Derrick Shelby Continues the Dolphins’ Embarrassing String of Personnel Messes

A man is innocent until proven guilty, but sometimes the word of a police officer or two, or four, can be quite damaging.

After Derrick Shelby’s arrest, only his lawyer and agent seem to believe he is innocent.  Credible witnesses at a nightclub saw Shelby acting up, and it was enough to get him arrested by the police and suspended by the Dolphins.

Joe Philbin demands discipline and character from his players.

Dion Jordan. Rashad Jones, Mike Pouncey and his brother, now Derrick Shelby.

We know it’s easier said than done, but these fellows simply need to stay away from drugs.  Stay away from booze.  Stay away from clubs.  These guys are multi-millionaires. and there’s no reason for them to not show some self-discipline.


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  1. On the one hand, I really wish the Dolphins had not suspended a contributor like Shelby for something like this.
    On the other hand, he does not look like someone you want to have on the field during an NFL game (judging by the pic)! Yeah, I know he’ll get better throughout the week, but she looks relatively banged up.
    So in that sense, perhaps he wouldn’t have contributed much this week anyway. Of course, going forward I think we’re all going to miss him.
    Too bad he’s too much of a jerk for his own good (and ours).

  2. Its really sad to see players like this whom are more blue collar and used to having much less throughout life get into bad situations . Obviously he had way too much to drink and possibly other intoxicants which brought about his poor judgment and behavior. Very young and physically talented athletes with a ton of money, notoriety, status, combined with the pressures of living up to all the aforementioned could result in the short lived mental marriage of superiority and the need to live it up while their party lasts. I honestly feel sympathy and doubt Shelby is a poor excuse for a person until told otherwise. Does the NFL not have counselors and mandatory meetings educating these new NFL players on the horrors of bad judgment and the benefits of remaining grounded and focused? If so they are failing badly and if not then why not? I have to be honest , if all else were equal I could easily find myself in a similar situation. No Ive never behaved like this before but Ive also never been twisted in quite the same way the experience of being an NFL player appears to have for some. I can see that some of the benefits are also pressures and many behavior and judgment mishaps are ignored and unchecked by a public eager for nothing more than a piece of someone famous even if that fame is mostly local. Where was his wingman to drag his stumbling body out of the club and to the taxi? Where is his support, why does it seem he was by himself at this club and obviously without a date? Within the culture of any great team there is also a social crowd and they usually will visit places together. The leadership figures usually party as much as the rest of them but always maintain a sense of order. That’s why the group follows these personality types. Where is the leadership from our team keeping guys like this in line and more importantly, included in nights out on the town? Each game is won or lost in far more dimensions than just practice, video tape, and workouts at the gym. Each outcome is determined the very second the last one ends. Every thing in between has an effect and this includes a huge amount of things done during personal time. Leadership is what hones this attention and caretakes for players whom lack the adult skills of self discipline. Real leaders keep an eye out for their fellow team mates because their goal is victory and understand personal issues could threaten that. I keep seeing a talented team lacking leadership over and over again. Will somebody please stand up?

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