Loss to the crappy Colts and their 3rd-string journeyman QB shows just how awful the Dolphins are

The Dolphin coaches blew this game.  Namely Mike Sherman’s son-in-law once again.

Yes, I know some of my readers will blame Tannehill and others will blame our D.

And by the way, if you’re going to blame the D, then start with overrated Reshad Jones missing an easy interception on the first pass of the game, and then getting plowed over embarrassingly by Frank Gore on Gore’s first TD run.  Combine that with Jones’s game-changing fumble last week and you see what the Pro Bowl voters saw.

But enough of that.  Zac Taylor and his ridiculous obsession with 4 and 5-wideout formations doomed us once again.

Folks, this is not rocket science.  This is not brain surgery.   When we stack our own offensive line, we run the ball well.   When we keep guys in for maximum protection packages, then Tannehill succeeds.  When we try Zac Taylor’s wide formations, we lose. Those are simple facts.  Proven over and over and over.

This is the latest woman to embarrass the Dolphins. Charlie Whitehurst.

Even today’s d-list of announcing squads (Dick Stockton and Dave Diehl) pointed it out.

So when we use the max protection formation and it gains us 15, 20, 30 yards…what should we do?   CALL THE SAME PLAY AGAIN.  It’s not complex.  It’s not illegal.  It’s smart.   So then why don’t we do it?  Because the Dolphins coach from within a culture of ignorance.

The entire Dolphins coaching staff seems to feel that if a play works, then the opponent will instantly be able to stop it next time, so we better not try it again.  It is a ludicrous assumption that will cost us 11 losses this year.

Philbin started it.  Campbell fostered it.  Zac Taylor perfected it.  The 5-wide formation simply does not work and has never worked for us, but rather than tamper with failure, we continue the failure.

It is baffling how these men have jobs, it really is.

On the safety, that Colt lineman started opposite Dallas Thomas.   He ran all the way around to the other side, ran around Jason Fox, and then ran right at Tannehill.    This is a 370-lb fat slowpoke who took a long, circuitous route to Tannehill.  It LOOKED like he got there in a hurry, but you have to examine the path he took to get there.

Still, Tannehill had to see that fatass a mile away and get rid of the ball.  He has to throw the ball away on the next drive instead of throwing it right to Vontae Davis.  Tannehill did an awful job of escaping pressure and an even worse job of throwing the ball away to minimize the pressure.

But when the pressure is there almost every down, the mistakes are gonna happen.   The last sack of the game was a laughable example of what happens when Zac Taylor tries his 5-wide formation.   The Colts ONLY rushed 3 men, yet ALL THREE of them had a hand in the sack. And Tannehill seemed to have no clue that the game was over, or he woulda heaved up the ball instead of taking that sack.

Our lineman stood around.

First and goal.  The win only five yards away.  Zac Taylor tried fade routes.   LMAO.   I guess Zac forgot that Lamar Miller was on the team.  I guess Zac forgot to roll Tannehill out.  I guess “leader” Dan Campbell forgot to remind Zac of these things.

Early on after the safety, Fox cameras showed Darren Rizzi screaming at the refs because allegedly he wanted a timeout.  Why wasn’t the head coach screaming?

Later this afternoon, Bill Belichick wanted a timeout.  He ran his fat ass onto the field and called it.  Where were Rizzi/Campbell when they wanted the timeout?

My point is that if you want a timeout, you do whatever it takes to call it.  Don’t sit back, give up two points, punt the ball away on the free kick, and THEN whine about it.   Rizzi is such an overrated useless coach.

The pass interference call on Jarvis Landry was easily the worst call I’ve seen in years.   But still, Dan Campbell can’t kick field goals when we’re so deep.  Again, the announcers said it too.   We are a last place team without nothing to lose.  Yet Campbell wouldn’t go for it on 4th-and-one while deep in Colt territory.  TWICE.   It just proves that Campbell does not have what it takes to be a coach.  And his assistants have never had it.

On third downs, we consistently go to useless Damien Williams.  We also let useless Damien return kickoffs.  The Dolphins continue to be the ONLY team in the league who bench their best players on the important plays and instead put in scrubs who have done NOTHING their whole careers.  What has Damien Williams ever done to deserve so much playing time?  Again, this falls on out coaching staff.

Pretty Boy Charlie Whitehurst beat us today, a week after 4 ft 7 Danny Whitehead did so last week.  These are not the Black Curtain we’re going up against, folks.   These are the NFL’s cellar dwellers.

And if these shitty teams are in the cellar, where does that place us?  In the grave.

