Roster Moves Continue as CJ Mosely is Cut

In addition to the Dolphins re-signing backup center Jacques McClendon, the team has also cut defensive tackle CJ Mosely.

Of course, these would both be non-issues if we would have kept loyal Jared Odrick or Samson Satele.    Still waiting for someone inside the Dolphins organization to explain why neither one of those guys was re-signed.   Neither asked for a raise, and both performed well last season.

Ahhh, who needs help in the trenches when we can waste a draft pick on DeVante Parker instead, right?

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  1. Absolutely! Satele has been the model employee for the Dolphins only to get stabbed in the back not once but twice!

    Undersized but a really good center. If I remember right we rush the ball more effectively with him playing as well.

  2. Odrick got into multiple heated arguments with coaches and wasn’t that great to overlook it.

  3. Odrick got 8mil a year from Jacksonville. So your comment about he didn’t want a raise is totally unfounded.

    1. Author

      He got in Philbin’s face, which is something Ross never once did. We needed the fire that Odrick brought. Not an All Pro, but servicable at least.

    2. Author

      Odrick got that money from Jacksonville, yes, but only because Miami made him no offer. It’s not like the Dolphins offered him 7.999 million and the Jags offered 8. We offered zero.

  4. After letting Hartline, Gibson, Wallace, and Clay leave, receiver was definitely the biggest need… but Parker is damaged goods.

    1. Jay, as some other reader pointed out last time you said the same crap a few weeks ago…Hartline Gibson Wallace and Clay were all replaced BEFORE the draft (by Stills, Jennings, Matthews/Hazel, and Jordan Cameron). Next?

      1. All those guys are scrubs compared to Wallace, Clay, and Hartline. They aren’t replacements.

  5. A new OC will not fix poor execution from the players. Lazor should have been fired when Dan took over. Its to late in the season to change the system. Our players are not winning one on one, mainly O line. A new OC calling more run plays might help if we get James back and Fox out. Gotta do whatever it takes to run the ball. Put THill under center instead of picking up the ball off the ground give it to Ajay with Suh lead blocking. Better yet give the ball to Suh and tell him to step on some heads.

    1. Author

      Kel, very true. My main issue with Lazor was that he never mixed anything up, and the opposing defenses read it so easily. Tom Brady passes 95% of the time, and they win constantly. You can win without a rushing game. Minnesota hands off to Adrian Peterson 95% of the time and they win games without a strong passing attack. You CAN be a one-sided offense and still win. So I don’t mind if Lazor wants to pass pass pass. BUT….leave in some extra blockers, change the formation, put T-hill under center, and roll him out.

      1. Admin honestly u always drop this bull about tom Brady. Ever year the pats won it all they had a stable of running backs that almost always got 100 yards a game. I mean you can never watch the games and just play fantasy football and know this. No one in the league will or ever passes it 95% of the time in every game. Sure some games Brady throws it 50 times but that’s when the matchup calls for that. They can easily pound a team to death with the running game, as they can kill you through the air.

        1. Author

          Well, the 95% number I cited is probably an exaggeration.
          By the way, in the last Super Bowl, the leading Patriot runner only got 40 yards. They only tried running a few times, and their longest rush of the day was only 9 yards.
          In Super Bowl 39, Kevin Faulk got 38 yards.
          Seriously, Zach, you may be the only man on the face of the earth who attributes New England’s mighty offense to a running back.

  6. I think you have to go BPA in the first round and the top corner went before them. No one knew if Mathews would take the next step and all the top OL went. So Parker wasn’t a horrible pick especially if moving forward he’s a stud WR which we’ve been missing in Miami. I don’t think that anyone expected him to relapse he was fine in training camp…something to chew on.

    Where I was upset is when they didn’t draft a MLB or OG in the 2nd round. They were there and there was a need. Even a CB would have been better in hindsight. I also would have taken Collins and paid him like a 1st with incentives or something. I also would have taken another OT to add to the depth.

    This year hopefully they find a stud CB in the first or LB or OG. Go with the best and in the second round do the same. Also take a developmental QB later on.

    1. Author

      We could have had cornerback Marcus Peters in the first round. We needed a corner, and this kid was great. He already has 4 interceptions as a rookie. He has more interceptions in a few games than Jamar Taylor, Bobby McCain, Will Davis and others have in their entire careers.
      It all comes down to scouting. There will be busts, and we know this well. However, there SHOULD be a diamond in the rough now and then. But we never seem to find them. We don’t get lucky, and we sort of create our own bad luck each draft.

    2. @FlyerFinFan

      They have to go QB in the 1st rd unless they’re TOTALLY clueless…..which certainly is a possibility!

