Final Bills-Dolphins News plus CHAT

As I expected, LeSean McCoy will indeed play today for the Bills.   Rex Ryan is always good at hiding and surprising us with little injury items like this to keep the opponent guessing all week.

Our Chat room will open right before game time.

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  1. God, this team really needs to cutout the DUMB SHIT!!!

  2. Brian M, Sean, Zach, Kelrvet, Jay, and Floridan, all of you, learn how to have more faith in your team.

    1. Phil did you not see the Tennessee game?

      1. Yes I did Phinsup, but what does the Tennessee game have to do with the Bills game?

        1. To me everything when comes to being faithful. It took years to deteriorate mine its not coming back easily especially after that stinker.

          1. Funny…on Dolphins Truth – Bills at Dolphins Preview – you, Phinsup, predicted: 4th Quarter touchdown win for the Dolphins 21-17.

            Seems like it took a lot of faith to predict that score and win to me by you, Phinsup.

            1. We differ on the definition of faith. For me it means are we on the path to respectability? Meaning the sad times are over and faith overcomes doubt. Sadly Im always hopeful which to me isnt the same thing as faith. I always hope we win and sometimes feel we will but the reality of the past pulls me down to scepticism until I see consistant play and not brief spurts leading to the eventual massive letdown. I also posted al lot about what i worried about and many things that could go wrong. Im not going to debate this with you as it wasnt my intent. I stand by my words and like many true fans only want to be wrong when we get negative. As for youre comment its timely your comment about our faith comes after the win. Why not before?

              1. Yes, hopeful and faith are two different things, but dude, you seem to be struggling with explaining your definition of the meaning and how you apply the two words. One of the meanings of the word faith is; belief, trust, and loyalty. One of meanings of the word hope is; expectation of fulfillment or success.

                I don’t think you would be on Dolphins Truth making comments if you weren’t loyal to your team, the Dolphins, and I don’t think you would have made a prediction that your team, the Dolphins, would beat the Bills by a certain score if you didn’t believe in and trusted them to do it, and expected them to make your prediction come true.

                Notice, I didn’t put your name in that list of people whom I said need to have more faith in their team. You’re the one who wanted to go into debating me on why you are not as loyal to your team as you want to be. Now, if you go back and notice, me and you were the only two who didn’t predict the a Dolphins loss to the Bills when every one else who commented did. So my comment about faith doesn’t pertain to the win against Buffalo, no, it pertains to people who want to jump on and off the fan train only when their team is producing up “their” expectations.

                I’m a loyal Dolphan no matter what. I’ve been one since 1970.

                1. Fine this is sematics and it matters not to me. By age since you’ve been a fan since the 70s I’ll take you at your word and by extension you have been a fan longer fine. Ive never waivered and been a fan oh since I was old enough to watch TV and choose a team approx. 1983 for me.

                  Faith to me is far different than hope but if you wanna bust out the websters dictionary then have at it. I predicted the weather in our last victory only because of the current events and more importantly the heat. If this game were in Buffalo I wouldn’t have predicted a win but always hope Im wrong. I had faith yes that we would win but still no faith in the team as of yet. There’s my difference. Faith means to me every game Im predicting a win staunch un moveable stance and reality means nothing.

                  Hope can be used to explain that things look bleak I hope we win anyway. Praying for the best. I hope we win. I have faith we will win. Sorry those statements imply different things.

                  I will have faith when my hopes/prayers are answered by this team repeatedly . Until then no matter what you wanna call it only wins and competent play will turn back the many disappointing years where only disappointment could be regularly predicted.

                  Until then I have little faith but lots of hope. Or I wouldn’t even bother posting here or watching the games.

                  In closing I hope I made my point clear. But given the back an forth and the muckraking of quoting past posts, I have little faith I have.

                  1. Dude, as far as the “muckraking of quoting past posts,” you can call it whatever you want. I don’t make predictions on the Dolphins winning or losing. I only point out some of the things I see that contributes to them losing. You, on the other hand, seem to be going through a seesaw back and forth with your conscious and thoughts. So, are you saying you have a huge amount of faith in your “prediction” that your team will win when you make them and very “little faith in your team? Or are you saying you only have a huge amount of hope for your team no matter what you predict? I don’t get it. So why predict scores and outcomes? Are you then mentally justified and cleared of doubt after the game? Or do you feel mentally justified because your expectations of unreliability is warranted after the game?

