good.   But Adam Gase and Brian Flores didn’t notice.  Flores especially, who knows that Reshad Jones is fully healthy and young and able to lead the Dolphins’ D for years to come.  Reshad is a much better player to overpay and hang onto. When you need a healthy young starting safety for 2019 and beyond, Flores made the call and chose Reshad Jones.


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  1. Author

    And for the Patriot haters out there, looks like the Cowboys are laying down for New England and their latest “star” receiver, n’Keal Harry.
    That’s some great defense, Dallas. No wonder the Jets destroyed you.
    A guy whose name is pronounced Ankle Hairy just scored on you.

    1. Sorry but I don’t see it that way. The Cowboys weren’t “laying down for New England,” the offensive Coordinator is an idiot. Elliot was killing the Patriots when he was given the ball, but it seemed like every time it was third and one, Dallas’s offensive coordinator decided to abandon the run and throw. And then the officials, whom we know will always come through for the patriots, came up with one of the most audacious penalties I’ve ever seen that even Tony Romo disagreed with an got into an argument about. But, being a Dolfan, the Cowboys got a taste of what we’ve been bitching about for the longest.

      1. Author

        Phil, you are right about everything. Laying Down for the Patriots, to me, is a whole series of things.
        Like the Rams and Falcons in recent Super Bowls, who just seemed too scared to be on the field with NE. Compare that to the Eagles, who didn’t lay down at all and just smacked NE in the mouth.
        Like you mentioned, the Dallas coaches were blind to the fact that Elliott was on a tear. It’s like they got mesmerized by the aura of the Patriots and got too scared to call a basic one-yard running play.
        How about ALWAYS-reliable Jason Witten dropping not one but 2 routine balls right in his hands?
        The alleged “tripping” penalties were atrocious, but the Cowboys’ coaches hurt the Cowboys more than the refs did.

        1. The tripping penalty made me laugh always a critical down when it’s called. Either the games fixed or the Boston mafia tries to do their best to sway things. You simply have to be that much better to win which isn’t fair. I’d like to hear what boys fans are saying.

          On a good note the Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the Grey Cup it’s been 29 years. Treat to watch a power running game in a passinleagueg with solid D. Biased refs can’t get away with BS as everything is reviewable. You don’t see a lot of crap just straight good football. Watch it if you can.

          1. Author

            Yes, well I’m not a hardcore Ti-Cats fan, but I was pulling for them just so you and I would have a fun rivalry. That game was over early. Two possessions and two turnovers…no wonder Evans was sobbing after the game. Wasn’t even close!
            And I agree about the officiating up north.

            1. Glad you were able to watch it good game.

              Saw some Dallas fans complaining about the officiating I just told them that we’ve seen this for the past ten years but no one cares as its Miami.

  2. Bengals are going back to Dalton! Yes!

    1. Author

      Yesterday was the ideal time to do it. Tied score, home game, Pitt decimated with injuries.
      Steelers had the courage to bench their ineffective QB, but not the Bungles.

    2. Probably gives them the best chance to win, so that’s good for us… but the reality is they are just terrible and looking at their remaining schedule I just don’t see two wins in there anywhere. So guess they get Burrow.

      So that’s a question for everyone… take Burrow out because it’ll take a miracle to get him. Who would everyone want to see Miami get at QB for next year? Herbert? Tua despite his injuries this year? Go hard for Bridgewater in FA? Roll with Fitzmagic & Rosen for another year and hope someone falls to us in the next draft (knowing that with an infusion of talent we should only be better next year… not great… but better)…..

      I’m on the Herbert train… but things get very murky indeed beyond that. Maybe try for Chase Young and hope that Tua falls to one of our other 1st round picks?

