Dolphins Truth Coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars – Miami Dolphins Game


For the first time in about 14 years, I will be unavailable to watch or attend the Dolphins game live Sunday at Jacksonville, due to a travel committment.

I turn the site over to you all.      The comments are open, and let’s fill up the board…hopefully with Good and Positive posts about our blowout victory over the Jags.

Comment away…

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    1. I just read that Dion Jordan is active. I will be watching his plays closely. Apparently they cut one of the Damian Williamses to make room for him on active roster…

  1. Miami should trounce Jacksonville today. I’m going to go out on a limb and say we should try to pass a lot. Why? Because the Jaguars’ D is #30 in the NFL at stopping passing games (yards/game). That should give us a chance to work on our passing routes, while being able to rely on the rush when we need to. Mind you, that Jacksonville’s D is #14 in the NFL at stopping the rush (yards/game), so it’ll be a little more challenging.
    Of course, our offense is #4 at rushing yards/game, so hopefully that shouldn’t matter too much.

  2. Okay Miami this is time to show your fans you don’t choke when you play a clearly inferior team. Don’t get too creative, don’t get overly confident. Just play the same way you have the last 2 games and the win will happen. Period

  3. Wow the Jags got off to a frightening start . Nice block and run back by Michael Thomas. That guy is a play maker going back to last year. WOW! Exciting game and its still the 1st quarter. Our D needs to make adjustments to cover Denard.

  4. Sheesh its starting to feel a lot like the Tampa game last year.


  6. Another slow start but at this point Im thankful. It sure felt like another collapse in the beginning . Thanks to the defense for keeping us on top until our offense got going. Still wish they would roll T-Hill more if for no other reason than for his safety. Putting him at risk when its obvious they are getting through up the middle is just playing right into their hands. But I do like that T-Hill seemed to rebound well from the pressure and kept his cool. In previous games he didn’t rise above it rather drown in it. Great win for the defense. And we finally got a deep ball to Wallace.

  7. Was it me, or did we throw way too much in the first 3 quarters. Seemed like 80% of our plays were throws. The next few games are against high powered offenses, and that shizz ain’t gonna work. We got to get the run going to keep our defense off the field so much.

  8. @Big J

    Yeah I noticed that too. It seemed like we briefly started down the course of calling pass when it should be run and at times, the signs of us abandoning the run looked immanent. Somewhere in the mix we started establishing the run again thankfully. Not sure why we didn’t start rolling him out sooner , it was obvious they were getting pressure up the middle and yet the call kept him front and center. Those sacks, no matter who’s fault, could have been prevented. Tannehill rebounded well this time, usually that kind of pressure early sets the tone for how he plays the rest of the day. The aggressive start Jax got off to was scary and as I posted above this game had all the signs of a Tampa bay collapse like last year. Glad we finally got it together. Shoulda had another TD with that interception in the endzone. Breaking 30 pts would be a great way to put other teams on notice.

  9. Most of that shit in the first half was from Colledge he simply couldn’t block and left with a headache. Either way it takes the coaches a half every week to realize that they should mix in some read option and roll Tanny out once in a while. Then the run opens up etc…I’m disappointed in that fact.

    Otherwise D played well a little soft at times but got it done. I wouldn’t worry about Jordan yet give the kid some time.

  10. It’s tough throwing out of the read option because without any dropback, the QB is a sitting duck, and only 5 yards behind the LOS. Look at guys like Drew Brees and Big Ben- they rarely have passes batted down because they talk very deep drops.

    This has been a Tannehill problem since we drafted him and one that could be remedied if we had a QB coach worth a sh*t.

    If we are going to throw as much as we do off the read option, we need to have RT start taking some kind of drop. Otherwise, there is nowhere to step up and passes will be batted and picked.

    Case and point- the ill timed pass play call with 1st and goal late in the 4th qtr. Read option fake and Ryan gets his pass batted in the air. It wasn’t like the LB made a leaping attempt and just barely tipped it- it was more like he reached out in front of himself as it went by.

    People don’t realize that part of the drop back is to let the receivers have time get open so you can plant that back foot and come up throwing. Otherwise, it’s tough to look away for 3 seconds while standing still.

    Look at how Brady does it. They give him a slight roll out, towards the run fake so he can look off the defense and have somewhere to step up.

    Just my thoughts….

  11. Ill be at the Chargers game next week. Cant wait.

  12. I wound up watching the game @ a family member’s house – couldn’t get online.
    Glad we won – but the game was difficult to watch many times.
    I said earlier that we should pass a lot – wow! We were really stinking up the joint with passing lol! IMHO they need to work on passing this week; badly. I don’t mean they have to suddenly make 60 yard passes all the time, but consistency with short passes would be nice!

  13. We could use a big, athletic receiver that can win match-ups on the outside. Vincent Jackson is on the market. It’s beginning to look like Hartline doesn’t fit this new offense.

  14. Off the subject a little but I was looking down the road at our next four games.

    Sun, Nov 2 vs. Chargers 1:00 PM
    Sun, Nov 9 @ Lions 1:00 PM
    Thu, Nov 13 vs. Bills 8:25 PM
    Sun, Nov 23 @ Broncos 4:25 PM

    Call me overly optimistic but I really think coming out of this stretch 3-1 is not that unrealistic.

    We always match up well with the Chargers and while they are playing better this year. Watching them loose to the Broncos was like watching a team that plays in a similar way that we do with a lesser defense. I think if T-Hill can keep his poise and Miller continues to run effectively this will be a sure win as our D will contain Rivers and hopefully Keenan .