                    Now next time you don’t want to get into the “back and forth and the muckraking of quoting past post,” if someone is not pointing you out, don’t engage into a conversation with that person when they’re pointing other people out, lest you may read and have to respond to things you don’t want to and have a hard time doing.

                    1. Are you still chasing my tail? I have made all my points as clear as possible even simplifying them for conversations sake. If you still don’t understand then we will have to agree to disagree. And I will address any comments directed at me or otherwise if I feel they are unjustified. Lecturing fans whom have been let down for decades to have faith I thought was unfair by you. Maybe I misinterpreted the tone or your statement that is a fault I will in advance admit even if I was right. Oops there I go again seesawing… silly me! Again I don’t care. If you notice the faith comment was also addressed by a few others in this thread albeit not a direct reply on yours. I hope you will notice them as Im not the only person whom took exception to it. But this is getting boring and kinda sad two dedicated Dolphins fans arguing semantics. I would much rather fight along side you against Jets trolls and whenever the situation arises , maybe even partake in some rubbing the Patriots fans noses in it if we can ever beat them again. Notice I said if not when. The whole hope and faith thing comes to mind regarding the aforementioned. So can we call it a truce I certainly hope so.

                      Faithfully Yours

    2. Cant have any faith when they haven’t had ONE winning season in 9 years under this ownership!!

    3. Phil, faith has to be earned. And they’re certainly getting there slowly.

      1. No Admin, faith is given. Respect is earned. When a tornado hits a church and some people die, people still have faith in God because they’re not just Fair Weather believers.

        1. Yes, but God has a history of rewarding people who believe in him, The Dolphins, on the other hand…
          Anyway, I am pretty proud of my prediction. I was off by a few points, but I had the Dolphins winning a close game with both teams in the 20’s

          1. OMG Admin

            “God has a history of rewarding people who believe in him, The Dolphins, on the other hand…”

            Comment of the YEAR!

            Not this not a jab at phil either.

          2. But

  3. I keep saying run the ball and good things happen all of a sudden everyone looks good! I’m glad that they decided to work on it…Gase is finally figuring out this team which bodes well.

    I agree cut the dumb shit out bloody ridiculous! Either way beating the bills felt real gooooooood!

    1. Reports say pouncey kept telling gase over and over to keep running it. It seems gase listens to player feedback and responds. Gase even admitted he wouldnt have if not for pounceys suggestion. OMG guys we just might have a real coach and one that the players will play for and are comfortable speaking their minds to. Thats a complete team.

      1. In general, this is good, but you guys should already know what I’m going to say, and it’s the truth: The HEAD COACH needs to recognize this himself and make those calls on his own. Seriously, Mike Pouncey has to go to the head coach and say “Jay Ajayi is playing great today. Can we please hand the ball to him some more?” And that stubborn, foolish Gase ADMITTED that if not for Pouncey, he would have passed the ball more. Gase is sloooooowly getting it, but he needs to absorb it all much faster. You can’t rely on a player to tell you the running game is working. What’s wrong with seeing it with your own two eyes? What did Pouncey see that Gase didn’t?

        1. Hes on the field and in the plays.when i ran teams player feedback was one of my most powerful tools.Pouncey knows intimately if their dline is wearing down and also knows if chemistry is gelling between ajayi and the oline. Atleast he takes good advice and is willing to go off script as a 1st time head coach. And it seems hes willing to adapt and not too proud and ill use your word admin stubborn to use better ideas than his own. Hes probably looking at things differently. Doesnt wanna wear out ajayi ala Ricky and risk injury ect. Yes hes a bit too conservative when player health is concerned maybe he will loosen up. Just look at what wake is doing at 34. Hes getting it bro.

  4. Flyer I couldn’t of said it better gase is finally learning the strengths of this team which is the running game.

  5. Lol Phil your right I’m young man I’ve never seen the Dolphins do good except that season with Pennington can’t blame me for always expecting the worst

    1. Zach you have every right to feel the way you do. Ive been a fan since the 80s. The past decade the only predictable has been disappointment with this team. Im very happy we won but Im still not sold. I admire your braveness being a fan i assume never went through the Dolphins glory days. Which I feel now only makes the last decade even worse to bare through if you did.

      Ill have faith in this team when they earn it. Ive been burned so many times. Dont get me wrong Im a dolphin for life and that gives me the right to bitch and doubt. It took many years to deteriorate my faith and Im not restoring it any time soon. Make the playoffs this year then maybe.

