Miami Dolphins News and Rumors entering bye week–Why is it so difficult to stick to the truth?

CBS’s report last week about turmoil in the  Dolphins’ front office  seems to have been false.

Somehow, the alleged professionals who cover the Dolphins are among the worst journalists employed in any sport.  The “insiders” cannot survive if they just write “nothing new today,” so they embellish.

CBS’s Jason La Canfora recently mentioned that Dawn Aponte and Joe Philbin were at odds with each other, when there is little if any proof of that.  Made for a good story though.

If you aren’t 100% sure about something, then don’t say it!

La Canfora, you may remember, was the genius who kept telling us that the Dolphins were going to trade Mike Wallace.

How about a few years ago, when Jason Cole reported the signing of Jim Harbaugh to be the Dolphins’ new coach.  Remember, Cole did not say “maybe” or “allegedly.”   Instead, he thought something might possibly happen, so he wrote it as fact.

Why are us Dolphin fans subjected to so many inaccuracies?  That’s one of the reasons we started Dolphins Truth.

To make matters worse, team leadership itself is often dishonest with the fans.  Many fans forget the way Bill Parcells ran the team.  But Dolphins Truth will never forget.

We won’t let him forget when he said, “The only way Jason Taylor doesn’t play for the Dolphins in 2008 is if he retires. The team is not going to trade him. “   A little while later, Parcells traded him.   When the team’s boss look the fans in the eye and just lies to them, it’s no wonder the reporters lie to us as well.

And how can we forget Nick Saban.   Parcells only lied to us a few times; Saban lied to us throughout an entire season.  And when the lies were finally revealed, H. Wayne shook his hand and wished him well.  The owner didn’t stick up for us victims.

Finally, let’s congratulate Tony Sparano for being named coach of the Raiders.  The Dolphins didn’t do much to help his career in Miami, but we sure helped him last Sunday by getting his boss fired.   Sparano took a 1-15 and brought them into the playoffs.  That’s something people overlook,  His accomplishments are far greater than anything Philbin has done so far, so it could be a decent move for the Raiders.


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  1. Glad Sporano is getting another chance. I understand he was fired because of a poor season but many of the losses were so close and you could tell the team was about to turn a corner and emerge a force. The loss of Chad Pennington (The Best Since Marino ) also crippled us. And on that note its sad when the list of QB failures is mentioned in the style of “since Marino retired” many seem to forget just how damn good Chad Pennington was or fail to mention him at all!! And just how convincing it was that our team was truly cursed by loosing him to injury and Ricky Williams to insanity ! Sheesh can we just catch a break?

    When Sporano was let go it was saddening to see him as the OC for the Jets and getting a raw deal there! He took the fall for team’s poor performance and the Tebow debacle. Thought his days were numbered and sadly they may just be if you end up with the Raiders in their current state. Who knows ? He does have a knack for bringing teams out of the gutter and back to respectability. If he can do it again I’ll be fist pumping right along with him! And for that matter while he was our HC it was nice to see a coach with some fire and intensity. I don’t expect this from Philbin every game but every once in a while would be nice.

    Anybody thinking in the back of their minds that Sporano might have known Allen was on the bubble and simply sabotaged that game to get his job? Yes I could be crazy but I will ask you to consider this. Re watch the game especially the first half of the first quarter. Who was winning and didn’t it look eerily similar to all of our other disasters? Even with the responding drive that resulted in a FG. I kept asking myself what happened to the Raiders that started out the game looking so good only to collapse in almost too good to believe fashion. Kinda made me wonder.

      1. Get some back and have to part with another. Always 2steps forward and one step back. Starting to believe we really are cursed.

        1. Author

          Shelby was doing such a great job in his backup role too. It could hurt to lose him. I do not think Dion Jordan’s return will mean that much. But I’ll be curious about how Reshad Jones blends back in.

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