Dolphins and Colts set for Battle

Sadly, no one cares.

The Colts play in the easiest division in the history of sports, and they STILL can’t win it.  LMAO.  The Colts are all set to lose the division to a team who got destroyed by the lowly Dolphins (Houston).  The fans, the media, and even the NFL itself has given up on the Colts.

As for the Dolphins, everyone gave up weeks ago.   This is a meaningless game in a meaningless year for both teams.   Sad sad sad.

So the possibility of a Patriot-Panther Super Bowl is very real, and it’s causing some division among Dolphin fans about who to root for.  On one hand, you having the lying, cheating Patriots, and all they stand for.  Their owner says he will not question whatever penalty the NFL hands them for Deflategate, and then as soon as Tom Brady is suspended, the same owner whines and cries  to the courts.  Fight the penalty or accept it.  Be a man!   But do NOT say that you will accept it and then later fight it.  And don’t draft thuggish murderers either.

Lamar Miller and his huge yards-per-carry average doesn’t get to play in the games in the second half thanks to Dan Campbell’s logic.

On the other hand, the Panthers will be 18-0 entering the Super Bowl (let’s hope I’m wrong, and then this point is moot). Dolphin fans enjoy being the only undefeated team in history, and we don’t want Ted Ginn Jr. to be among those who take us off of that mountain.  We really all have to pray and pray that both the Pats and the Panthers get knocked off.

We studied several articles this week about Lamar Miller, showing Miller’s own dissatisfaction with his low amount of carries.  I used to blame Clueless Joe Philbin exclusively for the Dolphins poor offensive playcalling, but I see now it goes far beyond him.  Mike Sherman, Dan Campbell, Mike Sherman’s son-in-law, Bill Lazor.  They all suck.   This is really the best case for decimating the coaching staff in 2 weeks and starting anew.

The ENTIRE stench of Philbin and ALL his coaches need to go.

Miller can be a stud, but he gets so few chances.  It is ludicrous that our coaches say “We can’t run the ball when we’re losing,” but that’s about all we ever hear when they’re asked about why Miller routinely gets benched in the second half.  He gains like 87 yards in the first half, but then ends up with only 90 yards total.   You can do the math.

The coaching staff refuses to compensate for a shitty offensive line.  Hell, they don’t even admit we have a shitty offensive line.  Lazor and Zac Taylor still employ the 4-and-5 wideout formations.  As we’ve seen ALL YEAR LONG, those do not work for us.  Defenses don’t respect our receivers, and they blitz everyone.  The opponent gets sacks and broken plays far more often than we burn them for TDs.

If Miller is unproductive in the first half, then I would agree to abandon the run.  But when he’s lighting up opposing defenses for 7, 8, 9 yards at a time, then why on earth stop doing that?

Why stop running a play that works?  It’s an insanely baffling question, yet Dolphin coaches (any of them) have the same answer, time after time after time:  “Well, given the situation, we felt that passing gave us the best chance to win.”

Really?   You have the choice of gaining 9 yards on the ground, or getting Tannehill sacked for Minus-9 yards.   Which would YOU select?

Sorry, Dan Campbell.   We gave you our support and a fair chance.  But your brainless decisions prove that you’re not ready for this.   Just ask Lamar Miller.

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  1. How many,hits,hurries and sacks will the turnstiles allow tomorrow? If Pouncy and Mrs Albert are limited,it may get uglier than usual.

  2. Hey, I’d take Robert Kraft (or any owner for that matter) over clueless Ross 7 days a week.

    And its not a meaningless game, we can still get the top draft pick.

  3. How many INT’s, safeties, fumbles, and sacks will Tannepuke give up tomorrow?

    1. Don’t think there will be int or fumbles, just 3rd and long throws of 6 yards and punt all day. Oh and my money is on 24-10 Colts

  4. This game should be an easy “W” for the phins, but I predict the Colts 3rd string quarterback will have a career night and we lose 27-3.

    1. Hey, if we couldn’t beat the Jaquars no game is an easy “W” for these scrubs.

  5. Just watching Washington and Philly and noting how much improved Washington is since the start of the season. Yhe Fins and Wahington were pretty evenly matched at the beginning of the season. Only difference is their staff developed their players and ours got worse.

  6. So I guess winning one division game is out of the question.

    If the Bills didn’t play us they’d be 4-8 lol.

    1. Hell,every division team would have 2 fewer wins! LOL!

      1. The Pats are the Pats but the Fins are the Patsies!

  7. 4 turnstiles & Mrs. Albert today-should be interesting. This could be the day the Dolts take us out of our TanneBUST misery.

