November 27 just became our most important game of the year

Mark your calendars for November 27.    That’s the date when ungrateful spoiled punk Colin Kaepernick comes to town.  I suggest us fans all give him a warm Miami welcome.

But  I hope the Dolphins defense welcomes him even more.

I think pounding his head into the turf a few times would be a warm welcome, don’t ya think?  That would definitely be worth a 15-yard penalty.  Or two.

And then, if he’s dumb enough to get back up, then we can see how strong his oppressed knees are.

Head or knees?

That being said, I doubt Kaepernick will be healthy come November 27.   Too many other teams (and his own teammates who now silently hate his guts) will have the chance first.   Some players may try to hide their cheap shots on Kaepernick.   Others will hit him blatantly without trying to hide it at all.   The refs may just look the other way on some of the shots too, and that will be a wonderful thing.

It’s not so much that Colin is a rich, spoiled punk.   It’s the hypocrisy involved.  Colin’s birth mom is white, and his dad his black.   But the father ditched out as soon as the mom was pregnant.  Such a class act must run in the family.

So all alone now, and wanting her baby to have a chance, the birth mother gave the baby up for adoption to a loving white couple.  So 3 out of the 4 parents of Kaepernick were loving and white, and one was a black man who bailed.  Which parent did Kaepernick identify with?  Which did he defend?  The folks who loved and nurtured him, or the one that wanted nothing to do with him?

I can’t believe this punk is spitting in the face of the 3 parents who loved and raised him, but that’s exactly what he did.

If he hates American oppression so much, why doesn’t he go play for NFL Europe?   Better yet, go play soccer.  Or anything.  Anything that will get him out of the country he hates so much.

What would keep such a nice young man living in a country that has abused him so awfully?   Why is he staying?  Ca-Ching!    He has 20 million reason a year to stay !




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  1. Haven’t you heard that America is the land of the perpetually offended? Unfortunately, not everyone is against him.

    I have lived outside the US over 8 years of my life and let me tell ya, we got it pretty good. Try sitting down during North Koreas national anthem and see what happens. Try protesting your “civil rights” in Iran and see what happens. Try killing a police officer and Cuba and see what happens. No America is no utopia, but if one cannot appreciate our freedoms with respect, then by all means, please leave. Please go somewhere where you won’t be a “victim.” Just my $0.02.


  3. Exactly what does the amount of money he makes have to do with standing up for what he believes is right? He’s black and rich in America so in your minds that means he’s not entitled to his opinion or allowed to voice any opinion that goes against whatever side of the fence you’re on. You’re even more ignorant than I thought. Did you even take the time to read why he did what he did or listen to the interview where he explains himself? Probably not. While I don’t necessarily agree with his method I can definitely sympathize with the issues he was addressing. Real life shit that extends beyond football and that is undoubtedly way more significant than sports. Stuff you might not be able to relate too because it may not affect your specific demographic but is a very serious issue to many that are affected by it. Such as racism and discrimination which exists despite your best attempts here to marginalize it. Back in his day the late great Muhammad Ali took a stand which he was vilified for by small-minded people such as yourself. However when he died recently he was honored as a great humanitarian and champion of human rights. All because he wouldn’t stand idly in the face of wrong despite the fact that the backlash could ruin his career. I can hardly believe you posted this bullshit in here. Is this still Dolphinstruth or are you changing it to Man screw you and Fox News.

    1. He, just as all Americans, are entitled to an opinion. I would offer up that most Americans would say that racism is alive and well in America. And he has a fundamental right to speak out against it. But why disrespect our flag? Why disrespect America when it is really the only symbol of what we have in common? The great Martin Luther King strived for unity among social classes. What Kaepernick did, to sit down during our American National Anthem, only creates further division among us as a nation.

      1. So poo poo on the “Liberty and Justice for all” proclamation in the pledge of allegiance that our court system seems to have a knack of turning a black eye to when it comes to cops shooting and killing unarmed blacks? Or just ignore it when you see cops who could care less about being beholden to their sworn constitutional duties to uphold and defend the constitution and respect, protect, and defend the citizens of the United States?

        Kaepernick is tired and fed up with what he’s witnessing and he’s using a big stage to protest it on and not picking up a gun and violently using it, and still he’s the bad guy?

        You Admin, had better hope that if some rouge cop shoots you dead because he just felt like doing it, that somebody stands up and protest it on your behalf.

        1. @Phil did the cops shoot the kids because they “felt like it” or because the kids were resisting, not obeying, etc.? I’m not taking sides here, but I don’t think it’s fair to say the cops were just walking down the street and “felt like” shooting innocent people.


    3. Author

      Gang, you’re a loyal reader and commenter and I support your rights. But, man, what’s with the Fox News accusations and so much anger?
      You’re acting like Dolphins Truth is the ONLY site/person who lost respect for Kaepernick. 99% of the blogs and writers out there are against the kid and what he’s doing. Is it his right? Yes. Can we comment on it? Yes.

  4. Couldn’t agree more dolphingang. It’s sad to see people getting so worked up over a man standing up for what he believes in. I don’t agree with his methods but it’s a free country and that is his right. Also I think it’s funny that since he’s rich he’s not allowed to complain about inequality cause it makes him a hypocrite. But if he was poor eveyone would just say he was making excuses and is bitter. Honestly I just think people don’t want to talk about inequality

  5. It’s also funny how all white people are acting like kapernick owes all his success to america. Even though he was the one who put in all the work to get where he is today. The guy was a 4.0 student in college and high school and would of made it in any field with his work ethic.

