Bobby McCain and Reshad Jones Gone for the year

If we were in a playoff hunt, or even playing for pride at this point, I’d be questioning these moves.  Ordinarily, I disagree with IR’ing a man who has a week-to-week injury.

It’s the right move, however, this particular season.  We’ve done the same with some other temporarily injured players such as Xavien Howard.  This is the right year to do it.

The loss of these starters makes our team weaker for sure.   These aren’t fill-in guys we can live without.  They’re our stars.  And this year, resting our stars is a good thing.

While Brian Flores won’t tank, the team’s management has a different take.  Since Flores insists on playing his best players, the GM simply takes those players away from him via questionable injuries.  LOL, interesting strategy, eh?  I’m all for moves like this to rest our stars for 2020, when we’ll have better team who might contend.  If only Ryan Fitzpatrick had a sore little toe or something else not serious, and we could IR him too !

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  1. With you 100% on this one… Plus what’s the point of putting guys out there that could aggravate an injury when there’s absolutely nothing on the line and, in fact, without them betters our chances at long term success. Now if only the Bengals and Redskins weren’t so godawful I’d actually be somewhat optimistic about our upcoming draft.

  2. Agreed and the other bonus is that they can look at other young players with the open roster spots. Also pillage a few more players from other teams maybe find another player for the future. This is why it makes no sense to not play Rosen. He may be a starter or even a great backup and they will never know…

    1. True, especially with the Tua situation, and the likelihood that Burrow will go to Cincinnati.. we need to make a firm determination if Herbert or Tua (with his injury issues) is still a better option or not. Kinda feels like they’ve already made that decision though… fairly or unfairly can be debated.

  3. I like this arrangement. I dont want a coach to stop trying to win, he needs to stay on top of the little subtle changes that occur in the NFL as it evolves but management needs to keep the bigger picture in mind and assure the highest draft pick possible. I can say I have enjoyed this season seeing development of a team with little talent.

    1. Not sure I can go so far as to say I’ve enjoyed it, but I do think it was a unique season where we got to see a few of the younger players step up their game that might not have had the opportunity otherwise and that can pay big dividends going forward. One example is Nik Needham, I think with his emergence (and assuming he keeps trending up) maybe we don’t have to draft high on the secondary once everyone else comes back healthy next year. Take into account the emergence/continued growth of players like Preston Williams, Baker, McMillan, Taco Charlton and more… we have some pieces there that we can build on that in other seasons might have been buried on the depth chart or practice squad.

      1. The reason I have enjoyed it is because I have seen improvement, which is all we could expect. This gives me hope that our coaching staff is the real deal. Cant you let me dream dammit!

        1. LMAO fair enough brother, I’ll live the dream with you… Super Bowl bound in 2021!

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