Maybe it is time to panic

While every other Dolphins article this weekend is telling fans not to panic, and telling us that it was only a pres-season game, and telling us that you cannot judge an offense by a few plays….while everyone else is saying all that…I will tell you they are wrong.  It IS time to panic.

It cannot and will not get any better.   We saw our 5 best O-linemen out there Friday, and you saw what happened.

The offense is abysmal.  Time to start looking at the 2017 draft class, because we are closer to the #1 overall pick than we are to a playoff spot.  The offense was atrocious Friday night, and there is no magic switch to make it better in 4 weeks when we go into Seattle.

We have outstanding wide receivers and tremendous depth at that position.  Our running backs are serviceable and might break out.  The QB is a huge question mark and may actually be good.

But the offensive line is pitiful.  Just horrendous.  Unacceptably unprofessional.  They looked like a junior high junior varsity squad in there.

Which of these guys should we have kept, and which should we have tossed aside?

The most exciting playmakers on earth are useless when their QB is on his back all the time.

Offensive genius Adam Gase seemed more like Joe Philbin out there.   When the first team O was out there, we spread the formations wide on most of our plays.

That means more receivers and fewer blockers.  That means disaster.   More receivers to turn around and see Tannehill get drilled.   Just like last year.   Time after time after time.

Tannehill was on his back more than he was on his feet.   The offensive line couldn’t pick up anything.  They couldn’t open holes.  The 5 base linemen couldn’t stop 3 Giant rushers, let alone 4 when Olivier Vernon rushed instead of covering.   (special thanks to Stephen Ross for letting Vernon walk away).

I just don’t see a way out of this.  I don’t see a silver lining.  I don’t see how a line that was so incredibly inept on Friday gets any better.  No matter how much money we throw at O-linemen and how many draft picks we waste on these guys, it never helps.  The third down offense was disgusting, and this was 99% the line’s fault.

It was brutal and it was scary.

Am I overreacting?  Not a chance.  It’s the opposite…everyone else is under-reacting, as if pothead Laremy Tunsil is gonna come in and all by himself open gaping holes against Seattle?   My friends at the Herald and the Sentinel and the Phinsiders certainly believe so. They all tell us not to panic.

Our pal, Armando, for example, said this:   “And instead of worrying about statistics, hope that your team is learning from what happened against the Giants early in this game.”   The problem, is we’ve been hearing that for 5, 10, 15 years now?  The team does NOT learn.   What are they supposed to learn anyway?  Toughness can’t be learned.  Knocking a defender on his ass can’t be learned.

Dolphins Truth readers know better.  We know what to expect when the team and the media say, “The Dolphins will learn from this and get better.”
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  1. @Admin

    This artical reads like one of my three hundred posts from the last two years!

    Glade you’ve come around

    1. @Jay

      And that comment reads like one of YOUR last 75,000 over the last two years!!!!!!

    2. Author

      Jay, my friend, even you have to admit that T-hill didn’t stand a chance. It’s not like Olivier Vernon was doing anything tricky…he was coming at them with a standard pass rush and no one accounted for him on 4 of the Dolphins’ 6 offensive plays with he first team.

      1. More excuses for Tannehill. Hilarious!

  2. @Admin

    It’s so said to see and hear how much money and draft picks were wasted in this line. I’ve consistantly said for two years that with the exception of Albert and Pouncy the rest of the line needs to be blown up and resigned

    Gase has had me scratching my head when I see that Thomas is still a member of this team. He alien has to be responsible for half of all Tannehills sacks!

    Yet he starts?

    Absolutely INSANE

    Now what do we do? Sign other teams cast offs

    We’re doomed because for the tenth year in a row we didn’t actually fix the OL

    1. Author

      True Brian True. But we also wasted time and money and draft picks on wide receivers, and then mismanage them. Rishard Matthews has a career year, so they let him go and draft a few more rookies instead. Ludicrous. They do nothing right.
      I keep thinking that if we left our 1st team offense on the field longer on Friday, the same stuff would have happened!! “They needed more time to gel” would not have been the case. They looked just awful.

  3. @Brian M

    Tannehill is responsible for 80% of his sacks. He is slow to make decisions and still hasn’t grasped the speed of the pro game. He should give back the money he’s stealing from the team.

