Dion Jordan is back!

Not sure if it’s good news or bad news, but he’s back.

The NFL thumbed its noce at the Dolphins and Stephen Ross by waiting until the last possible day to announce this.   Literally, the NFL made us go through the draft, and free agency, and the beginning of camp today, before finally letting us know.   Thanks a lot.

Anyway, I am curious to know your guys’ opinions on Dion the potential player, Dion the person (the drug use; apparently is was ecstasy and not steroids), and how he should be handled in games.  Or cut?

Let us know…

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  1. I think the drama that Dion Jordan is will need to play out to tell. If Gase keeps him around for training camp will tell if he is in fact in the playing shape Dions trainers and agents have said he was in. I think that will speak to his desire to actually play and grow up. At lest enough to warrant a try out two years after being drafted. Obviously this guy isn’t a lock to make the team. I think if he shows up and is as advertised at most he earned a workout. From there it will depend on his performance. I’m sure Gase isn’t going to be looking for how well he “falls forward”


  2. I do have some recollection of Jordan playing some without his PED’s and he wasn’t very good.

    I doubt his ability to compete on an NFL level without the PED’s. I guess we’ll find out.

  3. He knows he is on the bubble, so, give him one more chance. Even the Pope would want something to kill the pains of having to endure Philbin and Coyle.

    1. Ever used hummus as a lube? Hummus – that stuff made from crushed chickpeas. It sure is yummus. When used as a substance which decreases intimate friction it really is top notch.

  4. Arian Foster is injured !!


    Are these the same doctors that said Drew Brees wasn’t healthy???

    5-11 this year maybe? or 4-10

    1. I agree. I originally said 3 wins and possible top pick next year but we’ll screw that up and win 4,just like we screwed up “Suck for Luck”.

  5. Same doctor who said daunte culpepper and Trent Green had 10 good years ahead of him as a dolphin.

    1. Sorry this link isn’t working but google “Dion Jordan knee injury” and you’ll see.

  6. Its not really an injury. He had his knee scoped. He just needs to recover from that but he had the operation before he was reinstated. He should have disclosed that . The feeling he trying to do the right thing here is starting to appear false in my mind. As if hes just trying to milk the rest of his rookie contract, play as little as possible and either get traded or retire a much richer man than most of us ever will be. Wow just wow.

    1. Author

      Yes, Sean and PhinsUp are both right, as confirmed now by numerous sources. Don’t easily dismiss the fact that Dion’s scoped knee was a secret that he kept from the team. Major or minor surgery, this kid and his seedy agent have an unwritten (or possibly legally written) obligation to disclose those things to his employer. For a kid who’s done nothing but talk about how he’s changed, I think this is an indication that he’s up to his old shenanigans. Although he was suspended, he was still under contract to the Dolphins and owed us the truth.
      PhinsUp is right on the money by thinking this kid is false. Plus, did you see how much weight he gained! Let’s hope it’s muscle, but I don’t know!

  7. I suggest we wait until we see him on the field if he ever gets there. Spikes is trying out so LB may not be an option…

  8. Congrats to the agent of Tannebust

    ‘should get salesman of the year

    for selling a huge contract for a third string QB to the Dullfins.

  9. We need another QB!!.. We need a QB that can lead men down the field to victory!!.. RT can’t do it on the practice field he can’t do it period!

    1. We need to give the guy this season to prove himself. The oline should be better and overall coaching plus talent. If he stinks it out he’ll most likely be gone so may as well relax.

      Heard that practice was better this week he reemed the boys out after sat.

    2. He has/had a huge contract and has a hot wife-he’s set for life.

  10. “We need to give the guy this season to prove himself”

    We heard that last year and the year before that and the year before that! LOL

    The guy STINKS worse than Henne!! This is year 5!! GEEZ!!

    Get rid of him!!

  11. Yep same old Dolphins

    1st string Defense can’t stop the run or the pass and worse then that keep piling on the stupid penalties.

    1st String Offense can’t run the ball and the first two passes Thill is laying on his back and they go 3 and out!

    I’ve seen this crap before!

  12. Another 15 yard run against the Defense plus a 5 yard penelty and to make it worse McCain drops yet another pick 6

  13. Now a pick that the refs give back to Miami
    Then THill almost sacked in the endzone
    Now were punting out of our endzone
    Giants set up on their 48 yard line


    Don’t tell me “It’s the first Preseason game” because the Giants sucked last year to and its their first preasason game and as usually our opponent looks like a worldbeater!

  14. Ok and Matt Moore comes in and finally our QB dosnt end up on his back!!!!!

    On the flip side he threw it straight to a defender guess he dons’t yet know the Dolphins are wearing Aqua and White!

  15. Matt Moore proved he should be starting QB. Its not even close.

  16. @Jay

    At lest we have some consistency with you

    I’ll take that!

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