What Should The Miami Dolphins do with Dion Jordan?

As our regular readers know, we at Dolphins Truth have not been supportive of Dion Jordan.

We won’t change that now.  We won’t be hypocrites and suddenly say how great it is for Dion to be back, because we do not feel he will make any difference.

That being said, there is some cause for a little hopeful optimism here, as the return of Dion Jordan MIGHT possibly help the defense.

Miami Dolphin Suspended Player Dion Jordan
Dion Jordan displays a Number One jersey to indicate how many times he’s been suspended for drugs. Oh wait. That number is now two.

First of all, let’s call out the obvious:  What kind of player gets suspended while already on suspension?  That’s like getting arrested while you’re already under arrest.  The NFL player’s union is immensely, overly powerful, and so they’re able to protect Jordan’s privacy about what drugs he got suspended for.  From what we gather, it appears that suspension #1 was for some type of PED, which Dion claims was in a supplement.  Not too many people believe him, but that’s a different story.  Suspension #2 possibly is from a recreational drug, but again, we do not know.

In any case, Dion could have just accepted suspension #1 and behaved, and he would have been back in Week 3.  But no, he had to do something else and face suspension #2 as well.   If #1 is due to a lack of maturity and common sense, what is the cause of #2?  Can any adult on earth be THAT irresponsible?  Yes,  Dion Jordan can.  And did.

Jordan has been on the Dolphins for a season and a half no, and he has never made a single meaningful play.  Yeah, I know the Jordan defenders point to a sack or a tipped pass or two last season, but none of those were game-changing monster plays.  In the last two seasons, Jordan, the Number Three Overall pick, has been just as productive as the team waterboy.

Is there any reason to think he suddenly got better?  Any reason to think that last year was just a do-over, and that the real Dion will show up this season, starting Sunday?

Remember, Dion was allowed to practice and play in all our pre-season games, and he showed nothing at all.  No playmaking skills whatsoever.  This is a guy who was facing a suspension and had everything in the world to prove to his team, and he was still flat.

He played awful against the opponents’ pre-season 5th and 6th stringers.  Is there any reason to think he’ll be better against the real pros?

A lot of people blame Jeff Ireland and Jeff Ireland only for this terrible draft pick of Dion Jordan at #3 last year.  But there’s no real proof that Ireland acted on his own.  Joe Philbin has more say in drafting and personnel move than people think.  Look at the year before.

It’s just not reasonable that Ireland went into Philbin’s office a few years ago and said, “Hi, Joe.  I don’t care what you want.   I am getting rid of Reggie Bush because Daniel Thomas is better.   I am getting rid of Jake Long because Jonathan Martin is better.  I am getting rid of loyal Anthony Fasano because Dustin Keller has many productive years ahead of him.”

These disastrous decisions could not have all come from a G.M. acting on his own.   There was agreement by Joe Philbin.

Anyway, no matter who is to blame for drafting Dion Jordan, it is a fact that it was a terrible choice.   And again, there is no room for opinion here at Dolphins Truth, as we deal only in facts.  So is it our opinion that Dion Jordan is unproductive, or is it a fact?   You know the answers there.

The only hope for optimism here is a longshot.  But it is POSSIBLE that Dion has learned his lesson and comes back in beast mode.  He has the raw skills to tear up the NFL, much like Cameron Wake.  If he stays focused, he could perform in the mold of someone like JJ Watt, only faster.  He could also fill in and/or eventually dominate from the LB position.  Kevin Coyle and Joe Philbin were both very vague about their plans for Dion, and that is good.   There is no benefit in telling our opponents how we’re about use him.

We hope we wrong.  We are giving Dion the benefit of the doubt right here, right now to shut us up.  Go out and sack the Jaguars a few times Sunday.  Cause a few fumbles with some jarring hits.  Be in the right place at the right time and cause some turnovers.

Do all of that and earn our respect, and earn a retraction right here on the pages of DT.