      1. Author

        Very tough call. To me, it depends on where we pick. The Redskins’ win yesterday moves us up to #3 (or 4, depending on some very complicated analytics; our loss to Washington does NOT factor in). Let’s say Cincy takes Burrow, Giants take Chase Young. Now the Dolphins can pick the second-best QB or the second-best defender. Neither of those is ideal. All this tanking, and we still don’t get one of the 2 top guys?
        Do we reach to Herbert or Tua at #3? Only if our scouts have secret knowledge of how great they are, We can NOT say “They will be there at #25, so we’ll pick a QB later”

        1. Yeah tough call but if you want a QB probably can’t wait on it otherwise someone else will jump you or it will take too much to move up with the other first round picks. Pick your poison but I’d be ok with the DE.

          1. Unfortunately I agree if we go through this tanking and do not come out of it with a franchise QB then the whole thing has been an utter failure especially when you consider the pieces we gave away in the process (a cornerstone OT, and a defensive MVP candidate).

        2. Can always get the best Left tackle.

  3. Just wanted to come say that this site and the people commenting here made fun of DeVante Parker for 3 straight years simple cause he couldn’t stay healthy. Now he is probably the best player on the team and one of the only reasons Miami can’t even compete on Sunday’s. Y’all owe that man an apology.

    1. Author

      I don’t think we owe him an apology for playing poorly for 3 years…and for us pointing out that poor play.
      This season, he is obviously much improved. People who STILL say he sucks owe him an apology, but very few are saying that now.
      I think we all owe Ryan Tannehill an apology. in the right system, that guy is putting up incredible numbers. He made all Titan fans forget Mariota’s name.

      1. Agreed on that one. Clearly the “QB whisperer” didn’t really put Tannehill in a position to be successful in Miami. Granted his injury did have something to do with that. But you can’t help but wonder what could have been if we put the right people and system in around him.

      2. I never said tanny was the savior but with help around him he can win games. Fins never gave him much support and when they did the lack of depth on the oline killed him.

        Parker we’ve given him good reviews lately because he’s earned it!

        1. Author

          Yes, some of us hated Tannehill, and some others thought he was okay. Myself included. Long-time readers know that I always loved his toughness. He’d plow over guys when needed, and get sacked 15 times a game and not mouth off.
          I didn’t love his pocket presence, and that’s where Gase comes in. Watch his passes in Nashville. He’s rolling out and doing great fake handoffs on the play action. Good things happen when you don’t make him drop straight back ten yards with no blockers.

        2. Please… Tannehill got all kinds of support. I used to tell my buddy, when we were watching the Dolphins play on TV, if the offensive coordinator call throwing plays no more than twenty yards down field, Tannehill has a better chance of not throwing an interception. Tannehill had a problem throwing the ball on sweep plays. Tannehill held onto the ball too long when he was getting blitzed. Being an ex-wide receiver, it was head scratching to see Tannehill get ran down by 260Ib defensive linemen. We saw Tannehill throw to receivers that were covered by two defenders and had no chance of catching the ball. I could go on an on but what’s the point.

          Tannehill was an experiment and got seven years of quarterbacking experience being with the Dolphins. The Titans should be thanking the Dolphins Football Organization for breaking him in.

          1. I said “sweep plays,” I actually meant “screen plays.”

      3. The main thing about T-HIll and the only valid argument was that we just dont know how good he could be. Gase sucked at everything, play calling, prep, and development. Gase continually promoted 3rd and long and this is not conducive for success. We had no choice but to allow T-Hill to go, however, because he was to expensive and would have been too old once the team was fully rebuilt.

  4. Say we get the number 2 or 3 position…what points wise would we have to give the Bengals to move to # 1….our other late 1st or maybe a 2nd and our #3..what do you think ….I think we need a franchise qb or this year will be a total waste …Burrows is what we need .

    1. Author

      IF (big IF) our staff is eyeing Burrow as THE guy, then we can give up our #3 and maybe Houston’s later #1 pick. That’s 2 good picks just to move up a spot or 2. Cincy might reject that if they too see Burrow as the savior. Or they may jump at it.
      We get 14 picks upcoming. There’s no way that all 14 make our team, and no way that all 14 are automatically better than any player we have now. So say we give up 4 midround picks to move up some. That leaves us 10 picks in seven rounds.
      I’d be okay with that too.

