Danny Amendola Joining the Dolphins

Unconfirmed reports are declaring that Patriots WR Danny Amendola is coming to the Dolphins.   That accompanies news that we will also obtain Chiefs WR Albert Wilson.

So that’s 2 WR signed in the course of 24 hours.

A week ago, if you asked me what was the Dolphins strongest position–a position where we do not need to tamper…no need to sign free agents…no need to draft–it was WR.  But the Dolphins create their own needs, even when they don’t exist.

The Dolphins drill a hole in their sink pipes and then say, “Hey, we just went out and hired the best plumber available.  Aren’t we great?”   Dolphins management continues to fill holes that they themselves create.

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  1. I’ll take Amendola over Landry honestly. Amendola plays with fire but is he actually mature and less than half the price. Him and Wilson should easily replace Jarvis’s production. It’s honestly not a terrible move.

    1. Author

      No doubt they’re both good players…when playing for good systems and All-Pro QBs and outstanding coaches.
      We have none of that to offer.

    2. Seriously “ZACH the Quack” you should stop commenting on DOLPHINS TRUTH.

      The Dolphins are throwing a contract at thirty two(32) yr old Amendola and you look at that as some kind of come up? And then you say Amendola and Wilson should “easily replace Jarvis’s production. It’s honestly not a terrible move.” Wtf?

      I think there is such a thing called “football for dummies.” If you can find it, please study it hard.

      1. Wow comment under anonymous talking shit, real tough guy move lol.

        1. Look “ZACH the Quack,” cut the “I’m a tough guy” bullshit, because you don’t scare anybody. I just find most of your comments idiotic.

          1. No one commenting on the Internet is a tough guy lol. Literally no one, and if you don’t like my comments that’s fine. But I’m not gonna stop commenting, Idc what you think lol i don’t even know your name.

            1. They double downed on two receivers one vet and one younger guy. I don’t mind this especially 2 years on Amendola. Maybe teach the younger guys how to be professional instead of humping goal posts. Zach isn’t wrong that between them production could be covered we’ll find out but it’s not out of the question. Chiefs fans are pissed as they believed in their guy so who knows.
              But…they need to find OG’s at least one good one in FA. Crossing my fingers that after shuffling the deck they do this.

    3. 2 players to replace 1-I would hope they would have 100 catches between them,

  2. The Fins are no where near as bad as others Bradford for 20 M??? The guys injured! Money is flying like mad out there…insanity!

  3. So we’re paying 2 players what we would have paid 1 player AND hope they can have 100 catches between them. Kudos front office! LOL

    1. At least it’s easier to move the money around because it’s not tied up into one player. But you are right we really have to hope they have 100 catches between them or this will look bad. I’m cautiously optimistic landrys production can be replaced.

      1. It’s a team game if the offense as a whole improves then what’s the difference? Also if all of your eggs are in one basket (player) and he goes down then what? Very few teams win a SB with a one man gang at receiver the patsies have been doing it by committee for years and so did the Eagles. Let’s see what happens…

        1. The “difference” you refer to is Amendola is 32 and was thrown to by an All Pro. And tell me about Wilson.

          1. He sure got open in the playoffs who cares how old he is if he gives a qb an open target? At 10 M per year less than Landry to top it off. Teams don’t win super bowls with the highest paid receivers that’s a fact.

            As per Wilson if you look at the measurables he’s not a bad player. KC fans were not happy to lose him for a reason we’ll see… but don’t get your panties in a knot.

            1. No,not 10M. You have to count Wilson’s salary too because sure as hell,Amendola will NOT catch 100 passes. That was my simple to understand reference to 2 players catching a TOTAL of 100 passes and their salaries added together. And don’t tell me not to get panties in a knot. Try that will your local friends or someone who values what you post.

