Dolphins all set to take on the Ravens

Your Dolphins Truth staff has a family situation this weekend, and we will have limited time and ability to offer our insights into the Baltimore game.

One quick note is that Matt Schaubb will play for the Ravens at QB, and the Dolphins have never beaten him.  Let’s hope that changes.   He always was tremendously overrated in Houston, so we need to burst his bubble Sunday.

This is the first game to see how Tannehill does without Mike Sherman or Bill Lazor slowing him down.  If Tannehill truly does have a killer instinct and some swagger/confidence, then this will be his chance to show it.    In 4 years so far, he has never shown it.   Personally, I’d like to see him smack Jason Fox a few times…

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  1. Jason Fox should be released. Screw a smack.

  2. Wish you the best Admin!

    If I see a higher percentage of run plays I’ll be happy…the rest will follow.

  3. I think since idiot Ross can’t get help from the taxpayers with repairs on his stadium, he should call nickelodeon and we can get a new name for the team- THE MIAMI BUBBLE GUPPIES! They could have sponge bob for a coach & Patric for both coordinaters! We could get Pearl for cheerleading, Ross could set the stadium like a theme park. HE would make his money back PLUS. Sure can’t build (OR BUY) A Profesional Football Team!

    1. Ross spends the money-no question about that-but be puts 100% of his trust in Mike Tannebaum-this is a major mistake. What has he done for this franchise except draw a huge paycheck? NOTHING! Bad draft after bad draft. And we’re stuck with TanneBUST for 6 more years-he’s untradeable with that absurd contract.

      1. I forgot to mention bad trades and awful free agent signings. Carry on.

  4. Since its the holidays and all the Phins are going to gift the Ravens a free win. Seems they have been in a festive and generous mood all season. But lately December seems to really bring out the Dolphins holiday spirit. Happy Holidays Baltimore .

    1. @ Mike

      Dunno but we are in the running for the #1 draft pick..

      1. Not gonna happen. We’ll draft 10-15 as usual and screw it up -as uaual.

        1. Despite the easiest schedule I can remember they’ll still be picking in the top 5-6.

  5. Its probably too late for Matt Moore to salvage this season , so at this point they mine as well leave Tannepuke in there and try for the top draft pick. Tannepuke gives us the best chance at the top pick.

  6. To win or compete for a championship you either have to have an elite QB or a great defense with a power running game. The Dolphins have none of those…. nor a top HC

  7. We all need a laugh. This came to season ticket holders a few days before 1st game. Still makes me laugh (and cry)!
    This team needs to be blown up from to bottom,starting with Mike Tannenbaum and Dennis (I got a ) Hickey and anyone else involved in the piss poor drafts year after year. The coaching staff needs to go and literally,this roster has maybe ~12 players to keep if we start over.

    1. You have to be a sado-masochist to still be wasting money on this pathetic franchise. The worst “pro” team in Florida in any sport.

    2. Lol. Good one John. I remember that Playiff Ticket advertisement also

  8. FlyerFinFan
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    I think that they came out running to set the tone probably a little overkill but they had to show everyone that they mean business. As I’ve said before the run sets up everything else including the D allowing them to be rested. All of a sudden Tanny hits a deep ball..

    1. Tanny hits a deep ball?? Should we throw a parade?

      1. The point was it’s possible when the guy has time. The oline is so shitty that if you don’t remotely have the D believe it could be a run the QB has no chance. That’s why running the ball is key for this team. Either way no one on O played that well today but at least they didn’t lose the game.

  9. Miami is 10-0 when they run the ball 24+ times

  10. The D played a great game. Tannepuke and the O was pathetic again. Shocking! lol

  11. Nice td catch today from 1st-round bust, damaged goods Devante Parker.


    Actually Parker had a few nice catches today while sims and Jordan and Miller couldn’t catch anything. All had passes right on the hands that they simply dropped!

    Dallas Thomas had another steller performance today! If the Dolphins cut him today he wouldn’t even make the Browns practice squad!

    I’m very happy the young OC didn’t go “John Madden” and start getting pass happy. He just kept running the ball and out of some new shifts too. Also we only saw 5 wide a few times and they THREW out of it!