  4. @Jay

    I am not going to debate Tannehill with you because you don’t understand basic football x and o which is the trenches.

    I do appreciate alot of your other insight but on this issue your not only off base but so much so you have no credibility.

    1. No he’s not. The ‘Bust IS responsible for many of his sacks. The game is still to fast for him or he simply doesn’t react fast enough after how many years?

  5. As bad as the oline was the team couldn’t even get a first down man. It’s tannehill I swear the guy just doesn’t know how to get his team in the right spots. No doubt he’s making the oline worse gotta give Moore a chance

  6. Just my $0.02 but I think Gase is a confrontational guy, unlike Philbin, and he’s gonna chew some butts at practice today. It may even be to the point where we see some different starters on the line and maybe, just maybe, on quarterback next week. Keep in mind he has largely inherited the team Philbin and Lazor built. So, I would expect to see some changes. I like the fact that he rested our big guns on defense to eliminate any chance of injury. But, again, Gase is another rookie coach for the Phins plus we have a very tough schedule this year. That being said, my expectations are not great. I agree that an extreme sense of urgency is needed but I don’t believe we need to panic.
    The real question seems to be- do you like hummus? Just kidding fellas.

  7. I don’t think Gase is “allowed” to make a QB change no matter how bad TanneBust stinks. The owner and GM feel they have too much invested in TanneBust to bench him. I think Gase would need their permission to bench him.

    I think Philbin wanted to bench him and wasn’t permitted also.
    Its a bad situation when you have to play the guy with the big contract even when he’s not the best at the position. Good teams rarely do that. If Pete Carroll were the coach, Tannehill would’ve been benched years ago big contract or not.

    1. I know what you mean. There seems to be some reluctance on behalf of management to bench Tannehill. Maybe they felt he hasn’t had proper protection over the years but this has to be his make or break season. The experiment can only last so long.

      1. Sure there is reluctance to bench him-it would be admitting to yet another major mistake by the WORST FRONT OFFICE in pro football of 1-drafting that clown and 2-keeping him the started for far too long. Hopefully this will be the last year for torturing fans.

        1. @karmatourer

          Exactly correct. And their refusal to admit their mistakes and move on keeps the team in the cellar and makes the fans suffer longer.

  8. After I saw the 2017 schedule posted months ago, I said 2-3 wins and #1 draft choice next season. Then in a moment of hilarity, I thought 4 wins and we’d screw it up like we did a few years ago during the “Suck for Luck” campaign. Now I’m back to 2-3 wins and possible top pick.

  9. Interesting how we all kinda agree about tannehill, but just at different degrees. Jay blames T and only T. Admin blames the line mostly. Other blame Gase for not having the balls to make changes. I am in the middle, not knowing who to scream at so I end up screaming at them all.

    1. Hey, I think their are other problems with the team( owner, GM, HC, TE, RB’s) but the QB is 80% of the problem and a franchise QB would immediately make the team a winner.

  10. Tunsil looked really bad to not only was he getting destroyed he always looked gassed, constantly had his hands on his hips. We really can’t say the oline is awful till we see a different quaterback in there. Tannehill makes the team worse. As bad as Brent grimes wife was her husband had to tell her he didn’t believe in tannehill for her to say the things she did and the oline prolly doesn’t either believe in him either. Run blocking was never a problem why is pass blocking always?

    1. You guys are nuttier than squirrel turds to be blaming anything about that preseason game on Tannehill.
      Does his play kill the offense’s momentum in games? Sure.
      Does he seem to play his worst when he needs to be at his best! Absolutely.
      Was there anything he could’ve done behind the Oline’s performance vs the Giants? Fuck no! He had just enough time to get rid of the ball. The fact that he didn’t take a sack or turn the ball over makes it a good performance by him.

  11. OK guys can we wait until the reg season before we start the witch hunt?

    1. Author

      The first team O was sooooo incredibly inept out there, I see little chance of getting it corrected. It just doesn’t happen. They ran 6 basic plays, and every single one was a failure. Not one time did those linemen blow away their opponent. In 3 weeks, are they going to miraculously get better? I don’t see that happening. I would love to be wrong.

