Dolphins at Browns: A Winnable Game We Don’t Want to Win.

The scary thing is that this game is very winnable for Miami, in a season where we sorta-kinda really DON’T want to win.

Beating the Browns (with NY Jets, Cincy, and NY Giants still upcoming), puts us in contention to win up to 6 games this year.   6 wins would really take the Dolphins out of contention for the elite draftees.

Our defense is plagued with injuries, but Baker Mayfield is just bad enough and just inexperienced enough to not take advantage of that.  I would not be surprised if savvy veteran Ryan Beard Fitzpatrick outplays the kid.  Cleveland is also looking forward to a Pittsburgh rematch next week, so they might be taking us too lightly.  I hope not.

Like the past few weeks, it is very hard to watch the Dolphins lose, but we have to understand it’s for the best.  The fans and management know this, but we’ll see if Brian Flores gets it.

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  1. Put Rosen in and play rookies to see if they are keepers …we don’t need any more wins ….2 more wins is a wasted year as far as im concerned …but yet they will win 2 more to screw us up for a top 3 pick …they cant win or lose properly….

    1. I’ve been calling for Rosen for weeks now is the time. Worst case he balls out and gives them a legitimate option moving forward.

    2. Author

      Well said, Larry. Absolutely correct. I know they want to save Fitzpatrick’s feelings, so just ask him to fake an injury instead of a standard “benching”

  2. Author

    Houston won yet another single digit game last Thursday. They are the worst division leader I’ve ever seen. So many lucky wins in a season we need them to lose !!

  3. Author

    The Steelers should win today also vs Cincy, again making our upcoming draft worse and worse each week

  4. Author

    Lots of talk today about Tua going back to Saban for his senior year

  5. Well we don’t need to worry about getting a win today at least. C’mon Cincy and Washington!

    Rough day for Nik Needham, but covering OBJ and Juice is a tough task for anyone especially an UDFA rookie. But the kid is fighting on every play… I really like his potential opposite X next year…

    1. Author

      Mike, you should come into our live chat next Sunday.

      1. Always forget that you guys have that… still new-ish around here, I’ll try to remember next weekend 🙂

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