    Overall OK game would have like another TD but Baltimore was playing decent on the DL so I’ll take Tannehill only getting battered 15 times and a win with everyone else staying healthy.

  13. I’m glad that Devante is getting some quality reps. And Dallas Thomas would have been cut by now on 80% of the other teams in the league probably but oh well. The Dolphins coaches, according to our front office, can coach him up to be an effective player.

  14. The pats were rolling then injuries took out their oline and weapons on offense. They have one of the best QB’s yet are 0-2 since then. Is brady shit is it all his fault? This proves that it’s a team game coaches included all work together. I still think that they draft a QB to groom but you don’t release a guy that could still put it together when he gets more help.

  15. Tannehill is one of what 4 or 6 QB all time to have over 3k yards first 4 seasons

    I think the kid will be ok once he gets an Oline in front of him. Remember that stretch of six games his second year when the Oline was decent and he had time to sit in the pocket and actually go through his reads. The kid picked teams apart I think we won 4 of 6 during that streach which I would take any day.

    I think the protections today were much better then at anytime under Lazor. There were a few busted assignments on the Oline (by Thomas) and simis wiffed on a few pickups but all and all it was decent and on top of that Miller got it going and that took a lot of pressure off

    But all that started with coaching and I liked what I saw on game 1

  16. Sorry FlyerFinFan. You use common sense and exercise viewpoints that utilize too much understanding of the basic tenets of winning football. That won’t go over well here. And yes Brady ain’t s#/t behind a porous o-line and with a lack of options. Plus the Pats are down two elite line-backers on defense too. No amount of coaching or franchise quarterbacking can patch that many holes.

  17. As much as clueless mofo’s bash Tannehill the fact remains that he is still only a 4th-year qb that hasn’t turned the ball over anywhere near enough to be a liability in the win/loss column. Is he an elite qb? Hell no! But so what. There are only about four of those guys floating around the league and time and time again they end up getting outplayed and outmanned by some guy a the qb position that’s being propped up by a better supporting cast. Football is the ultimate sport and only fools and babies buy into the modern day false narrative of the “qb messiah” that can save your team. Show me an elite or Super Bowl winning qb and I’ll show you a top tier front office that has employed good coaching and features astute talent evaluation on draft day.

    1. The offense got how many yards in the second half? I really don’t get the love for a guy that really hasn’t done anything good. Look at the third down and fourth quarter numbers, those separate the good quaterbacks from the bad ones. Look I really wanted tanny to do good, but it looks bad and it’s getting worse. Add that to the comments that have been made about his leadership (yelling at practice squad players?!) and his in game attitude and u have a bad quarterback

  18. Dolphingang fools and babies do the same thing over and over again and expect something different. Tanny has a pro bowl center and a pro bowl left guard that’s more than most teams. If you actually watched the games u would know the dude has no pocket presence. How many times have u seen a blind side hit coming like 3 seconds before it happens yet someone tanny never sees that coming. Almost half the sacks this year are his fault! Go back and watch the tape and tell me I’m wrong, half might be an exaggeration but it’s a high percent

  19. @Zack

    Your wrong…

    A few of those up the middle are his fault but those are not 50% Most of the ones you see are coming left to right which was mostly when Albert was out or Sims forgets he has to block a corner blitz but that is Tannehills “Blind” side.

    They call it “Blind” for a reason.

    I know sitting on your couch you have no appreciation for that but a collapsing pocket is something most QB “feel” and they get out of it.

    Tannehill rarely has a pocket! It’s usually just free runners who sims or turner or fox let run right by that put the pressure on.

