Cool New Angle of the Miami Miracle.

Watch the whole thing.   Dolphins players climb into stands to celebrate!


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  1. Did you hear in an interview Tom Brady said he didn’t count this as a loss?….

    1. Because if this was in NE one of the paid off refs would have thrown a flag to bring the play back. We all know it….but patsies will never admit it. If you are a billionare like kraft with no morals wouldn’t you buy off a ref for a hundred grand to win games? I wouldn’t but he loves the victory that much sick piece of work…

      1. Author

        True, when it happened live, I refused to celebrate…I waited for CBS to say “Flag down” but that call never came.
        Then had to wait for the review, and I “knew” the refs would say the laterals were forward.

    2. Author

      Yeah, I saw that sad, cheating piece of garbage say that. It burns me to think the lowly Dolphins were the last team to beat NEP all season.
      The Chargers offense and the Chiefs defense simply laid down for NEP in the playoffs, and we all saw how the Rams ran the same 2 plays all day long in the Super Bowl.
      The Dolphin loss would have mattered to Brady if it cost them a bye week, but Houston, Indy, and Baltimore all choking down the stretch gave NEP yet another bye and yet another easy playoff run.

      1. We’ll that’s what I was thinking….a loss is a loss, if Houston wouldn’t have choked, that this LOSS would have hurt a lot more! You can always tell when the Pats lose…. the look on Brady and BB’s face says it all!!! LOL! But that’s a good thing! I can’t wait till I see our team fuming fucking mad after the game and during the press conference!!! Can’t wait!!!

    3. I mean I hate to be that guy but Miami prolly should of lost that game. And the hands of clay game as well since in week 17 buffalo showed they are clearly a better team. Winning enough games to get to 7-9 each season freaking sucks, if Miami had lost to the Bills and Pats two teams that should of beat them were looking at a top 6 pick. Throw the Jets game they won 13-6 in there to since that was the most pathetic win I’ve ever seen in team history. Would be nice to be 4-12 and have a higher pick then the Jets right now.

      Do you have any confidence Miami can get a real difference maker with the 13th pick? I don’t, but if it was top 5 it would be a lot harder to fuck up. Btw I’m not advocating for future tanking just saying last year it was clear the team was way worse than their 7-9 record.

      1. Listen, I know we should have lost that game! But, I scoff at Brady saying he didn’t count it as a loss! That would have been way worse if Houston didn’t lose at the end of the season! We’re in a full rebuild mode now and I am cool with that! I hope we draft defensive line and offensive line and go for a QB next year or get Sunshine in the 2021 draft!

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing! I don’t even know where to start with ESPN’s article, but it was hard to get through even the first few sentences. I wasn’t aware that the NFL was “downright disturbing” or “turbulent.” I think Kenny Stills is now the only guy in the NFL who refuses to stand for the Anthem. Hardly a turbulent time.

      The “importance” of the Grier-Flores union is just as important as the ‘Kliff Kingsbury-Steve Keim” union in Arizona. That is, no one cares about their color. It’s not important.

      So writing that it is important makes you look silly, trying to stir the pot. The funniest nonsense in the ESPN article was that “coaches and executives of color around the league will hope this works.” I guarantee you…NO OTHER COACH around the league, no matter what color, wants this to work. No one wants an opponent to succeed. Could you imagine an opposing coach preparing for a game, but in the back of his mind, deep down he’s really hoping the Dolphins win?

      1. Admin……. consider this.
        Everyone MUST want this to work because it’s PC
        So that means the NFL wants it to work
        Which means that they can insentivise others to want it to work
        Which means if any coach dosnt want it to work they will be punished ie. insentivesed to want it to work
        And the Dolphins will be victims of the other racist coaches and be compensated with higher/more draft picks taken from the penalized racist coaches and give a higher salary cap by the NFL

        the dolphins are once again the team in the lead!

        1. Author

          Meanwhile, the Browns just made the PC move of signing Kareem Hunt.
          What’s more important, being the NFL’s most p.c. team, or winning games?
          The Browns just gave is their answer.
          How would the Dolphins answer?

        2. Yeah BRIAN.. that would be like you saying “I really want the relationship between my ex-wife and kids and her new boyfriend to work… yeah, right.

          Dude, if you got another dumbass hypothesis, keep it to yourself.

          1. Author

            Assuming you want your ex to be miserable because she dumped you. Would you suddenly change your tune and say, “Well, now I want her to be happy because she chose a black guy.”
            OR… “Now I want her to be happy because she chose a Hispanic guy.”
            The is why the ESPN article is so ludicrous. The article truly states that the GMs of other teams want the Dolphins to succeed because a black GM hired a black coach. I don’t see it that way.

            1. Assuming Admin?.. I want that bitch to be miserable for the rest of her life no matter what race she’s dating! She dumped me! Like the old saying goes “all is fair in love and war!” I’ve never been married. But I have a lot of friends who were married and are now divorced and they say “that bitch” because they say it’s a sin against their lips to use their ex-wife’s name now. I don’t know of any man who was dumped actually having well wishes for their ex and her new beaux. The NFL is a business and basically it’s probably the only money making entity that has loyal fans. Most of us don’t give a shit if K-mart goes out of business. Hell, we’ll go to Walmart or Target. The NFL sells us a product, and that product is entertainment. The first order of business for these NFL franchise owners is making money. If a competing team in one of these divisions is failing miserably, the team on top owner isn’t sitting there crying crocodile tears for them no matter who the owner, GM, and HC is. To sit and say “Everyone MUST want this to work because it’s PC” is speculative lunacy in my opinion. The NFL has paraded black men by the thousands for decades to entertain and instill a sense of pride in their fans. The Miami Dolphins finally hire it’s first GM who’s black and he hire’s the Dolphins first HC who’s black and all of a sudden people are pointing accusatory fingers and saying “the owner is only doing it to be politically correct.” Actually I bet a lot of them are thinking and saying “the darkies will fail.” Because in a lot of peoples eyes, the word “black” is synonymous with failure or doom and something to fear or be aghast at. The Dolphins have been to the playoff a total of maybe two or three times in the 2000’s. If they fail to get to the playoffs again with Gier and Flores wouldn’t it look and sound absurd if they get blamed for it because of their race? The ESPN article you’re referring to ADMIN seems to me to be alluding to a lot of peoples perception that “this can’t work” and thinking “these black guys better show me some success if they ever want be in some leadership position on my team again.” White men are not scrutinize that way because of their color. White men are afforded the luxury of failing over and over and over again and still white men get hired without being stigmatized as being in that position because of affirmative action or somebody just wanted to be politically correct.

              We’ve been waiting for a long time for the right combination of personnel to take the Dolphins from obscurity to a team that doesn’t give us anxiety for a while. We can only hope we have it now no matter what color the people are in charge.

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