    1. Author

      Zach, he could have put in the same exact hard work if he grew up Croatia or Cameroon or Spain…and all that hard work would earn him a job worth around 4 grand a year. 4.0 Neurosurgeons in India earn $12K a year. So, yes, part of his success is that he is an American.
      He doesn’t owe ALL his success to America, but it certainly didn’t hurt him.

  6. Author

    He is indeed entitled to sit during the anthem, to speak his mind, to protest, and to do anything else he wants. No doubt about that.
    But we are entitled to critique his actions too. He is stupid for doing it this way. Does he think that policemen around the country will see him disrespect the flag like that and then say, “Well, I have to be a better officer because Colin won’t stand.”? It will not work. It makes the public hate him, rather than create any change. Protests like that never work.
    Dolphgang brought up Ali and the stance he took…that landed him in jail, cost him the world championship, and did nothing to end the war. It didn’t work.
    And yes, we read Colin’s reasons for his protest. He doesn’t like a few things about America, just like all of us don’t like a few things about America. There are better ways to show that dislike, however.

  7. Google search Kelly Thomas. Watch the video and then think to yourself is there a double standard?

  8. Agreed there are better ways to protest that’s why I said I don’t agree with his methods.

  9. Anyone that disrespects the US like that should be thrown out of the NFL ……….or EVERYONE will do it for whatever reason they so choose.

  10. The problems in this country with race are so misunderstood. People keep mistaking the symptoms as the problem. Blacks being arrested at a higher per capita by race is a symptom, but not the problem. Oddly enough, the Admin. touches on part of the real problem.

    Consider that 67% of African Americans grow up in single parent homes compared to 25% for whites. Then add in the hip hop culture that glorifies drugs, violence and disrespect of authority. So many black men are growing up in a system where they are taught a disregard for authority and then it leads them to do dumb shit. The solution seems simple. Get black fathers to raise their damn kids and stop listening to music that pollutes their minds! Then maybe people will stand for their flag and stop being shot by the Po Po…….which has its share of incompetent officers as well, to be fair.

  11. I don’t have to agree with Kapernick’s views, but I have to respect his rights to have whatever views he wants. Even if he is wrong, lol

  12. I may be late to the conversation but I have say a few things.

    When and how did this country kidnap the name America call it own their own? “America” is continent, not a country. This country is labeled the “United States of America.” I hate it when people say “this is America, if you don’t like it, then get out!” You mean, get out of the entire continent of both North and South America? Or do you just mean the “United States of America.” And how does sitting during the playing of the National Anthem for a sporting event equates to disrespecting the flag and this country? If you’re at the stadium when the anthem is played are you required to stand up, and if so, why? After paying all the money they require for a seat, shouldn’t I have the right to stand or sit during the National Anthem? If I sit, does it mean I’m unpatriotic, even after being born in this country and paying all the taxes the IRS said I owe for the previous year? How come it’s not unpatriotic or disrespecting this country and it’s flag if I’m sitting at home getting ready to watch a game on TV getting ready to start and the National Anthem is playing at that game and I don’t stand up? What about all the other games I’m going to watch on TV and you know they’re going to play the National Anthem and I agree with Kaepernick wholeheartedly and I don’t stand? You mean everyone who does that and agrees with Kaepernick is hating America and the flag for which it stands?

    I never understood or got the point of why the National Anthem is played at a sporting event anyway. We watch at a boxing match two combatants about to beat each others brains out but before they do it, “O’ say can you see, by the dawn’s early light….” What the fuck has that got to do with two people about to punch the shit out of each other? Or two teams about to dislocate each others body parts on the football field?

    People just ache’s my ass when I see them saying dumb ass shit like “So many black men are growing up in a system where they are taught a disregard for authority and then it leads them to do dumb shit.” This “ass wipe” is obviously another republican “shit for brains” who can answer all societal ills when it comes to racial disparity and other problems in this country with their simplistic bullshit logic. O’ I guess slamming to the ground and tasing a seventy something year old unarmed black woman by some white cop is justified because, oh well, you know, there’s “something in those darkies culture that warranted it.”

    It’s really baffling how some people say “Kaepernick has the right!” But when he participates in those rights you then hear “you got it pretty good here so shut up, try protesting your civil rights in Iran and see what happens, maybe whites should sit during the National Anthem to protest the killing of white cops, get black fathers to raise their damn kids and stop listening to music that pollutes their minds, etc, etc, etc……

    Yeah Kaepernick, you see, you have rights, but according to a lot of people in this country, you better practice them the way they deem appropriate. If not, you’re just an unpatriotic, USA hating, flag disrespecting scum bag who should be booted out of America.

    And if anyone of you want to attack me, bring it on, I was a soldier in the US Army for ten years, so try questioning any kind of patriotism of mine if you want because of what I wrote.

    1. Agreed. Boycott the NFL if they allow such disrespect for our country!!

      1. Yeah, boycott the NFL if they allow such disrespect for our country, while disrespecting their own season ticket holders by playing games in London and Mexico and are even talking about playing one in China in the near future.

        Yeah Jay, the NFL does have a lot of respect and concern for us fans here in the USA.

    2. @Phil, I think when we say “America” it’s simply a shorter version of saying The United States of America. No one is trying to disparage Bolivia or Uraguay when we say “America.”
      And yes, Kaepernick does have a right to hate America, and we a have right to hate him.

      1. What makes you think Kaepernick hates America? Oh, so when some wealthy prick puts his money in an offshore account to avoid paying taxes on it, he’s just some savvy businessman to be admired and respected because he shows his love for the USA by making his money over here, and putting it over there? Meanwhile Kaepernick just wants these killer cops in this country held accountable and prosecuted and he “hates America.”

        You should come to grips as to why you “hate” so much and stop trying to explain Kaepernick’s mindset.

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