Speaking of graves, Mercury Morris and the boys can finally open up that bottle…


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  1. That sack on the final play really summed up the entire season. A game winning drive would have saved some dignity and honor to a very forgettable season. But to lose by a sack, with the lineman giving deer-in-the-headlight stares at each other, is simply despicable. This team is worse, by far, than the 1-15 Dolphins.

    1. I can only guess that our backup center snapped it early, since none of the other linemen moved at all.
      Despite that, Tannehill did his standard 7-step dropback instead of rolling out, so it was a doomed play anyway. T-hill rolls out, good things happen. T-hil drops back, we lose games. The entire football world sees it except Dolphins linemen and coaches.

  2. I say put in Matt Moore next week. We’ve got nothing to lose

  3. As much as I want a CB or LB the Fins may have to use the first three rounds on the oline…its just sick.

  4. I do acknowledge that Tanny has 0 pocket presence but when you have pass rushers coming from every angle it can be a little unnerving. At least the guy gets back up some guys may have quit already.

    Admin is also correct the play calling is somewhat better but then they go into the 4/5 WR sets and screws everything up. With that line they simply can’t do this but continue to try…ridiculous.

  5. “The Colts ONLY rushed 3 men, yet ALL THREE of them had a hand in the sack. And Tannehill seemed to have no clue that the game was over, or he woulda heaved up the ball instead of taking that sack” . Only 1,maybe 2 players knew the snap count on the most important play of the game. That should tell you something. Of course 3 players sacked The ‘Bust-nobody blocked because 1-ball was snapped early or 2- 2 guards and 2 tackles forgot he snap count. On the most important play of the game! This team is dysfunctional on EVERY LEVEL-from Ross to Tannenbaum to all but a handful of players the next coach will keep when he blows up this pile of shit ans starts over. I said 7-9 this season-LOL.I was thinking 3-4 wins next season but after what I saw today,I’m thinking 2-3. Several times I said we have 10-12players worth keeping-ow that number may be as low as 8-10.

  6. I’ll answer by Campbell wasn’t screaming-it’s easy. Yyou can’t scream with a mouth full of chewing tobacco-you’ll choke. It’s that simple. Rizzi is the team’s designated screamer-has been forever. And a plus for Campbell-this weeks test for mouth cancer came back negative again- that’s 2 wins for him in 2 weeks.

  7. Rizzi will be gone as soon as we hire the next wannebe coach with no head coaching experience. He is indeed good for nothing but screaming and kissing Philbin’s ass.

  8. I was hopeful early in the Dan Campbell Era but now am as unsure as ever who will be our HC next year and who will want to. I’d hate to see us waste draft picks on Sean Payton when we really need the picks. I’m 42 years old. I was 1 year old when we beat the Vikings for our last Super Bowl when I clearly cared more about my Cheerio Bowl…. 11 years old our last SB appearance and 30 something the last time we made the playoffs.

    When was the last time we had an owner committed to winning? Robbie? Maybe Huizenga? It all starts at the top and in the case of the Dolphins, the shit floats to the top. The only way this franchise will be saved is if a Marino or Kraft-like visionary some how saves this once proud franchise. The team needs LESS BEUROCRACY

    1. Tannebum’s QBR was 27. HOLY HELL!

  9. Who is the next loser head coach that Ross will hire?

  10. Dan Campbell makes Joe Philbin look like Vince Lombardi!

  11. Ross has totally ruined the franchise and turned it into a laughingstock. No good players or coaches want to join Ross in Miami unless they are well overpaid. This team needs EVERYTHING from a new owner to new HC to new QB to new OL to new TE to new WR’s to new defense. And Tannepuke should return the money he is stealing from the team. His contract is highway robbery. Chad Henne is FAR better! Pray for new ownership.

  12. Doesn’t Ross & his mafia in the front office hear all this stuff we’re saying out here in disgruntled Dolfland? They have to be either completely oblivious or purposefully in denial. The front office must be like, “People out there have no clue because we are on the inside….. they just need to shut up and keep paying.”

    Ross is going to have to overpay (which he’s good at) some coach to turn things around. EXCEPT….. who’s out there and who would want to come? Don Shula couldn’t win with this owner & front office. Someone inside Ross’s circle is going to have to pull a Brutus to end all this.

    1. @Brian

      Nah, they probably think its normal fan chatter. As long as people keep buying tickets it’ll remain status quo. How people can waste their money on this crap is just amazing.