    That is far different then the pocket collapsing

    When those guys are running at you full speed (meaning your line didn’t block them at all) your screwed and guess what

    as much as most of you want it to be that isn’t the QB’s fault

  20. Thanks Brian M.! Tanny does hold the ball too long at times fails to sense the pressure coming. However you are absolutely correct on the excessive amount of whiffed blocks he is a victim of via guys like Dallas Thomas and Jason Fox. And while Fox is just a fill in Thomas has been getting extensive playing time for the past few seasons despite the fact that he has consistently being ranked as one of the worst performing guards in the league. And while you talk about 4th quarter performance you must factor in the fact that most the good teams are good in the 4th quarter because they can salt away leads with a power running attack and protect the qb when they need too. If you can’t protect your qb in obvious passing situations or run the ball when teams expect you to then your team and qb won’t have good 4th quarter numbers. It’s also compounded by incompetent coaching and situational game management in those situations. Now has this team been able to support it’s qb in any of these areas during his tenure here?

  21. U guys are blind there are so many quaterbacks across the league that get out of blind side situations. And shut up with this couch shit I’m 21 and played ball most of my life so I know the game. Derrick carr, Phillip rivers, Brock oswiler, Andrew luck, Alex smith, tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tom Brady, Andy dalton and Big Ben are all better and always will be better than tanny. Maroita looks like he will be better to. So your ok with one of the worst quaterbacks in our own conference? The stats don’t lie, say all you want about the line and blah blah blah but what’s the third down percentage? The schedule this year was made for Miami to finally do something and ownership knew that so they went all in, and tanny failed. 5-7 bad enough to make the playoffs but dumb enough not to get a high draft pick. That’s the dolphin way

  22. And the team has tried they drafted multiple linemen, brought in a high priced left tackle, retooled his wide receiving core twice (first bringing in Wallace, then switching everything up) drafted a solid running back, fired all the coaches twice! I mean eventually u gotta blame the quarterback. For me if tannehill actually acted like a leader I would try to look past this awful season, but some of the stories raft come out make him seem like an asshole. It’s hard to play 100% for an asshole, I could be wrong I’m not in the locker room. Look I’ve been a fins can all my life I just wanna see the team do good for once, Idc if we have to bottom out for a year to do it, anything is better than 7-9, 8-8

  23. Yes they drafted multiple lineman. Now let’s take a look at that. Jonathan Martin is out of the league, Dallas Thomas is a turnstile, Jamil Douglas is not yet ready to contribute, and Juwuan James and Billy Turner are the only ones that actually look like solid picks. Albert was a needed free agent signing but has spent half his time in Miami on IR. James is currently hurt also which leaves another turnstile, Jason Fox, starting on the o-line. Where’s the depth? Coaching, if you can call it that, has been bad since well before the Tannehill era. Before Philbin was hired Sporano got fired, before him Cameron got fired, and Saban just up and quit. Do I even need mention Dave Wannstedt? But I’ll stick to Philbin since he actually has coached since Tannehill has been the qb. He was supposed to be this offensive guru that groomed Aaron Rodgers but for some reason or another that offensive expertise never transfered to Miami. And say what you want about the takent drop-off from Tannehill to Rodgers but the defense in Miami wasn’t good under Philbin’s tenure either. Miami was at least a solid defensive team before Philbin and Coyle got their hands on it. Somehow the defense got worse every year under their watch. As far as being a bad third down team there’s more that goes into that than just your qb play. When a lot of your third downs are 3rd and longs due to the fact that the team is backed up because Dallas Thomas, Jason Fox, or Jordan Cameron have either committed a hold, false start, or illegal shift then it’s a lot tougher to convert. Especially with an o-line that can’t protect in obvious passing situations. Play-calling and a reluctance to let your qb audible has a lot to do with it also. Ask yourself these questions. If you replace the qb does that make Dallas Thomas or Jason Fox better players? And remember they whiff blocks in the run game too. If you replace the qb does that make the line-backers cover better in space? They consistently get washed out in the run game, miss tackles, are slow diagnosing plays, and can’t cover backs or tight ends to save their life. Look at those stats and tell me why average tight ends have a field day against this defense and why we can never cover backs that thrive as receivers out of the backfield. If you replace the qb does that make any corner not named Grimes better or good enough to at least be average? The problem with Miami starts and finishes with Stephen Ross. When he gets his act together and finds adequate coaching that can employ effective schemes and upgrades key positions on defense and on the o-line this team will reach it’s potential. Only then.

  24. There’s nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a franchise QB wouldn’t fix.

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