    I know little about the Lions besides they have our old running back Reggie Bush. And they have a good record . But word is they are over rated as were the Bears. Another winnable game.

    We are overall a better team than the Bills on paper. This game is at home too. Having played 2 decent teams before and hopefully beating both will bring a new attitude and confidence when facing the Bills for the second time. Hopefully a 3rd win in a row will propel us into next week where we will get extra rest before facing Denver.

    Anything can happen in Denver. I know the altitude will have an effect on our players accustomed to playing at sea level. Im sure Philbin and staff are aware of this and hopefully use the extra time to arrive in Denver early to get the players acclimated to the thinner air and temperature. It would be great to win. But even a loss to Denver will serve us invaluably. If you really want to stress test your defense and find out who they really are, money simply cant buy the exposure Manning and crew will provide in this game on tape. T-Hill seemed inspired when sharing the field with Aaron Rogers. Hes pump faked ever since and is far better at extending plays since the GB game. Anybody else besides me notice this? By sharing the field with another elite QB T-hill will get more inspiration as will the rest of our team. And maybe we sneak out with the win. For whatever reason Miami plays the Dark Horse role to perfection when the odds are stacked deep against them. Could be a trap game for Denver.
    But to be realistic I’ll mark this one as a loss.

    I cant think of one game on this list besides Denver, that is odds on assured a loss. None of them are. And the rest of our schedule is loaded with games that could go either way. Only Denver and New England are assured losses. And we already know what our history is like with New England. Im bullish on our future and 10-6 is not out of the realm.


    Sun, Nov 23



    4:25 PM

    1. I haven’t done my “research” yet on the Lions.

      I agree that the Chargers game will be good. In fact we *should* win that, as far as I can tell. To do so, our offense should stick to 2014 Dolphins fundamentals, and run the ball. San Diego has a middle-of-the-road run defense; like us. The difference in the running games are the offenses. Theirs is #30 @ 86ypg. That means their going to pass a lot, against our awesome #3 pass defense – that’s good!

      We should beat the Bills – no excuse at this point. I’m probably going to that game, so I really hope they win. I was at last year’s Bills’ game and that loss was awful. Having to walk down the stadium ramps listening to victorious Bills fans? No thank you. It’s actually worse than having to listen to Jets fans – at least the Jets are our historical *rivals*. Anyway, we should win.

      The Broncos – probably a loss. They have the #1 run defense in the NFL, but since our running game is good, at least that’s a good match-up. They have the #17 pass defense in the NFL, and Manning. I agree – probably a loss for us; but maybe not that bad of a loss!

    2. Oops – my reply got garbled at the end of that last post.

      I meant to write that Denver has the #1 pass offense, but WE have the #3 pass defense. That end of the game should be competitive. Of course, our offense will actually have to *score* points against them, so that remains to be seen!

  15. Some would say our showing last week over all was a disappointing win. And at first I totally agreed. Let me explain why facing the Jaguars, and defeating them is such an important victory and leaves me with more hope than despair going forward.

    The Jags are so much like Buffalo in many ways. We’ve had a lot of trouble not only with Buffalo but with other teams with talented, top ranked, and aggressive pass rushes that stuff the run and get in Tannehill’s face. In games past, this set the tone for the rest of the day preventing our offense from establishing rhythm and causing all players to play tentatively. The Jags were the perfect sparring partner duplicating this challenge for us last Sunday while bringing little in the way of a threat when they had the ball. Our offense had several attempts and several chances to get time and experience with this type of defense in a way that our practices just cant duplicate. This time we got a soft opponent and gained experience in staying confident and making adjustments until things finally got corrected towards the end of the 2nd quarter. I know it was another slow start, I get it. But this was different because the pressure of playing from behind wasn’t there giving us a different way to approach this challenge without desperation changing the dynamic. The offense grew a little more on Sunday in an important way. Everybody from players to coaches needed this type of warm up for the challenges facing us the next 4 weeks.

    Our defense has had issues containing dynamic running backs and this was apparent with Denard. Again we needed this going forward. And needed the experience to let the defense understand that while they are very good they were briefly exposed.

    Honestly I cant grade the win value for our other 3 victories as high as last Sunday in my opinion.
    New England- They played flat and no matter what they say. We’re effected by the heat and set off balance by the inspirational way Knowshon rushed the ball

    Raiders- Their start was impressive but it seems as if they just gave up after we scored a FG. Cant learn too much from a team that believes it will loose and plays that way.

    Bears- Dysfunction ,bad play calling, and execution. As Ive said before they looked like the Phins did in 2012 and 2013.

    Jags- Played like a 3-3 team with superbowl aspirations as best they could with a rookie QB. Their defense was not at all intimidated and played dominantly until we figured them out. Blake gave us the game cushion and if there were a more experienced QB that day, the game would have been much closer.

    Green Bay- I know we lost but we technically won that game for 59:54 out of 60 minutes. The experience gained was invaluable going into Chicago.

    Getting better at the bounce back will serve us well facing a hungry Chargers team. And this victory I say is encouraging and most importantly going forward humbling .


    1. I do agree that the Jax game was a good learning experience for the team. I also like that the (offense) players are still being vocal how aggravated they are with themselves over their performance – even in a game we won.
      To me, that says that they’re focused this week and are really making a concerted effort to play their absolute best on the field – as a team.

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