Chicago Bears tells us a Lot about the Miami Dolphins

I’ve had some time to take in all the Bears’ interviews and press conferences, and the one thing that stood out to me is that the Dolphins have the potential to be quite good.

Jay Cutler was very respectful and complimentary of our defense.   But the one thing I noticed in his tone of voice was a bit of surprise.  Almost as if Cutler did not expect our D to be “that” good.

Head Coach Marc Trestman also seemed a little surprised at how good we played, although he wouldn’t admit it.  He was confident in his game plan and said everything felt great right up until game time.  And when the Bears scored to make it 14-7, he thought they were on their way to victory.  But then the Dolphin O marched down the field to make it 21-7, followed by our D causing two more turnovers in the 4th quarter.

Brandon Marshall seemed to be mad at his own teammates for the loss, but I wonder if he’s partly mad at himself for not doing much of anything against Grimes all day.

Bears writers and reporters seem to be blaming Cutler, but his teammates defended him, and many of the Bears simply stated that it wasn’t Jay’s fault, we just got beat by a better team.

Jacksonville is the next opponent, and they don’t have half as much talent as the Bears.  This is a game where we need to see Matt Moore….just like he was in the Oakland game.  It would be perfect to get a huge lead and let Moore come in wrap it up.



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  1. I honestly don’t feel we will repeat this Sunday many of the previous season’s head scratching losses (Tampa Bay). T-Hill and the offense rebounded from a heartbreaking loss by beating a respected and favored team. Even if things don’t go as planned, the maturity the Phins have displayed this year will carry us to victory. Its always dangerous playing a team with a nothing to loose attitude, but equally so playing a team tired of being considered 2nd class . Both teams have something to prove this Sunday. And we owe yes I said owe Jacksonville an ass whooping they will never forget in revenge for their running up the score on us back in 2000. That’s a loss that holds J-ville only 2nd on my list of only 2 teams I truly hate. 1st are the Patriots and 2nd is Jacksonville. This win will be very sweet indeed. And I for one would not mind at all if we have the ball, are up by 3 scores in the 4th quarter, with only 2 minutes left, and for the fun of it, Matt Moore throws a touchdown ending that game with an exclamation point! To me this game is personal.

  2. I hate those bastards too but not nearly as much as the jets….I’m loving their season so far.

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