      1. Thanks man the fins are my dads favorite team cause of Marino and I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, in my mind at this point they’ve been bad for so long at some point in my life they have to get good lol

        1. Omg so many come back wins by marino. So many happy exciting times. Thanks for not being a fair weather fan. It aint easy for sure.

          1. But he always choked in the playoffs.

            1. When you play higher caliber teams then talent across the board becomes far more important for victory. Miami had very little talent and relied on Marino mostly to put the team on his back. But when faced with teams with the talent to slow Marino down, there was far too little talent to step up. Marino never really had any good running backs to make Miami multi dimensional on offense. Shut Marino down and wear out our defense. It sucked. But I wouldn’t say Marino choked.

              1. He had a great RB in Tony Nathan.

                You can make all the excuses you want but he is commonly referred to as the biggest choke artist in Sports history. Never could shine on the biggest stage.

                All coaches tell u the best players play their best in the biggest games. This was the opposite of Dan Marino. Completely different player from the reg season to the playoffs. His 1-10 playoff road record speaks volumes.

    1. I had to laugh when Rex put 3-4 dlinemen over the left side of the oline as they were getting mauled. Tanny then audibled right for a big gain which philbin would never allow and the play would get stuffed. I don’t understand how tools like that get hired??? Hell any of us could make that call watching on TV!!!!

  6. @ Phinsup.

    Dude, who started chasing whose tail?

    Again, I didn’t address you, you opened the conversation with me when you asked me “Phil did you not see the Tennessee game?” I wasn’t the one chasing your “tail” you were the one who started chasing mine and went through the painstaking attempt of explaining what it means for you to have faith and hope concerning the Dolphins. I didn’t ask you for that. No one else asked me if I saw a game already played. You said “I will address any comments directed at me or otherwise if I feel they are unjustified.” Alright, but when you do, don’t play dodge ball with the conversation YOU opened and then call somebody a “muckraker” for quoting something you posted and then act like you’re some kind of victim or make it seem like someone’s picking on YOU.

    I’m going to let you in on something Phinsup, and I want everyone else who comment on this site to know this. I am from Miami, but I don’t live in Miami anymore and haven’t lived in Miami for almost thirty years now. I pay $275 – $300 a year (depending on how ‘much they charge that year) and have been for at least the last twelve years to watch the Dolphins games on DirectTV’s Sunday Ticket. Being a true fan of the Dolphins to me is not about how much “faith” they’ve earned from me. I can’t afford to be wishy washy about my team. When they do bad, I’m sad, but I keep up the faith. When they do good, I rejoice and hope it can continue. Where I now live, people talk a lot of shit about my Dolphins, but I keep my head up high and talk shit back because I remember the glorious decades of this proud franchise and I have enormous faith that it will return.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against any Dolfan who comments on this message board. Believe me, we all feel the same pain and wonder when it’s going to end. But in the mean time, don’t take anything I say personal, it’s just talk from another frustrated FinsFan just like you Phinsup.

    With that said, let’s all now focus on what the Dolphins need to do right, and the next opponent.

  7. All good Phil. Sadly I live in Orlando but started my Dolphins fanship when I lived in West Palm Beach. And I also need sunday ticket to see all the games here. Isnt that shame about 1/2 the games are blacked out here in Orlando. BTW Muckraking is journalistic term not an insult. It means to sift through evidence.

    1. When you say “about 1/2 the games are blacked out here,” are you talking about just Dolphins games or does that apply to all three NFL teams in Florida? I figured all of the Buccaneers games would be shown in Orlando.

      1. Nope sadly just my beloved Dolphins. Before I got Sunday Ticket with I must brag I pay a literal pittance for b/c I work for AT&T, I had to go to streaming sites to get the games week in and week out. But OH YEAH I never have trouble getting those Tampa Or Jacksonville games here.

        It sux cause neither of those 2 teams have much of a fan base here. Actually neither do the Dolphins but in my best attempt at being un bias, I think the Dolphins fans out number Jax and Tampa here.

        When I wear my Dolphins Jersey I get lots high fives here but there are sooo many disillusioned fans about most don’t make it known because like most of us, we tire of hearing it from other fans and their Monday morning gloating.

  8. PhinsUp, do you know how the blackout rules work in Orlando? I thought if a city were 60 miles away, then blackout rules didn’t apply?
    And if a game is blacked out on the local Orlando CBS affiliate, are you able to see it on DTV, or is that blacked out as well?

