Kyler Murray? Thanksgiving Day Game? Bob Costas?

I’ve selected a trio of topics that the Miami Herald writers have dredged up this week.

First is QB Kyler Murray, who will NOT be available when the Dolphins pick at #13.   In order to get this kid, the Dolphins would need to trade (i.e., sacrifice) some players and picks.  Is Murray worth it?   Nope.   You can’t grow overnight.   He’s a great athlete, but far too short to be an NFL quarterback.  Players like him are very used to be the hottest player on the field during their college days, then they come into the NFL and get a rude awakening.

It’s no secret that the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving every year, and that the Dolphins are already set to play in Dallas.  The Cowboys have 8 home games, so we have a 1/8th chance of playing on Thanksgiving Day.   I am against this.  My regular readers know that I read a lot into the schedule, and especially the subtle advantages that the schedule makers give to some teams and not others.

For example, every team is required to play a Thursday game.  The last 4 seasons, New England has had all 4 of their TNF games at home.   The Dolphins have had all 4 of their TNF games on the road.

That disparity goes unnoticed by the Competition Committee and Stephen Ross each year, but not by me and my readers.  I do not want to make it 5 years in a row of road games on a Thursday.

PLUS…sometimes the NFL doesn’t even count the Thanksgiving Game as TNF.   Last season, a couple of teams the six teams who played on Thanksgiving also had to play their normal TNF game on a different Thursday.  TWO Thursday games in the same season?  No thank you!

Bob Costas was removed from the Super Bowl coverage.    Greg Cote of the Herald gave a poignant sob story about Costas that almost brought tears to my eyes and— sorry, I cannot continue this joke any longer with a straight face.   Did anyone notice Costas was gone?  Did anyone care?   Bob was removed because he kept putting down the NFL and pointing out the dangers of football.  THIS JUST IN:   Any player who doesn’t like the danger can walk away.  At any time. No penalty.   They have college educations and can enter any field they want.  If you’re worried about dangers, then quit.

Don’t keep playing and collecting your million-dollar paychecks, your endorsement deals, your free perks.   Don’t do all of that and then LATER get mad at the league for not pointing out the injury risk.  No one feels sorry for you if you already reaped the rewards, and THEN LATER decide to speak up.  Where was your concern when you were collecting those checks?  No one feels sorry for you now.   Except Bob Costas.


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  1. I can’t disagree with anything that you’ve said. The Thursday night advantage is complete BS. NE fans think that the NFL is out to get them but they always get home field on thursday nights and never lose a home game in London. It’s all about the money…

    Short QB could make it but he already has one big strike against him. If they could draft a guy like that past the first round that’s fine take a chance but they simply can’t afford to take this chance this year.

  2. Not only is he too short,he played in a conference that DOES NOT PLAY DEFENSE! Did he ever have to read a defense or change a play at the line? NO! The scores in that conference rival basketball scores. It’s a joke.
    No question a very good athlete but so was Charlie Ward. A Heisman means little.
    We need to stoickpile picks like the Raiders-everybody laughed at me several months ago when I said that was the route we need to take. Same 50 guys that insisted that a coach HAD been promoted from special teams coach to HC.
    No,that disparity does not goo unnoticed by the committee and everyone else. Everyone is aware of it-Ross just bends over for the league every time he is asked to do so. No news there.

    Many have college educations but not degrees. I imagine if you look at the courses some take,you’d think you were back in middle school. Simply listen as they attempt to string several words together to complete a sentence. The may be good players but have zero chance to hold a job in the real world. It surely isn’t early onse CTE. They’re fooking ignorant,period. Maybe be hired in a labor-intensive job but nothing else requiring cognitive thinking. College education my azz. Bright enough to walk way,uh no. Just look at the countless number of them that have been and are duped every year in spite of what the NFL was taught them in rookie orientation. The career hangers-on they carry around,ect. Rant over.

    On the playing any day but Sunday-that will never change while Ross owns the tam. Never-he is spineless.

  3. Author

    “Same 50 guys that insisted that a coach HAD been promoted from special teams coach to HC.”

    LOL, All right, we acknowledged that you were right and i was wrong. 😉

    Oh, and I meant they had the OPPORTUNITY to get a free college education. I agree that not many learn too much in college, and even fewer of them have a degree.

  4. That 50 wasn’t aimed at you,just all the others. We’re good.
    I’ll be 68 when the season starts and I have been hoping the past few years to see a playoff win but it’s looking grim. But starting over is the way to go to build a sustainable winning franchise. This year will be the biggest determining factor how that goes. Literally from to bottom-coaches and front office decisions regarding every aspect of this franchise. Going forward,the only constant negative is Ross.

  5. I think Murray is an anigma. I dont think his size will matter in his case due to his upside. His arm strength and accuracy are 1st round worthy. Questions become whether he is able to make multiple reads and still show accuracy. But this question stands for all QBis. My only trepidation is whether he bails for MLB, which he is projected to be a potential HOF-type talent. Word was that he did not want to play in the A’s organization so he might be looking to kill 2 years in the NFL then bail. I know he said he is dedicated to football but I’m not sure. As it is, I say draft him if you can. His upside is tremendous.