      1. You saw how thin the crowd was yesterday-even more embarrassing than usual. Fewer asses in seats means less vending $$$$ but Ross doesn’tcare-he’s guaranteed a profit from NFL. Yes we need all those parts replaced but the entire front office is the worst in pro sports-Tannenbaum has to go as does his useless lackey Dennis Hickey. Ross trusts Tannenbaum for EVERYTING and T’baum is not going to fire himself so we’re stuck in a Catch 22. It’s a reference some of you will have to google. I won’t be renewing next season and wasting 6 hours in driving time roundtrip,not counting traffic at the stadum,to watch this pile of shit any longer. I’ve finally reached the tipping point for the 1st time since 1965. I’ll watch these mutts on TV and occasionally attend an away game but my firsthand support is history.

        1. Be patient. 8 more years of 5-11 and Ross may fire Tannenbaum.

  13. Bryan, Sorry I spelled your name wrong…

  14. Connor Cook out of Michigan State is a top quarterback. He plays in a pro-style offense….and has more experience than any other quarterback in the top level….the most “pro ready” as analysts are fond of saying. I agree we need to seriously upgrade other positions but those picks can come after the 1st round. My vote is to take Cook and move on from there.

  15. Not a franchise QB .He is no better than Paxton Lynch at Memphis. I wouldn’t draft either of them, as like TanneBUST,they aren’t a long term solution. We’re stuck with the ‘Bust for a while. And as long as he’s there,I’m not.

  16. I actually think Hickey has done a pretty good job drafting. Good talent acquisition for the most part….. but not enough to fix issues at a much higher level.

  17. On Sunday night, Miko Grimes bashed Tannehill, who she’s been railing against all season.

    “How many people have to get fired before you realize Tannehill is the problem?” ….Miko Grimes

    “I knew this QB stunk the minute we signed him”…….Miko Grimes

    “I should’ve known we were gonna lose this week the minute I heard Tannehill didn’t complete one pass in the 2 minute drills against practice squad players.”

    Campbell said he would keep any discussion he had with Brent Grimes in-house, but that he doesn’t worry about anything that’s said by outsiders.

    “I’m not concerned with those things,” Campbell said. “I’m concerned about the way our guys in our locker room just handle their own business with each other. I’m not worried about outside noise.

    “This is not the first time to be honest with you as a player or coach that these things have happened. I know it’s quite a story but to me it’s about how our guys feel in the locker room. You can’t listen to all that stuff out there anyway. If you do, it’ll just bog you down.”

    Campbell said he doesn’t believe there’s any issue between Grimes and Tannehill even though Miko criticized Tannehill’s practice performance — information she likely would have gotten from her husband.

    “I’ve never sensed there’s been animosity or any type of disconnect between those two guys,” Campbell said. “That’s never been an issue. I still don’t believe it’s an issue.”

    Campbell said players and wives don’t always agree with each other.

  18. $95 million and a hot wife and he’s laughing every minute at the world. He can take the hits,both on and off the field. Wish he was gone.

  19. A mega contract for mediocre performance. Gotta love his agent. And we were worried about losing him-LOL_so we paid a fortune for a lifetime journeyman QB.

  20. I wish that bitch would shut up! It’s not helping anything.

    1. Well, it may help get a welcome change at QB. She speaks the truth.

  21. The Dolphins will host the following teams next year: the Bills, Jets, Patriots, Steelers, Browns, Cardinals, 49ers and Titans.
    And they will play the following teams on the road: Bills, Jets, Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Rams, Seahawks and Chargers.
    I see ~3 wins at home. Hey,a guy can hope. And 1 win on the road. So like I said before the teams were announced,3-4 wins.

  22. Jay: My worry about the Miko Grimes incident is not that, as you say, she speaks the truth, but rather it challenges the inept front office to take some action to prevent a major distraction. This shows potential new HC or front office personnel that this team is so disorganized and does not support its team members. Irregardless of how you feel about THill, no owner or GM should tolerate a player or players wife to publicly bash another player. What new, college QB would want to be drafted here when they know that they better play PERFECTLY or else face public ridicule by a player or his wife without team support? Don’t want to see another Elway or E. Manning refusal to play for the Fins due to this basic failure to support their own players.

  23. You have a valid point but I am so tired of all the excuses made for Tannehill that Miko’s comments were a welcome change and possibly necessary in this case. I’m sure Grimes is gone after this season and hopefully Tannehill too.

  24. Yes I agree with you point regarding excuses for T-Hill or any player for that matter but she is way over the top. Lets regain the reputation for being, not only a great football team, but also a great organization. Shutting her mouth is paramount in this endeavor.

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