      1. Author

        Jay, last time we took a QB in the first round, you didn’t like the result!
        “Clueless” might be an exaggerration, but certainly the final decision makers each year at the Dolphins drafts are not doing us any favors.

        1. @Admin

          No the result was bad but you have to keep trying until you get it right. A franchise QB is the biggest key to long term success. I know some might disagree but I think they should draft a QB every year in the 1-3 rds until they get a top one and they get it unarguably right.

          1. Author

            Okay, I see your point. Although for many years we kept trying and drafted a new round-2 QB every year. John Beck, Pat White, Chad Henne… One of these days it will work out.

            1. @Admin

              Yeah, they have to keep trying. If they happen to end up with 2 good ones they can always trade one. They cant give up because they drafted bad ones and they should never settle for a guy that MIGHT someday develop into average. That’s my opinion.

              1. Quarterbacks usually don’t kill it right away. Rodgers sat and developed so did Brady, and a lot of those quarterbacks you had instant success are struggling now (luck looks just as bad as tanny this year) with Russell Wilson being the exception. You have to give a QB at least 3 years to prove themselves.

                1. Luck was injured this year.

                  In year one he transformed a 1-15 team into the playoffs…. and has taken his team into the playoffs every year.

                2. Simply not true. John Beck, Pat White, Chad Henne, and Ryan Tannepuke all stunk as rookies and never improved.

                  1. Author

                    LOL… Pat White. I’m too lazy to look up his stats, but he either has ONE or else ZERO official pass attempts. He got hurt the first time we needed him.
                    Thanks, Bill Parcells!

    3. Or sign Evan Mathis! Not having a great year but still better than 3 or 4 of our OL,depending if Albert isn’t injured (again).

      1. Everyone here needs a laugh. I received this in an e-mail from Dolphins to season ticket holders a few days prior to 1st game. It still makes me laugh (and cry).

  7. Not just QB but also CB and LB

    This is what good teams like NE and NO do and then when they have guys with value they can play them or trade them for draft picks.

    I have no issue with a wasted draft pick chasing a franchise QB! Much Much better then all the wasted draft picks miami has thrown around on recivers and punt returners!

  8. Parker actually had a touchdown on some nifty moves this past week. Of all the first round receivers drafted the only one to make real waves has been Amari Cooper. Kevin White has been hurt and Phillip Dorsett barely cracked the starting rotation even when Luck was playing. The Jordan Phillips pick should have easily been an offensive lineman or corner. That’s why it baffled me the most. If you are going to draft Phillips in the 2nd round then at least ship Mitchell or someone in a trade so that you can fill a need position with the roster spot it would create. Instead Phillips has seen limited snaps playing behind the ineffective Mitchell who will more than likely be a cap casualty in the offseason. The fact that they didn’t draft for need in the 2nd is especially baffling considering that we didn’t have a 3rd round pick in this past draft. If this is basic common sense to us then why can’t guys who have been doing this for years and get paid to do it figure it out. I remember reading about Hickey wanting to draft for need in the 2nd but Tannebaum being the one who suggested that we stick to the draft board. Well we see how that turned out. Hopefully they’ll learn from the error of their ways. This defense needs to new starting linebackers, and another starting corner at the minimum for next season. And you can expect more dead money on the books as Brice McCain, Greg Jennings, Brent Grimes and Earl Mitchell will probably be cap casualties as they should. Maybe Misi as well. Hopefully they can restructure Grimes though.

    1. Tannehill should give back the money he is stealing from the team so they can use it elsewhere.

  9. If we draft top ten we should trade back for an extra pick in the second. Draft Jaylon Smith, Reggie Ragland, and a corner in the first couple of rounds then get an offensive lineman in the 3rd or 4th.

  10. Jay if you went QB in the first last year they would have the Johnny football problem so that’s better? Sometimes you can’t force it I agree Peters may have been wiser but that’s in hindsight Parker slid to the Fins let’s hope moving forward he’s a stud.

    As I’ve said before definitely draft a developmental QB but don’t reach…

    As I’ve

    1. Jameis Winston and Mariotta went last year. Manziel the year before and he has a lot more upside than Tannepuke.

  11. I’ m a young guy but I think I know a bit about football so here are my thoughts.

    RT had the worst year of his career and is not worthy of his big extension he got. I know there’s been bad play calling and a terrible O line but he’s definitely regressed. With that said and the fact there aren’t too many options coming from college he is the future.

    Running backs have been great this year when they get the ball which is a rare occasion. Lamar Miller played well not only running the ball but he is a great out of the backfield

    WRs have done pretty well for themselves considering the QB play has been horrendous.

    O- Line is only good when they are all healthy. For some reason Jason Fox is our #1 backup and he is horrendous.

    Overall offense has been hurt by terrible playcalling. When you have a bad o pass blocking o line you play to that strength which is the opposite of what we did. If you have a mobile QB you move him around which we don’t do. When you have great RB you give them the ball.