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  1. Author

    Editor’s Note:
    We keep seeing a ton of articles about how great it is to have Dion back. That is perplexing. But it’s even more baffling to see the fan comments who also believe that Dion will be a positive factor. Time will tell.

  2. I’m just hoping that he’s learned his lesson and will progress into an X factor. That’s about all that we can do at this point. Hopefully down the road he can do some of the JT things that would be great…one can hope!

  3. With how this team has developed and improved recently. We have been whitness to the real struggles necessary to overcome on journey to respectability in the NFL. To me, Jordan is no more a productive member of this team than he was before he was drafted. He has an entire team loaded with dedicated players to help form and guide his focus and discipline. He chose to ignore it. And one would think after he had a lackluster rookie year, and then follows that up with his first suspension. That would have been the wake up call he obviously needed. But then to get busted again shows he either is immature or turns to drugs as a way of coping with the pressure of delivering on all the expectations of him. One is a condemnation and the other is an excuse and both will have the same end result for Jordan. Its so bad I honestly feel sorry for him in some ways. He must have little support or guidance. Or hes a tough head case whom is difficult to build a level of trust with so a mentor type relationship can develop. We’ve had this discussion before about the team looking out for one another on and off the field. Derrick Shelby for instance. The type of leader needed for off the field occasions needs to be Wake and it obviously isn’t. That’s no scratch against Wake. But he does have the credibility to back up his words and guidance. Its really too bad Wake is such a focused person that he probably has little time for other players problems. Its most likely the reason why Wake plays so well at 32 years old. At the moment Im always happy our depth at defense has at least on paper ,another talented weapon. Jordan’s credentials could have other teams worried and having to spend extra time planning to defend a player with his purported speed and athleticism. But sadly unless the impossible happens, he will be a non factor.

  4. Author

    Our defensive depth is incredible the past few years, all except for DB. Man, can you imagine if Finnegan or Grimes (or both!!!) get hurt in a game? We’d lose by 40 points with the subs in there.
    I wonder if Dion can play CB?

  5. Admin,

    If the fit is right, Dion Jordan will be an aboslute stud. Off the charts speed, quickness, agility and he has good instincts. His pash rush is a little raw (mostly hand pawing and smacking, doesn’t have good spin, rip or swim move yet) but he is intelligent and can learn these.

    Oregon’ school schedule runs on 4 quarters (instead of 3 semesters) so he was a late arrival to camp (not a hold out) and was also coming off shoulder surgery. Anyone who has had shoulder surgery can tell you what it does to your strength. Once healthy, he is one of the few players on this team that can be special.

    Think of Jason Taylor when he can from Akron- long, lean frame, very quick, needed some moves and more bulk. Dion is still raw too- was a TE until last couple years in college.

    I was a fan of trading up to get him. When others thought we were moving up to get Lane Johnson, but I was pretty sure it was to get Jordan. This was one pick Ireland got right. Remember also that Olivier hasn’t busted out yet (his 10.5 sacks came after that draft) and it doesn’t hurt to have 3 strong pash rushers.

    If we are patient and let him get some playing time, Dion Jordan will blossom into a very good player.

    1. Author

      Big J,
      We hope you’re right, but we have to respectfully disagree. You are talking about Dion Jordan in the future and his potential, as if he has never played a snap in the NFL. We don’t have to guess about his potential when we can factually study his pro career. No big plays. No impact. A drug suspension while he was sitting home on a drug suspension. A terrible pre-season against a bunch of bums who were only on the team as filler. In Jason Taylor’s ROOKIE year, he got 5 sacks and forced and recovered two fumbles. That was a very promising start and gave us all (rightfully so) a glimmer of things to come. Unfortunately, we feel that we also saw a glimmer of things to come with Dion Jordan, and it’s not as bright as Taylor by any means. Yet. Again, we hope we’re very very wrong. We LOVE printing apologies and retractions, because it means a player that we have criticized stepped up and shut us up. We want that from Dion too.