              1. And please remind me how the Fins were so successful with Landry catching 100 balls a year? How their offence was so unstoppable that he now can’t be replaced. That was all on a cheap salary but you are ok moving forward status quo but at an 18 M cap hit? Have you lost your mind? Look I love Landry too but not at that price. It has to make sense. Perhaps spreading the ball around and MAYBE running the fucking ball a little more will result in more success. MAYBE get a TE that will contribute a little more but spending that much on a slot receiver is ridiculous unless the guy is a scoring machine which he isn’t. MAYBE they didn’t take advantage of his skills as some have mentioned but why does everyone think that will change if they paid him 18 fucking M? Get a grip on reality and hope that more better targets and balance for Tanny will result in a more successful offence. Sorry about the panties but it cracks me up how people are crying about these moves before we even see the team on the field. Amendola and Wilson may not catch 100 passes but if the offence is better who cares???

                1. Agreed people forget that before this year landrys best season he only scored 5 touchdowns. There is a reason the Browns traded for him not a better team. Landry is a good player who wants to be paid like a great player.

    1. Author

      Parkey leaving is very very bad. That kid had a leg and won us some games.

  4. Author

    Suddenly–instead of needing linebackers and more linebackers in the draft and in free agency–we now need a whooooole bunch of other positions. This is disgusting.

      1. Agreed on that I didn’t even see this yet. You need a decent kicker in those tight games. Not sure what happened there?

        1. No clue maybe the Bears offered him a lot of money for a kicker. He apparently grew up as a dolphin fan so it had to take something drastic to get him to leave.

          1. Yes that sucks not happy to lose him…

  5. Author

    As several of you have pointed out, Landry’s numbers were good, not great. No doubt. I sorta wanted to keep him not for his production, but to keep some semblance of team unity and continuity. Landry is gone, and the Dolphin players are upset.
    He’s replaced by two guys who do not know the offense, which takes time. I dislike playing revolving doors with your skill positions every single year. Drake, Ajayi, Knowshon Moreno, Lamar Miller, Arian Foster. That’s 5 starting opening-day RBs the past 5 years. It’s NOT working.
    And now to let an effective Cody Parkey go? There goes all the chemistry between holder and kicker. Time to start anew.
    Like I said yesterday, the big problem for me is that we have to to go out and fill positions that used to be already filled by great players, such as Suh and Parkey. That means less time and less money to fill the positions we really need, like LB, LB, and LB

    1. Author

      That being said, in reply to my own last comment, pretty much every team does this. The Cards, for example, just cut their All Pro CB rather than pay him $5 million.
      The Pats didn’t even fight to retain Amendola. Oh well.
      Some good news on the unity/continuity part: Seems like Ju’Wuan James is staying put. He is not a superstar, but it’s a much much better option than training yet another rookie tackle.

      1. The Bears threw crazy money at Parkey, Miami literally couldn’t afford to match it. Sucks but we all knew being this close to over the salary cap was gonna fuck us.

        1. Author

          We literally couldn’t afford it??? You have to find creative ways to afford it. Thanks what good GMs do.

          1. He is guaranteed 9 million, I would say good gms don’t pay kickers that much.

            1. Author

              I remember the Colts getting eliminated all the time because of kicking. Finally they decided to not be cheap and signed Vinatieri. Then they were champs. You get what you pay for, and we are constantly getting rookies and journeymen.

              1. If anything the Fins should have locked him up well before FA and the dollar wouldn’t have been as bad.

                In response to admins comments above the patsies have lost way more players than the Fins and just keep Trucking so signing every player to their demands obviously doesn’t work in the long run. Cut ties move on with a cheaper option. Maybe this will be a better solution instead of the ground hog day we’ve been used to.

                1. Author

                  Cheaper options work just fine in a winning system with a winning culture and a winning coach. But guess what we have?

                  1. You have to start somewhere and paying more than market value for every player on your roster makes no sense at all. You simply can’t win that way as you run out of cash to field a decent team. The patsies formula works so why not try it they turf guys out all the time…

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