Inept Dolphins Front Office Continues to Hurt the Dolphins Players and Fans.


Word out of Miami is that Kong Suh will be the latest casualty in Stephen Ross’s disgusting purge of all the Dolphins’ best players.

Suh is the latest Pro Bowler to get discarded by the inept decisionmakers in Davie.  Fellow All Pros Jay Ajayi and Jarvis Landry got the axe already.  After giving Ajayi away, the Dolphins doubled-down on that mistake by getting rid of Landry too.   Today, the triple-down was announced.  The three best Dolphins are now gone.

Who is our best player now?  Who is nearest to becoming a Pro Bowler?

There will be idiots out there who say that losing Suh is a good move because it frees up cap space.   Yes, it frees up cap space. But it takes away an All Pro defender who’s among the best at his position in the league.   It forces us (once again) to draft interior defensive linemen.  Yesterday, we didn’t even need to look at any defensive tackle prospects in the draft.   Today, we must draft at least 2.    Horrible.

The Dolphins are in far worse shape now than a year ago.  Than month ago.  Than yesterday.

Ahh, but we have more cap space.   Cap space.   Yes, and that money goes into signing rookies and free agents who no one else wants.  You don’t get quality players with a few bucks you save by cutting quality players.  Cap space doesn’t fill the gap on a goal line stand.   Cap space doesn’t fight for that extra yard when you’re desperate for a late first down.

I’m not a big fan of Armando at the Herald, but he had an interesting tidbit Friday about a current Dolphin player who texted him after the Landry trade.  The player texted along the lines of “team management keeps making it harder for us players.”   Indeed they do.

When management consistently takes away vital players in order to save a few bucks, that is certainly making harder.   The word is that Miami wants to create a new culture, so Suh had to go.   But just what culture are they going for?

It all goes to show you that the Dolphins are more concerned with finances and celebrity owners.   Winning is not even on their horizon.



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  1. Well looks like we’re in full rebuild mode. How does a team go10-6 and make the playoffs and still manage to get here

    1. Author

      Without our starting QB, and with only 7 home games instead of 8, and with injuries claiming 13 of our 22 starters, we still we finished 6-10. Not the end of the world under the circumstances.
      Just put that behind us and get ready for a healthy 2018. But noooooooooo…….

    2. Easy answer to how to go from 10-6 to now. During that season,we had the easiest schedule and were gifted 2 wins by the worst 2 teams in the NFL,Cleveland and San Fran. That’s how.

      1. Author

        Don’t forget this year we got a gift win because the Chargers, who decided to save money and hired that Asian kicker who handed us a win in Week One.

  2. I understand your opinion admin you can only acquire so much in FA with your cap space but in Landry’s case it doesn’t make sense overpaying by 6 M. He’s better than edelman but not that much better so you effectively lose out in other positions. Hard to win when you have too many super large contracts. They also have a few young guys that should be able to fill in decently and use the extra money elsewhere to create some balance. So far this is working out with Drake.

    As per Suh I love the guy but this was probably the plan if he started to decline with a high cap. I’m sure they tried to renegotiate maybe for a few years and he said no. The team can’t be emotional it’s a business and it must make sense. It’s too bad that they can’t get anything for him as other sports they would so it sucks. Let’s see what happens the painting always looks bad when you are in the middle of it. If they mess this up Tannenbaum has to go…

  3. It’s one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen. Yea it will free up cap space only if he is designated as a post June 1st cut but that means we won’t get to spend that money till after June 1st when all the best players have already signed. It also leaves over 20 million dollars in dead money on our cap for the next 2 years. I said signing suh was a huge mistake because we were way more than one player away from winning anything now it’s clear it was even worse of a mistake than I thought. They back loaded his contract so they could have a few years to figure out what to do but instead they spent money like a drunken sailor ,re signing Alonso, branch, and stills to way to much money fucked the team. Ask yourself who you would rather of kept Kenny stills or Jarvis Landry? Alonso and branch or suh? It’s insane Miami chose Alonso and branch and stills over suh and Landry.

  4. Author

    NONE of this work unless you have brilliant scouts and GMs who take the money you saved and then hire effective talent who you already evaluated and have your eye on. The Dolphins have NONE of that. The worst front office in sports.
    Question: Would you rather have Mike Tannenbaum and Adam Gase tell you who the good players are, or else rely on the players themselves who have grown into All Pros in this league?

    1. I guess my point is do we all really feel comfortable paying Landry 16 M when edelman gets 6 M? I sure don’t and thats been a big mistake in the past. I’m sure that they offered a fair contract and he walked away so you can’t do something stupid either.

      In Suhs case it could be more of the same. Probably asked him to take a cut and he said no. He’s not worth 26 M either so do you blame them? Perhaps they are waiting to see what he’s offered as a reality check. I guess we’ll see so let’s not lose our marbles yet.

      I also have a feeling that this little fast receiver may just surprise us he was given a chances at the end of the year and maybe they want more touches. He may fill more than the void with big plays. Drake as well…

    This article sums up the latest moves pretty accurately in my opinion. Poor fiscal choices now disguised as moves to improve the “culture” that wasn’t ever really a problem. For a team that is running the team with a more business approach they sure are making some poor business choices. On a side note, team “culture” is rarely a problem when you’re winning regardless of personnel.

  6. The only good high-level player the Dolphins “cut” this offseason has been Suh.

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