  6. Really glad Admin took the time to write this, and also to everyone’s comments. This is a good example of a story/issue that’s misrepresented on other blogs/websites. The truth is he hasn’t been productive, has gotten himself suspended for six games (!), and that the fans (and presumably the team) are hopeful and eager for him to perform. Let’s see what happens on Sunday!

  7. Saw some other blog today about Philbin was excited to see Dion back. Kiss of death. Philbin was also excited about Michael Egnew, Armon Binns, and many more unproductive players. I agree with the blog writer here, because Dion has had a year and a half to show us his stuff, and he has shown us zilch. Miracles don’t exist. He did not suddenly become a superstar while sitting home. Why is anyone excited abut his return?

  8. Attention all Dolphins Truth Readers: I will most likely be attending the Miami Dolphins Vs San Diego Chargers game in Miami Nov 2nd. If anybody wants to meet up Im down. Final confirmation will be on Saturday when the tickets will be purchased. Sadly I may be sitting on the Chargers side lower level near the 50 yard line. This will be my first time ever seeing my favorite team play in person so I’m very much looking forward to this. Anybody who wants to tailgate , shoot the breeze, and network is encouraged as Im a very social person especially when in the presence of like minded Dolphins fans. And if the Dolphins keep playing like they did last week, this game is sure to be a good one. Cant wait!

    1. Its official! I will be attending the game next week vs the Chargers. Got decent seats lower level but on the chargers side. Section 113 and I’ll be going with a Chargers fan but hes cool and respects the phins as I do the Chargers. I’ll take pics and video and will try to post here while the game is on. Im hoping my first ever Phins game will be an exciting one. In the recent past we just seem to have the Chargers number. Im excited to see us win. If anybody wants to meet up post it here and go from there. Lets go Phins!

  9. Now the above is out of the way. Im hoping to hear D-Truth’s take on Landry moving up the depth chart to starter. And the Pouncey Brothers not being charged with the Night Club incident back in June. For me Im happy about Jarvis, hes a natural and is it me or does he even look a bit like Jerry Rice? I never once doubted the Pouncey brothers innocence it was a blown up lawsuit attempt by a liar and greedy sensationalizing attorney.

    1. Congrats on going to your first game! I recommend getting there pretty early and tailgating the hell out of it (11am or so). It sounds like a long time but it will fly by. There’s a chance I may go, but I’m not sure yet. If I do, I’ll let ya know.

    1. Author

      LOL. Bloodshot eyes from drinking? Was he hanging out with Shelby? Oh well, at least booze is legal.

  10. Well I hope its nothing but honestly my street instinct and knowledge says otherwise. Little giggles, lazy eye look, reporter asks him a question and he says “what?” , and on. Ummm yeah.

    1. LOL, I noticed the same things about Jordan when we drafted him. Honestly though, the kid has made some plays when given space and allowed to use his feet to beat defenders.

      IMO, he could be an excellent OLB but our coaches insist on making him learn to play with his hand in the dirt 3 ft from the LT. I say let him use his size and speed to be a coverage nightmare at OLB. What better way to cover a big TE than to use a TE converted to an OLB?

  11. Well since there aren’t any new articles to post in. Ill just post this clip of beauty here. At 2:59 in this video the most incredible thing Ive ever seen by a defensive end do by Cameron Wake. Watch him literally throw a man about 75 lbs heavier than him out of his way. Literally throws him about 2 yards! . Simply incredible. The rest of the vid is pretty cool too 🙂


    1. Author

      That’s a helluva video. Thanks for sharing. My favorite part is the one when Wake got held (by the neck). He sees the flag thrown, and then just laughs at the tackle who held him. Great stuff.

  12. Admin. Yeah I saw that terrible hold too! I yelled out when I saw it. Where were the reffs in that play? They must know Wake not only gets sacks but draws a ton of penalties from O Lineman unable to contain him. Ive heard a lot of chatter about the Packers game from fans saying they were holding almost every play and we weren’t getting any calls. Makes ya wonder a little.

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