    1. He played in a NO defense league. Imagine if he had to read a defense or change plays at the line. There have been hundreds who have come along with great skills hwo played against tough defenses and shined. Tranny is one example of having no skills coming in in that regard. He still can’t do either 7 years later. He os6’4″ or so and has passes knocked down at the line-imagine this midget basically throwing out of a hole.

      1. I agree these are all good points. But outside of the SCC and Big 10, there are no good defensive conferences but that does not mean there is are no qualified QBs. I like the fact that his accuracy and arm strength are very above average and he can move. Is there a learning curve, sure and perhaps a big one but I would take that chance. The size issue is a concern and there is no hiding that.

  6. Sheesshhh.. ADMIN, a thursday night game is just one game.
    What if the Dolphins record was 6-0 this year before they played their thursday night game, and lost. Would that one loss really hurt them?.. no. I think you’re mostly frustrated at these pathetic seasons that’s been making it harder and harder for you to be a Dolphins fan rather than the favoritism the New England Patriot seem to be constantly getting. As far as Kyler Murray is concerned, you said “He’s a great athlete.” You’ve only known him to be great athlete from playing football. If he was to become the QB for the Dolphins, he certainly couldn’t be worse any than Tannehill. As for football players being too dumb to hold down a job other than football, remember, it’s the NFL who exploits these players talent. If all of these players decided to walk away from football because they feared getting hurt, could you imagine someone with a degree in micro biology or a genealogist strapping on a football helmet and entertaining you? Nah, I don’t think so. Let the players play and let the NFL figure out ways to make the game safer.

    1. When games are as tight as they are and wins hard to get due to parity damn straight advantages of having Thursday night home games matter. Any advantage could be the difference of making the playoffs never mind just winning in general. The patsies seem to always have these advantages…

      1. Author

        Yes, that is often my point. Say we play a road game Sunday. Fly back to Miami late Sunday night exhausted. Monday and Tuesday can’t really practice because bodies need to recover, union-mandated no-pads allowed, Ross making the players go to high schools to discuss bullying, etc. Wednesday we have to fly to Dallas. Thursday we play ball.
        You might say “It is fair because both teams are in the same predicament” but that is not so. The home team is much better off.

        1. I believe that the stats will show this as well. The home team gets a little bit more time to rest and prepare.

        2. FLYERFINFAN must’ve thought long and hard about what I said but didn’t refute what I wrote. There is a time when such a game will matter and many more times when it won’t in the season. Problem is, mundane seasons of 7-9 and 8-8 leaves us focusing on the irrelevant.

          1. This has been true but I agree with admin that this kind of stuff should be fixed in the NFL as it’s simply not fair to any team. Pisses me off that patsies slough off these types of advantages when crying how the NFL hates them….

            1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I never said there is something wrong in what ADMIN wrote. I’m just saying the Dolphins string of lackluster seasons is making us Dolfans pay too much attention to things that’s been going on in the NFL that won’t make a difference if our team keeps handing us 7-9 seasons. When ADMIN pointed out Gase’s pathetic play calling, he was spot on. When Gase jettisoned key players before the season even started, he left us scratching our heads. When we see Tannehill constantly throwing to receivers who are covered by two or three defenders, we wonder after seven seasons “whats wrong with this guy?” These are the type of things that’s been making some fans refer this team as the “Dullfins” and have us wanting some kind of pacification as if that’ll be enough contention.

              1. Author

                Good points. If we were perennial winners, I wouldn’t analyze the schedule so much each year.
                I still think it’s utter bullshit that it takes the NFL MONTHS to release it. MLB has 30 teams playing 162 games each, and they release their schedule a few days after the season ends.
                We already know the opponents and the locations. Throw it into a computer and spit out a schedule in 5 minutes.

                1. They can’t just use a computer like the other leagues as they have to spend months trying to figure out how to help the patsies and Dallas…haha! Seriously you are correct it’s beyond belief how long it takes so it does make you wonder.

  7. Author

    I’m waiting for Karmatourer to chime in about Kyler Murray and New Zealand rugby. I thought it was coming a long time ago!

    1. Excuse me but, who is KARMATOURER?.. some kind of “quarterback whisperer” like Adam Gase?

  8. I actually kind of have some faith in Murray. He put up better numbers than Baker Mayfield did against the same competition and with a way worse defense that pretty much relied on Murray to score every possession. I’d rather have Miami trade up for him then suck for a year and get Tua. I’m not sure Tua will be that much better than Murray and the Clemson kid is two years away, I don’t think anyone wants to wait till 2021 to get a franchise QB. If Murray sucks then Miami will suck and can just draft Tua anyway next year.

  9. Dolphins sign former second-round defensive end and a young cornerback

    Hmmm… anybody know anything about these guys?

    1. Author

      Yes! I know the defensive end is better than Charles Harris. And I know the young cornerback is better than Torry McTyer!!

      1. Hmmm… I can see a little smile on you face, even if it’s just at the corner of your lips ADMIN.

        Moves like this may soon get us get anxious for the draft.

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