Brian Flores Goes Political…

There’s been a lot in the news lately with the police in Minnesota killing an unarmed man, plus a new expanded Rooney rule that gives teams bonuses if they interview minority candidates.   I stay away from all that stuff, because right or wrong, it comes down to your opinions, rather than factual truths.

Brian Flores today weighed in on a lot of stuff going on.  He seems upset that some people who complained about a player kneeling didn’t also complain about police brutality.   His logic seems to be that if you complain about A then you must also complain about B.   The incidents are all somewhat intertwined, but he’s missing the point about apples and oranges.  Yes, we should all be upset about the cops killing some guy, but it’s not Flores’s role to tell anyone when and where and how to protest or act.

Most importantly (to me) is that he’s putting the Miami Dolphins in the social spotlight (once again) instead of the football spotlight.   This is usually the handiwork of Stephen Ross, but now it’s Flores’s turn.   Every single Dolphin will now be distracted with reporters calling them for a statement etc etc.  I’m sure Ross will form some kind of new coalition to further involve the Dolphins in this.  It’s always non-football stuff, and I feel it’s distracting.

He said, “I lead a group of young men who have the potential to make a real impact in this world.”   The statement seems harmless enough, but…His job is NOT to make them impactful in the world.  His job is to make them football champions.

31 other NFL organizations (including the Vikings at the epicenter of this whole thing) have remained quiet on this investigation, so it seems that Flores must feel very strongly about it to make him speak out.  I hope his words bring about positive change and discussions, and hopefully the Dolphins as a team can grow.


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  1. Sometimes your better to wait and find out the actual truth instead of jumping to conclusions …everyone has a opinion and I think the coach should of kept his opinion to himself rather than bring the dolphins into the headlines cause like you said …the reporters are now going to ask each dolphin their opinion and open up a can of worms …..why do public figures need to tell everyone their opinion and its usually wrong …just keep it to yourself tyvm …

  2. Flores can say what he wants, who cares? Good for him for having strong feelings and brave enough to speak his mind.
    But like admin said, the part about him wanting to train players so that they can go out and become influential human beings? Uhhh, that is NOT your job coach. Train them to be NFL studs, period

  3. Honestly I think what Flores did is very noble. He is a black man who has been through this in his life and probably to some degree may still deal with it. I don’t necessarily agree that he crossed over into the political realm BUT he knows the platform he has and I do not blame him for being the first to stand up and say something. How could we get upset for a man speaking out on something almost every celebrity or person with a voice is speaking on? I say we have ourselves leader that is well respected and in touch with reality on what matters on and off the field. I have faith in coach Flo!

    Hopefully this passes and is short lived in the organization so it doesn’t become a focal point because we need our focus on the game. Off season is still in play at the moment but game time is around the corner and its time to bring us back to relevance!

    Like admin said, everyone has their own opinion. No one is right or wrong but this is where I stand on this matter.

    Anybody else wanna give food for thought!?

    1. I agree with Drew on this one. Yes, his job is to be a coach and bring the Dolphins back to being contenders but that doesn’t mean he can’t feel strongly about issues that are rightfully very personal to him and be allowed to voice them. That is what our country is founded on. I thought it was intelligent and well spoken and have zero issues with it.

      1. Thank you Mike! I think Flores has done a tremendous job as a new HC and he has done nothing but impress me. Maybe my new born son will get to see the dolphins play like they used to because I am 28 and I have seen nothing but terrible seasons and some highlights here and there 🙂 Stay strong and stay safe out there in the world everyone!

  4. Like I wrote the other day, i’m proud of Flores for speaking up, but that was 3 days ago. He has been quiet during the riots and looting. Obviously, he does not condone the robbing, but he’s not using his stage to condemn it either

    1. I believe something will come soon or he has said what he needed to say for now and back to business. Either way I am happy to see there is people out there using their platform and voice to make a stand. Something needs to change for our country. On the contrary these people need to chill out with their looting and chaotic actions! It’s not serving proper purpose and now they are just making the waters muddy on what the issue they are trying to battle here!

  5. As far as I have seen, everyone has been on the same page with this issue. Everyone condemns the police action against G. Floyd. The protesters have mostly condemned the rioters.

    1. The looters only care about themselves they obviously are using this opportunity for personal gain. Pretty sad under these circumstances.

      As for Flo I have no problem with someone speaking their mind. If his words help one person then it’s worth it. This kind of crap needs to end. As admin said it would be nice if everyone could unite and focus on our Fins!

  6. At least Drew Brees drew all the attention away from Coach Flores!

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