Bills at Dolphins Preview

I won’t repeat what the many other game previews have already stated.   A lot of focus this week has been on Richie Incognito coming back to town.   If I were the Dolphins’ defense, I’d be more concerned with shifty ex-Dolphin Mike Gillislee.    In addition, Charles Clay has been an effective weapon for the Bills this year, but he hadn’t scored a touchdown yet.    That means he’s overdue, and overdue players always seem to have breakout games against the Dolphins.  And of course, the Bills have Pro Bowl kicker Dan Carpenter, while we have a guy who’s had TWO chip shots blocked already.  Man, the players we give away…

But the most troubling thing for the Dolphins will probably be the scrambling ability of QB Tyrod Taylor.    The Dolphins always have a hard time containing fast, rushing QBs, and Taylor is no exception.   Against the Titans, we let Marcus Mariota escape containment far too many times.   Taylor is even better at it, and much faster.   The Bills haven’t won 4 in a row by luck.    They are carving through teams fairly easily, and the Dolphins need to draw a line in the sand.

I don’t think the Bills are as formidable on defense as they once were, but still they were the only team this year to slow down the Patriots, no matter who played QB.   Our offense handled the Steelers fairly well, and so we have the goods to beat such a defense.   We’ve proven it.   What we have NOT proven is if we can do it consistently.

Over the past few years, we’ve been inconsistent more than we’ve been good or bad, and that is more frustrating than simply being bad.

I’d love to see Adam Gase continue to call a variety of plays to help his QB, instead of stubbornly demanding that the line simply play better.  He did this well vs. Pittsburgh, and it needs to continue.  Arian Foster is a week healthier, and he could be a strong option for us in some situations.   Gase needs to make the Bills think twice…maybe let them see Foster and Jay Ajayi in the backfield together to cause some pre-snap confusion.   That might put us over the top.   And of course, Gase needs to continue to call the rollouts and bootlegs.   Good things happen when Tannehill runs the ball.    I guarantee you that Rex Ryan will encourage Tyrod Taylor to run the ball, so Gase must do the same.

I’m going out on a limb with a prediction of Dolphins 23, Bills 20.    I see a very similar game as we played last week against an equally good tough team.   What do you guys think?


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  1. I too think the Dolphins can win this although I think they score 31 they have to score high 20’s or 30’s to win IMO.

    The heat probably won’t be a factor at game time this weekend

    Dolphins 31 Bills 27

  2. Tyrod Taylor has beaten the Dullfins 4 in a row.
    Bills 24 Fins 17

    1. Lol, you are confusing Tyrod and Thad Lewis. Bills 16. Dolphins 10. Back to our stagnant office

      1. Thad Lewis? YIKES! I stand corrected.

  3. Tyrod is 2-0 with a 146 passer rating with 4 TD no INT against the Dolphins. Bills rushing 212 yrds per game. Bills 2nd best in sacks while Miami is 2nd worst in giving up sacks. That pretty much tells you how the game is going to go.
    24-10 Bills

  4. Last year the Bills embarrassed Miami like 45-14. This year will be closer but still a lose. I got bills winning 27-17

  5. I dont see us winning this one either. I just feel that buffalo is a better team. But hey, who saw us winning last week? I would love to be wrong again. Personally I think Rex and his brother jerks and would love to see them humbled by a loss.

  6. I’m hanging any hope I have for this game and our next three years on last week marking the date that Gase gave up on his fantasy league coaching plan and decided to implement a more traditional sachem and game plan that he has seen in all the places he has coached.

    Thats my hope…… that last week wasnt a one off fluke but that Gase grew up as a HC.

    If that’s the case I think Miami is the better team in a lot of areas the Buffalo and you have yet to convince me that the hot bag of air, Rex Ryan (Although I would have rather had him then Gase) is a good HC.

    The Bills beat the Patriots and we beat Pitt but we have home field and a little confidence


    We will have two Tight Ends playing that might just break this game wide open and no one is talking about them.

    WHY? because no one knows who they are which is my point. We will have TE out there who will be HUNGRY to block, get off blocks and catch passes in the seams and that could win us the game as opposed to our typical TE who could care-a-less if they even get called up!

    Also keep in mind that LaSean McCoy was hurt in practice Wednesday and hasn’t been spotted since. He is probably not playing so scratch that 200 yards.

    Now is it probable that we win – NO.

    Much more probable is:
    1 – Tanehill with a 61.2 passer rating with 1TD and 2 INT and a Fumble
    2 – No sacks on there QB
    3 – 10 Sacks on Tanehill
    4 – Receivers not able to get open
    5 – No one on defense able to tackle anyone
    6 – Gase is playing Tetris on his Surface rather then calling plays
    7 – Whoever our RB is getting hit 4 yards deep on every hand off.

    Need I go on…..

    It will be one way or the other but it surly wont be in between!

    1. @Brian M #6 is funny a heck thanks for the laugh!

      Im hanging my hope in different way and thats in attitude and the morale of the team. Last week they felt not only a taste of their own abilities but defeated a good team. And to a larger point they also felt the cheers and admiration of their home fans. This being another home game , I think our home field advantage will bring more out of us and could be the difference.

      And while it may not be a hot day in Miami it sure will feel like it to buffalo as its colder than a witches titty up there most of the year. The temp and humidity will be factor but not as much as last week.

      Heres what I truly worry about. No its not the bills rushing offense no matter who’s carrying the ball No its not their defense and no its not our teams ability to self destruct. Its Rex Ryan. He knows just how to get in Tannehills head and get him flustered. When this happens tannehill retreats mentally. Plays like hes going through the motions and becomes ineffective. Then like dominos the rest of the team falls down in line with him. Tannehill must be sharp and must be able to weather a storm hes sure to suffer early on. Rex will give confusing looks on Defense and will try to humiliate him early on to set the tone. Lets all agree on one thing Tannehill has shown little prowess bouncing back and winning a close game. And Im sorry , the Pats game doesnt count. Belechik was slow playing us when the game was all out of reach. And ask yourself why Belechik would do such a thing? Because he knows tannehill doesnt have it in him to bounce back and win. He only knows how to make a terrible loss look like only a bad loss. \

      Lets prey Gase and Tannehill prepare well and have the mental toughness to overcome what is sure to be and aggressive out of the gates Buffalo team. If they can remain calm even if we are down 10-0 we may just have a chance when thing start to get warmer about 2-3pm and hopefully by then the J-train is warmed up and ready to cut one loose.

      Prediction : 4th Quarter touchdown win for the Dolphins 21-17

  7. Again, using the same formula that beat the Steelers, do it to beat the Bills. Run often and heavy. Run draw and screen plays to slow down their defense. Put Tannehill in motion, don’t let him stand there and stare at the receiver he’s going to throw to. Defensive backs, pay attention to receivers and TE’s. Middle linebacker, stay put for at least two seconds to see if the runner got pass the defensive line. And please, no more dumbshit like Maxwell hitting offensive players way after the play is dead.

    These are the most glaring things I think the Dolphins need to pay attention to if they are going to beat the Bills.

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