Jakeem Grant’s Injury…

Seems like I say this very single week, but I agree with shutting down yet another Dolphin contributor.  In a competitive season with something on the line, I would ask Jakeem Grant to rest his sprained ankle for a week and then hurry back to us.  But this season, IR-ing him is the right thing to do.  I’m grateful that management knows how to tank correctly.

Taking away some key pieces from Flores puts us in a better position to lose games, which is what we want now.

In addition to our own early draft pick, the Steeler and Texan picks get worse and worse for us each week.   Both are looking to be playoff teams at this point.  It’s frustrating that these teams keep winning, but infuriating that they keep winning lucky close games.  The Steelers were a winless team when we had their pick.   Now they’re in a serious playoff hunt.   We need Watson to get hurt in Houston.  JJ Watt already did his part (as I predicted months ago).    The best we can hope for is the Pitt and Houston go 8-8.   That will still put their picks in the 19-25 range, which isn’t good.

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  1. We’re going to start running out of players to put on the field at the rate we’re going lol… but you’re right… this is the one season where it’s really the right move. Make sure all these guys don’t aggravate an injury and come back 100% and hungry with something to prove next season hopefully…

    1. Author

      Yep. 2 practice squad WRs will undoubtedly be promoted, but we’ll need to be creative with the sets.

      1. As I said before right move and they can pillage more players off of other teams practice squads to get a closer look at them.

        I think we’ll start seeing pitt and houston losing now. They’ve been very fortunate lately. With Buf somehow winning today that lessons pitts chances hopefully demoralizes the bastards.

        1. Author

          Agreed. The sooner Pittsburgh is eliminated and goes into “nothing to try for any more” the better!

          1. They’re onto their 3rd string qb this won’t last…. I told Pitt fans that they aren’t winning anything this year anyway so just give up ha!

            1. Author

              Yeh, they aren’t going to advance and win titles…but they’re just good enough somehow to go 8-8 or 9-7 and give us a mediocre draft pick instead of a Top 10 elite choice.

    1. Author

      Agreed fully. The problem is that this scenario assumes that we’ll be picking second. Even since the “Tank for Tua” stuff began months ago, everyone “knew” we would get the #1 overall pick. Now that has changed to “picking second is better anyway.” Like the article says, picking 2nd is not bad at all. But I think we have another win (or two) on the schedule, and I doubt we’ll be picking second. Not with Detroit and Atlanta each losing again, plus all the other teams we’ve discussed a lot (Giants, Skins, Cards and more).
      I’m warming up more and more to taking Chase Young, assuming the Bengals take Burrow. But I don’t know if they will. They are in the same boat as us. Take a stud DE this year, and draft a QB later. If the new QB is a dud, then they/we still have Dalton or Fitzpatrick to fall back on for another year. Seems like Young is elite and won’t be another Charles Harris.

      1. There will never be another Charles Harris…oh wait Dion Jordan

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