  8. So we have four turnstiles in but this is already Tannys fault? They won’t run Miller but it’s Tannys fault? Do you guys actually think about what you write? Hilarious…I fully agree with admin on this.

    1. Yup, its all the fired coaches, the D, the wind, the WR’s, the OL, the RB’s, the refs, and El Nino’s fault. What’s hilarious is the 4 years and the 1001 excuses for Tannebum .

    2. Too bad you’re slow,being a Flyers fan like myself. Nobody said it was Trannys fault,thought it often is. I’ll type slower next time.

  9. “I’d like to be judged on wins,” Tannehill said. “That’s ultimately why you play the game. I don’t play the game for passing yards or touchdowns. You play the game for wins and championships. . But as long as you get the wins, that’s what you’re out there to do.”

    1. Sorry Ryan but some of the football idiots on this sight(and others) are not going to judge you how you want ( 5 wins) or how you think.
      They are going to judge you on some wild baseless illusions they’ve conjured up in their minds.

  10. Defense is struggling like usually, offense has no consistency

  11. Frank gore is having the best game he’s had since he played for the 49ers but u already know eveyone on here will bash tannehill

  12. Watching this pitiful ending on snail stats was probably just as bad as the real thing. I think Campbell is in real jeopardy now. 5-11 here we come

    1. Campbell was gone weeks ago. He should’ve never been named interim HC. Ross is lost in space.

  13. Tannepuke gave up a record 5 safeties this season. LMAO!

    And when your stinkin QB only puts up 12 pts YOU LOSE!

  14. Jay

    December 26, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    “How many INT’s, safeties, fumbles, and sacks will Tannepuke give up tomorrow?”

    EIGHT!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!!

    1. He is as awful as I expected him to be, being as how they drafted a wide out and asked him to play quarterback, the most important position on the field. What did he have, 8 or 9 starts TOTAL under his belt, at the position in college?? And the Dolphins used their #1 pick on him. Few years later and we clearly see.
      The team is truly the epitome of stupid.

  15. Give Tannepuke a raise LOL. What a pathetic QB and what a pathetic franchise.

    1. Author

      How does he NOT see those sacks coming? None of them are from his BLIND side.

  16. Tannehill should give back the money he is stealing from the Dolphins. Its highway robbery.

    1. Everyone involved with that contract should be fired.
      Same for Suh.

      1. At least Suh is a good player. Tannehill is F’N pathetic.

        1. Suh is a good player, but as you clearly saw not much of an overall impact. You do not give that kind of money, on a team like the dolphins, to one player.

  17. Maybe they can draft high enough to get a decent QB now.

  18. Penalties and giving up 3rd and long killed us. T-Hill didn’t play that bad. He got hit on the arm when he threw the Int.
    The last sack was because none of the line but the center moved. OL is so bad at pass protection, D gives up big plays. Same shit all year.

    1. Tannehill appears to be incapable of learning.

      Somewhere there is a blockage.

    2. The ‘Bust completes 1 long pass and Parker HAS TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP to catch it. Yeah,he’s worth about $19.95 of that $95 million. I thought potential draftees were tested for tunnel vision during the Combine-guess not. He can’t see shit until it’s on him. Former Canes,former Dolphins and T Y Hilton from Miami Springs HS beat us. A team with a 2nd & 3rd string QB,on the road,with little to play for beat us.

  19. I think T-Hill is a smart kid but has no direction from stupid coaches. I bet he would be better off in a different system. He might even be better than average with a good HC and OC

    1. He is under very poor coaching, no doubt. Has been from the start. But, he clearly is incapable of learning. This is overly evident.

  20. Once again Tannys contract means nothing multiple articles have been written and posted to this site by me and others showing how his contract is more of a year by year evaluation than a long term contract but keep complaining about it!

    1. I keep complaining about b/c this front office seems to think he a long-term solution at QB. They are stupid 1-to pay him that amount and 2-to think he’s the soltion. A new coach with half a brain miht realize he’s not but we won’t get a quality coach for 3 reasons 1-Ross and 2-Tannenbaum and 3-a good coach wants control over who he has to coach. And I will keep complaining about because I pay these hosebags salary with my season tickets.

      1. So you think it’s dumb to sign a QB enter his 4th year to a year by year evaluation contract well under the average QB contract. Especially when that QB has a almost .500 record and had showed signs of getting better before this year. Then I just don’t know what to say to you. Honestly that contract is the only good move from the entire offseason

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