    1. Pretty much if the game isn’t sold out, its blacked out in Orlando. But with DTV I can get it. Now here is whats weird. If the game IS sold out then I cant use Sunday Ticket on DTV to watch it. I have to watch a local channel on … you guessed it DTV. Yeah its weird but no matter what the circumstance I get all the games and for that matter all the out of market games too. Its complete NFL crack and Im a happily addicted!

      1. You’re so right Phinsup, it is like “NFL crack.”

        I was home, in Miami, in September of this year and my niece ordered DirectTV for the internet service they provided and you know first time subscribers get the hookup, including Sunday Ticket for free the first year. My brother had never experienced it. He was amazed and felt like he was in football heaven as he clicked with the remote from game to game.

        I may grudgingly pay every year for Sunday Ticket, but I do, because like you said, “I’m happily addicted!”

        1. Phil. I have the wireless receivers and have multiple TV’s going at the same time and its a thing of beauty to behold every sunday. I can have 8 game mix on one TV and my Dolphins on the other. With wireless receivers I can take my game onto my porch or even outside in my yard. Yes Ive done that. And if I need to be away from all my TV’s I can stream the game/games on my smartphone. OMG its complete and total NFL holiness and worth every penny. Its actually more like NFL heroine than crack, b/c I cant live without it and will go through withdrawals. Admin its time you get DIR TV.

  9. By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

    BOSTON (CBS) — There are many reasons why the NFL’s ratings are down in 2016. You may be dismissive of the very idea that the backlash to the national anthem protests, sparked by the 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick, has played a role in the NFL’s TV ratings, which have dropped by about 12 percent year-over-year. To continue to dismiss that is to blatantly ignore legitimate data on the subject.

    A fresh poll from Seton Hall University surveyed 841 adults across the U.S. Each respondent was asked to identify seven separate factors as a reason for the NFL ratings drop, allowing them to answer “yes” or “no” for each of them. The leading factor, according to the poll, was the national anthem protests, which scored “yes” at a rate of 56 percent.


    1. I can’t dispute the fact that a lot of people are mad at these punk players who defy the National Anthem. But does it REALLY make them not watch TV? One of our former regular readers, Dolphgang, has been missing for a few months since I said Kaepernick was a punk. A lot of people have different opinions. I think TV ratings for NFL games are down due to the matchips themselves. Look at last night… who cares about Tennessee vs. Jacksonville for God’s sake. As I always always say, every national game should be an inter-conference game, to give us something to root for.

    2. So Colin Kaepernick is responsible for, as you wrote, the “12 percent year-over-year” drop in the NFL’s TV ratings even though he just started kneeling down this year – 2016?

      I bet you wouldn’t have a problem at all with Kaepernick if he went around waving a Confederate Flag…would you?

      Read and wise up on that garbage before you post it.

      1. @ Phil

        A typical DUMBASS post from you. You have no idea what I said, moron!


        I know a bunch thatwont watch the NFL while they allow this disrespect of the U.S, many former military.

        1. @ Jay

          Look you little sissy, who gives a shit about your little crusade against these black NFL players? I am a military vet and could care less if Kaepernick stood, sat, or laid down during the playing of the national anthem before he took to the field to get his fucking head knocked off.

          If you want to go after people who “disrespect” the United States of America, then why don’t you go after the corporations that decimated whole cities and towns after they made fortunes in this country and then packed up, hauled ass over seas somewhere to pay cheap labor, and then sell their shit back to you in this country. But no, you just Baaaa like the little sheep you are, go to the store and buy, then run around in shit made in China or some other far off country, and then go around and talk and act like you’re sooo patriotic. You remind me of other shit-for-brains republicons who talk pro USA but drive around in Hyundai’s, Kia’s, Toyota’s, or some other brand of car made overseas. Nothing but clueless zombies like Jay.

          So get a fucking brain idiot and educate yourself on who really disrespects this country because YOU don’t even have no idea of what you said, dumbass!

          1. No backbone……You’re a dumb JACKASS punk!!
            KMA jerkoff!!

            1. Go play with your tiny balls little boy and leave grown folks alone.

                1. Back in the day when I was growing up in Miami, you were one of those little punks that I or one of my boys would catch somewhere and beatup and rob.

                  Go play with your baby dolls little sissy, and like said, “leave grown folks alone.”

                  1. You are a JACKASS moron PUNK!

                    Get a lobotomy and then come back and post you out of town IMBECILE !!

                    1. Whatever, Girlyman!


  10. Hey Phinsup, I was wrong when I said “I don’t have anything against any Dolfan who comments on this message board.” because I do have a problem with that Girlyman named Jay.

    She/he just loves to suck too much!


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