  12. No why wait to get destroyed by the Seahawks n day 1

    1. Author

      That was pretty funny (and sad) stuff PhinsUp

    2. Philbin deserves a lot more credit than some give him. He KNEW TannePuke stunk and wanted to get rid of him.

      He also didn’t want Incognitabrain but was forced to have both players!

      He may have had a lot more success if he controlled personnel instead of Irescum and Ross.

      1. Author

        What a terrible inconvenience to be “forced” to keep an all pro guard on the team.

        1. A cancer that’s ruined every team he’s ever played on.

          1. Author

            Yes, because the Rams and Bills were both perennial world champions every single year. Then Richie showed up and ruined them.

            1. Got kicked off every team he’s ever been on. College and pros. A cancer as we all saw firsthand.

              There’s a reason he was sent to the Funny Farm!

            2. Clearly he didn’t help them…..or ANY other team.

              1. Author

                Jay, you can keep being wrong all you like, because don’t mind correcting you and teaching you. When a man becomes a Pro Bowl guard, I would say he DID help the team. You say he ruined all the teams he played on, but then I pointed out that he always played for crap teams. How can someone ruin a losing team?
                If he was a cancer, then at least one Dolphin would have said so. instead, all 52 Dolphins (minus your pal Johnny Martin) sided with Richie. We can go around and around about this again, but you’ll be wrong in the end.

                1. Simply not true. You are very delusional and wrong. I guess you think he was sent to the Funny Farm because he was such a great teammate? LOL @admin

                  Its no wonder you got kicked off the Dolphins blog!

                  1. Author

                    At least when Jay was pretending to be a reader named Mike, he tried to disguise his comments. Now he repeats the same old stuff as “Mike” did.
                    The genius of Jay: “Philbin deserves a lot more credit than some give him”

                    1. You’re a proven MORON with you posts.

  13. Author

    The genius of Jay: “Philbin deserves a lot more credit than some give him”

  14. If Philbin could’ve had his players he obviously would’ve done better. Heck, even a blind monkey throwing darts would’ve done far better than Irescum! LOL

    1. @Jay

      Where is philbin coaching?

      Oh….. I guess I pointed out were not the only ones who think he sucked as a head coach. Maybe you and Mike can start a pop Warner team and hire philbin to coach them…..

      1. Isnt Philbin with the Colts?

        Again, he wasn’t allowed his own players.

        I’m not a Philbin fan but I think you’ll find that he was far better than Gase.

  15. @jay

    Ya he’s the assistant OL coach and yes again just like in Green Bay he isn’t allowed to have any say in personnel. If we had put those same restraints on him we too would have been much better off.

    Didn’t he get the job because one of his friends is in the front office… I think ESPN made that point.

    There’s your guy…. Assist line coach!

    1. I knew he had a job.

      And he’s not “my guy’ but I did raise my opinion of him when we learned he wanted to replace TannePuke!!!

  16. @Jay

    You can’t claim that Philbin “….. isn’t my guy” after last year posting all over the form what a great coach Philbin was and how GB lost out when he left for the Dolphins

    Revisionist History?

    Your coach has a placeholding job until a college film anylest gets promoted and your QB is still sitting in a Backup roll keeping the bench warm because 31 other teams (8 who could use an upgrade at QB) decided he wasn’t starter caliber eaiter.

    You want to say idiotic things over and over at some point you need to lay in that bed my friend

    1. Never posted what a great coach Philbin was. Ya got the wrong guy, dude!!

  17. I may have said he did a good job with Farve and Rodgers….which he did.

  18. Nope thats not what you said as a matter of fact for two weeks I posted your comment after every comment you posted.

    You don’t remember that?

    It was actually worse then how I quoted it here. Ill go back and find the exact quote and link to it for you

    It was bad Jay and I let it go mostly because a lot of your posts are very valid and you have some good points of view whereas back then it was only “Tannahill sucks” (not that you have changed that but it was the ONLY thing you said basically until the “Philbin is a great coach” comment and then you insisted you were right!

    1. Go back and find it because I dont think Philbin was near a “great head coach” and certainly dont recall ever saying that. I may have said he did a great job with some QB’s in GB, but he was a below average HC IMO.

      When we learned he wanted to replace Tannehill my opinion of him was somewhat raised.

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