      1. I dont see much of a difference between Burrow or Herbert at least not a huge noticeable one. If they can get either one, dont trade up. Get O-line with the extra pick

    2. I don’t see Cincy trading out of that spot, it’s pretty clear the Andy Dalton era is in its last season and Finley didn’t inspire any confidence that he can be the man. So they are going to need a QB as bad as we do unfortunately.

      1. Author

        Yep, someone would have to throw a treasure chest at them to move Cincy. If Burrow and Herbert go one and two, then with our luck, Burrow will be a stud for two decades and Herbert will be Ryan Leaf.

        1. If both Burrow and Herbert go one and two, and we are projected 3rd as of now, then I am totally good with Chase Young at number 3. Give Rosen another year to develop and take Lawrence in 2021.

          1. Looking like Herbert is slipping into the 20s.
            Tua still iffy.
            Chase Young might be the way to go, even if the QBs are available

            1. If Herbert is in the 20s, then Chase Young and Herbert would be great. Then the best O-lineman worthy of the first round.

              1. And a top RB in the second round… I’d definitely be excited about that draft…

                1. We are in agreement, call Ross and let him know the plan!

                  1. They could go with Young and trade up with the Pitt pick if necessary to get one of the QB’s. That would be a great result if possible.

                    1. Yep I’m on board with that idea as well, Chase is going to be one of those game wrecking defensive lineman… but that’s assuming we can get the #2 pick… I’m sure the Giants or Redskins would draft him in a heartbeat at #2…

  5. I always liked Tannehill! He had to deal with 3 or 4 offensive systems and a horrible offensive line! He was never going to be A QB to put the team on his shoulders a ton. Once in a while, yes. But give him time and let him use his legs, which by the way we never did nearly enough, look what he can do. And one thing about him I especially liked was all those beatings and he just stands in there the next play and always was looking down field! So tough! I feel great for him! Hope he can finally show something in the playoffs!

  6. Bit of a sleeper but if we do miss on those top two… someone Miami should take a flyer on in the second or third round with our abundance of picks would be Anthony Gordon out of WSU… More yards and touchdowns than Burrow… not sure why this kid isn’t getting more national attention other than it’s the Pac 12 and not SEC or Big10…

    1. I see what you are saying but he is averaging an interception per game and there is a drop in yards when he plays anyone decent (Utah). This is not the whole picture, I grant you but might be a fly in the ointment. I would like to know his yards per attempt (cant find this stat).

      1. Definitely wouldn’t endorse reaching with one of our 1st rounders on him… but if we can’t get one of the top 2 (3 if Tua is healthy and doesn’t return for his senior season), it’s worth rolling the dice with a 2nd or 3rd depending on how the draft is falling of course (you never know who will be a late riser on the draft boards with combines and private workouts)….

    2. Author

      I’m just beginning to read up on Gordon.
      The problem I have is asking yourself if any of these rookies next year will automatically be better than Ryan Fitzpatrick.
      Watching the way Fitz moves around that pocket when he gets no protection, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been sacked 20 times a game. The way he guns the ball (even on short passes). We need a rookie QB who has already shown those skills in college, and not the old “give him a few years to learn” route again

      1. Oh I don’t disagree with you there… even if we drafted Burrow (by some miracle) I would not be against them sitting for at least half a season or more before taking the mantle of starter from Fitz. Let’s be honest, even with all the draft picks and FA money we’re still at least a couple years away from being a contender (and that’s assuming we do well in the draft and FA which is certainly no guarantee)…. why not let whomever we get watch and learn before throwing them to the wolves on a team that’s still learning their team chemistry?

    1. Author

      Yes, player development is not our forte. That’s why during the last off-season, I was hoping for a head coach with experience. Someone who will definitely make his players grow and prosper. Look what John Harbaugh did with Flacco and now Jackson. That’s no accident.
      Jury’s still out on Flores’s development skills, so I’ll be open minded for now

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