    D-line has been terrible since we lost Wake. Suh has been Terrible and isn’t worth that money. He’s gotten better in recent weeks but he hasn’t been good enough.

    LBs have been terrible through and through. They can’t make a play even if they are paid to …. Because they are paid to make plays. The back up line backers are better than our starters.

    Secondary were our weakness going into this season and its definitely showed. Brent Grimes has struggled this season Brice McCain has been hurt 3/4 of this year and Jamar Taylor is …. Reshad Jones is the only one playing at a pro bowl level in the entire team.

    Special teams has been bad to especially the return game. Our rookie Kicker and Punter have done pretty well.

    Again these are my thoughts let me know how you guys feel about them.

  12. @ Axel. I agree with mostly everything you said except for the Suh comment. Suh has been doubled and triple-teamed constantly and still has a couple of games with multiple tackles and several of those tackles have been behind the line of scrimmage. His effect hasn’t been what it should because the linebackers behind him that aren’t getting blocked aren’t filling the run lanes and Earl Mitchell can’t beat any one on ones. He has done his job and actually was the reason we were even I the Philly game to pull it off late. He totally demoralized their o-line and dominated the point of attack. It’s just one game but they only play sixteen in the regular season. One game can be the swing between home and the play-offs easily. That’s why to me he’s worth whatever because you can’t quantify his impact. This teams needs two need linebackers that can cover tight ends and diagnose the run quickly before Suh’s impact will be maximized. How many times do you see Misi or Shepherd make a play in the backfield? I can count them on one hand. Now how many times have we seen them miss sure tackles this season? Personally I couldn’t count their missed tackles on all my fingers and toes combined. Plus Misi is hurt every year. Look at that Carolina defense. Kuechly and Thomas Davis set the tone.

  13. @ Zach

    Brady didn’t start year one but was excellent the minute he started. Rodgers also was excellent as soon as he played. Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and Big Ben were all great in their rookie years.

  14. Not sure if you guys have noticed or see a problem with this….. why is AARP all over the press conference backdrop and patched on to players’ practice jerseys? It just seems wrong. Talk about an image problem!

  15. Zach, the Pats have no running attack and no OL. 2 backup rookies starting on the OL due to injuries. Admin is right on this one. Brady won a SB with no RB’s

  16. The Pats have a HOF coach. Kinda like when the Dolphins had Shula in his heyday. Great coaching always makes the difference.

  17. And Brady also lost two Super Bowls with no every down runningback and should have lost a third.

  18. @Admin. and Marcus Peters reportedly clashed with coaches at Washington so he wasn’t going to be drafted by any team with Joe “I hate any player with a pair of cajones” Philbin coaching it so drafting him was never an option. He was actually the #1 number corner prospect but dropped out of the top ten because of his supposed issues.

  19. Jay the Browns have drafted a QB in the first round for how many years and look where that’s got them…lots of wasted picks. Unless it’s a sure thing I take a shot later on so you don’t completely waste your drafts. You can win with average QB’s it’s been done before and will happen again. So may as well build a solid team as QB’s are a crap shoot as we can see.

    1. Yes, you can win with an average QB but its very rare. You basically need 21 great players around him to win a championship and that’s a lot harder to get than one top QB.

      If you look at the last 20 SB winners 90% had franchise QB’s

      And QB is only a crapshoot for the bad GM’s. Top football guys can obtain top QB’s. Shula got 3 HOF QB’s and that was no crapshoot.

  20. QB is huge no doubt but it’s simply not as easy as you are making out. Even sure things like luck and rg3 are having problems. Brees was cut and found his way later. I think because Tanny was behind in the curve he may still pick this all up so why just dump him now? Give him the tools and then you’ll find out what you have in the meantime groom a guy like Osweiler as a backup plan.

    1. The only problem Luck is having is an injury.

      Tannepuke has had all the tools and still stinks. Wallace, Clay, Landry, Hartline, and Miller was a very good bunch.

      Getting one good QB is a lot easier than getting 21 good pieces.

      1. So what about the rest of them kapp, weeden, manziel, on and on. Tanny has never had an oline even an average one. For a developing QB that’s tough. You have to admit that or you are irrational. Build the line and draft plan B in the meantime. Worst case you end up with two decent QB’s…

  21. I think since idiot Ross can’t get help from the taxpayers with repairs on his stadium, he should call nickelodeon and we can get a new name for the team- THE MIAMI BUBBLE GUPPIES! They could have sponge bob for a coach & Patric for both coordinaters! We could get Pearl for cheerleading, Ross could set the stadium like a theme park. HE would make his money back PLUS. Sure can’t build (OR BUY) A Profesional Football Team!

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