Mike Shula to the Dolphins?

Now that the Panthers scapegoated Mike Shula because Cam Newton wasn’t smart enough to get rid of the ball, Shula is now available.  (with their season on the line and only 20 yards away from a win, Newton threw a bad incompletion, then threw an intentional grounding, then underthrew a receiver, and finally took a sack.  on 4th down, with the season on the line, he took a sack instead of at least TRYING to heave it downfield).

I, for one, think it would be wise to bring Shula in.  He has the experience and the pedigree, and I think it would be an incredible image boost for the Dolphins to have a Shula on staff.  He’s certainly more qualified to run an offense (and a team) than Adam Gase, but we know Gase won’t let him call plays.   At least bring him in an as assistant, and let’s see what he can do.

Speaking of assistants, Jon Fox, Jack Del Rio, and Chuck Pagano are all out there and unemployed, so apparently Gase feels that Matt Burke (and alll his years of experience and alll the greatness he had the D achieve this year) is better than those three men.  I wish Ross would step in and set Gase straight!

I wanted to open this up to our readers:    What coaching changes would you like to see occur?   Granted, Gase is not going anywhere, but there are position coaches and assistants where we can improve.

We always discuss what players we need, but what kind of coaches do we need?

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  1. Sure,let’s hire a THIRD OC!!! it’s a honorary position with Miami. Gase will continue to call plays no matter how many or whoever the OC is.

  2. I wish the Chiefs would be stupid and fire Andy Reed. Ill take playoffs every year for a couple of first round exits.

  3. Mike Shula was canned because the offense was so inconstant over the last three years most notably in the passing game.

    To me that sounds like a familiar song. Ron Rivera said in his presser about Shula’s release that they had talked at length about being more consistent throwing the ball but to often this year they would march down the field and score and then would go three and out five or six times before getting anything going.

    I’m not saying that some of that wasn’t Cam. The book on him from pre draft was that he excels in every physical category but intelligence isn’t his thing ie. not real teachable. Obviously Mike was stuck with Cam.

    Sorry we already have o much inconsistency going on here no need to add Shula.

  4. Matt Patricia is the coach that the Dolphins would be derelict in duty not to inquire about. Last week he did three or four interviews for HC jobs. I know landing him or McDaniel’s would be hard because obviously NE would have to allow them to talk to other teams at this point and I can’t imagine a scenario where they let those guys talk to any team in the AFC East but if I were Ross I would have my checkbook in my back pocket ready to double any offer they get and I would make sure word go to them that a blank check was waiting and then see what plays out after their season is done.

    I like McDaniels too but in my mind Patricia has coached up more nobodies into studs then only a handful of other guys still coaching!

    Oh ya and he can sachem a damm defense!

    1. You could say NE coaches are a product of the system. How have the others done? Adding Shula is no risk but it’s too late now…

  5. I don’t think Mike Shula is the answer to anything, BUT I also agree with you about having a Shula on the staff can’t hurt.
    Seriously, imagine some of the younger players asking Shula about How would your dad handle this-or-that situation in game time?
    I can’t imagine any young players coming to camp dying to learn from and be improved by Adam Gase or Matt Burke. Instead, the kids come to camp saying “Matt Who? Adam Who?”

  6. No to Shula for the reasons Brian already stated. And you obviously did not watch the panthers game because on the last play cam was sacked in under 2 seconds, how is he supposed to throw the ball to anyone in that time frame. It was 4th and long because of a questionable grounding penalty and literally the blitzer was unblocked.

    1. Author

      Don’t get me wrong, the offensive line blew it on that play for Carolina. BUT…the whole season was on the line. 4th down and you need a touchdown. Cam has to at least try. Chuck it downfield. Fumble it on purpose. Kick it. Run backwards. ANYTHING was better than what he did. That wasn’t a sack in a tie game in the first quarter of Week 4. That was their whole season, and he didn’t even try

      1. I lost 50 bills on the play lol but I still think cam is a top 10 quarterback in the league, I would love to have him here in Miami.

        1. He’s definitely better for Moore and cutler and most likely Tanny as the guy will run when he has to and hard for 50. But he’s probably dumb as a tire iron I’d still win with him.

  7. And if you think Miami is a joke the packers just hired Joe Philbin to be offensive coordinator

    1. Holy F I bet he won’t be allowed to call a play. We could call run half the time better than that tool…

      1. Author

        Don’t forget, he was already the Packers’ OC and came off a Super Bowl win when we hired him, but he was never allowed to call plays. Like our own Clyde Christensen, Joe was/is an offensive coordinator who gets coffee for the real decisionmakers.

        1. Yeah when they hired the guy most of us had no clue but in reality why hire a guy who can’t tie his shoes? Hence clueless. At least Gase can attempt to call his plays whether he’s good enough or not at least it’s possible. Maybe we should hire the madden champion just as long as he understands that in real life you do have to run the ball half of the time to make the playoffs. Proof is 90% of the teams ran the ball more than the rest and made the playoffs. Genius or not it’s fact!!

    2. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard this week! I only wish the Jets had hired him!

  8. We have a moron owner…nuthin is going to get that much better until he isn’t the owner any longer, through whatever means that would be!
    He’s not a football guy so the wonderful franchise that we all loved from the past won’t come back until he’s out. He won’t fire Gase for anyone more competent! Why would he do anything to make this team competititve? He does not care of about anything but his NYC real estate….so get used to mediocrity.

  9. Hello Zach I missed it but man I see Ajayi picking up 5 to 10 yards every time he touches the ball!

    1. Yea he’s making up for that fumble so far!

  10. Decent start for the titans but the refs quickly made short work of the game and broke their spirit. Refs huddling up and changing their own call to a wrong one, missed crack back blocks, phantom offensive PI but not called on NE, etc…my friends were going is this normal with NE. You bet!

  11. Just a random observation but all the teams in conference championships have great athletic linebackers. Jags, Vikings, and Eagles have linebackers that can play man coverage on backs and tight ends. Intill Miami gets at least 1linebacker that can do this there not going anywhere past the wildcard round.

    1. They had one but he was injured on the first play because coach had him playing special teams in preseason. On another note maybe they do not need to learn to cheat because NE has no D but the refs fix that in a hurry…

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