Dolphins sit by idly and tolerate the league’s unfairly tardy Dion Jordan Decision

As many of you know, the NFL has not officially determined if Dion Jordan is allowed to play this year.

While he was suspended for a year and served that year, apparently the NFL still has to clear him.    Like a prisoner who is sentenced to a year and then serves his year, the judge can then keep him and his family in suspense and may decide to change his mind.   Okay, that last part was sarcastic; it’s based on the absurdly inconsistent guidelines the NFL has toward punishments.

Dolphins need to know who will be carrying their pads around for them!

The thing that bothers me most is that the Dolphins don’t seem to care.   And they don’t seem to be getting any respect from the league.   Now this is conjecture, and I could be dead wrong here,  but when other teams await decisions, don’t those decisions tend to come in hours, not weeks?     Can you imagine Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft waiting patiently as the NFL takes its time deciding who is allowed to be on their roster.  No way.

It feels like Jones and Kraft have clout, where Stephen Ross doesn’t.  Ross is too busy building an awning when he should be building a football team.   He needs to be demanding answers, not working on soccer tournaments from NY City.

Again, I do not have these facts, but there is no indication that Ross is on the phone to Goodell, demanding an answer on Dion Jordan’s status.  Year in and year out, it seems the Dolphins roll over for whatever the league hands them.   Go play a home game in London.    Sit down and wait while we delay the Jordan decision.   Fire Richie Incognito.

I’m not a fan of Dion and he has done zero to win me over.  However, he deserves to know if he has a job, and the Dolphins deserve to know if they need to keep a roster spot open for him.

Enough already.   Test his pee, and let us know if he’s back or not so we can move on.

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  1. This guy was a top first round pick

    You can say he screwed up ya but his penalty is over as outlined by admin.

    He asked for reinstatement over two months ago I think and he has been tested EVERY WEEK of his suspension!

    Apperantly he has trained hard and is ready to roll according to his trainer who has credibility having worked with other NFL players and his agent.

    If all this is true the. What the hell is going on? Shouldn’t the league have some accountability on getting an answer out by Friday’s opening day?

    I heard it could be the end of next week before he’s reinstated or the league may choose to stay silent and not reinstate him at which point he and the Dolphins should sue the league because I doubt an explanation or compensation would be forthcoming.

  2. Sounds ok Brian but the guy is a bust without his PED’s and Ross just got a SB so he’s not suing the league over a player that doesn’t make a difference.

    1. In this case Jay I agree with you. Ross plays nice politics with the NFL. No way he does anything to piss off the league after eaking out a SB for Miami. No way. They will do as they please when its convenient for them. I do wonder how this fact trickles down into the rank and file of our team? Staff of all sorts cant get any team mentality when the owner sets a tone like this. Conversely Joe Robbie was all in for his creation, the Dolphins. Having an owner like that who’s cards down all in and fully invested in this idea would in my opinion create a more unified and identity driven organization from the ball boy to the HC. But whatever. This is what we get. Business tycoons using the Dolphins as a feather in their cap so they can say they belong to the billionaire boys club. And utilizing the Dolphins as a vehicle to drive their own interests which are apparently not at all aligned with the average fan’s. Screw you Ross and bring back the Original Uniforms you prick!

  3. @PhinsUp

    I agree with you 100% I just know what I would do and what Ross SHOULD do for the reasons you point out.

    It really is a potty that we have what we have maybe if Gase is the right hire and can really win and get the fans engaged again (dispit Ross) and actually make real money someone else might be inticed to buy it from Ross.

    I guess that’s the most I can hope for

  4. It is ridiculous the pats would have went to court over this but it’s finally over he’s been reinstated. I just want the kid to have a chance now it’s up to him. I still believe that he should be an OLB if he can shadow gronk he’d earn his keep…mix in the odd blitz and I think he could do some good things.

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