Dolphins’ Mike Pouncey somehow Named to the Pro Bowl

I like Reshad Jones, I really do.

But the fact that he didn’t make the Pro Bowl is not a surprise to me, although it will shock many of our readers.   I predicted it last week. when Jones fumbled after he made a nice interception.  I called it right then and there.

Now I’m not saying that the fumble kept him out of Honolulu, but it sure didn’t help.  Besides, the way these things work is that playoff teams won’t be able to send their Pro Bowlers to the game, so that means Reshad will probably get in as a reserve.

I will always remember Reshad Jones for this play that coulda/shoulda cost us the Steeler game a few years ago. Reshad had a nice view of Antonio Brown racing by him…twice. He ended up standing on the sidelines with his hand in his mouth…all while the play was still going on! Thank God Brown stepped out of bounds on his own, because Reshad sure as hell didn’t tackle him

Sorry to the more fervent Jones supporters who read our blog, but I think he had some great moments this year, but nothing consistent enough to get him to the Pro Bowl.   I was hoping I’d be wrong.

Is it a snub?  i would say so yes.  I think Reshad should be in, but all I’m saying is that I’m not surprised to find him outside looking in.


But Mike Pouncey’s selection remains a mystery.  I’ve watched every single Dolphins’ down for the past number of years, and some games I watch repeatedly as I’m writing my blog entries.   I cannot remember a single time that Mike Pouncey threw a devastating block.  not a one.  His peers must see something great in him because he gets chosen every year.

Ryan Tannehill made the Pro Bowl as the first stringer and…yeah. we all love a good joke.

The Dolphins linebackers all…okay, we’re done now.

Luckily,  Cheap Trick got elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last week.  At least voters got something right.



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  1. Pouncey IS an Pro Bowler-compared to the turnstile he plays next to! Maybe that’s how the voters elect him every season-they see he is head and shoulders above those around him o the OL.

  2. Pouncey is an excellent lineman at 2 different positions. This is no surprise. Branden Albert would’ve been given consideration too if he were healthier. The Dolphins OL isnt bad.

    1. @Jay,you’re joking,right? “The Dolphins OL isnt bad”. Pouncey is te ONLY thing that has kept The ‘Bust alive. Mrs. Albert gets injured when you look at her the wrong way. Seriously,it’s one of the worst in the league. Wait and see how bad it is this week and next.

      1. Hey, the Seahawks, Rams and Falcons wish they had the Dolphins OL.

    2. I’m sorry, but it seemed like you wrote “The Dolphins OL isnt bad.” You didn’t did you?

  3. Seahawks o-line started off bad but the coaches have moved pieces around and schemed until they got a workable line-up together. It’s called good coaching. Something the Dolphins haven’t had in years.

    1. The Seahawks OL remains one of the worst in the league. Russell Wilson, like most top QB’s, doesn’t need a great OL.

  4. And to the admin.the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest now anyway. Part of the reason no one watches it.

  5. I went to the San Diego game. Drove 10 hours each way to watch a high school caliper team play. What was great was it was packed and half of them were Dolphin fans. A couple things I saw was our DB’s were 5- 10 yards away from any Charger that had the ball. Chargers receivers looked like the were running routes by them self. I don’t know why or what the answer is but if they don’t figure it out we will get killed the last couple games.
    Bright spot on D was Suh. It’s to bad he has to be on such a shitty team. One play he broke through the line just missed a sack then turned around ran 10 yards down field and made the tackle.
    To many bad things with Offense to even talk about. One thing that I noticed was Thill was late on a lot of throws and has a long slow release. Instead of bringing the ball up to his ear with a quick throw he would reach back like he is throwing someone out at home plate. Instead of hitting the Rec. when they break he is late and the Rec. has to wait for the ball forever then get crushed when they catch it. I know why they drop balls now. So many other problems I saw is just to much to write about.

    1. @kelvert

      And that slow release is also the reason he gets sacked like crazy and gets his receivers hurt.

      1. I agree-his release was that bad,being both slow & long, in College Station but it wasn’t an issue there. He simply has a slow release and that prevents any short throws.I cringed when we drafted him and that was just 1 of the reasons,the other being lack of experience.

  6. One more thing Who the hell throws a hail-mary out of bounds.

    1. Yeah lol. Remember some of the receivers had to practice with the ball machine because Tannepuke’s so inaccurate?

    2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of bounds. And no,TanneBUST lackeys,he wasn’t throwing it away intentionally.

  7. On numerous occasions honestly I’ve seen Tannepuke throw an errant pass so bad the receiver turns and stares at him wondering what that was. lol

  8. After the third sack my girlfriend said “why doesn’t he move like step up a couple steps. Can’t he feel people around him like when you know someone is looking at you without seeing them.” I said yes exactly. Besides Thill playing so bad I think the whole team has checked out. I don’t think we will be good again for a few years.

    1. I think it may be way MORE than a few years before this team is good. YIKES!

  9. I got excited when I saw Moore warming up. I thought why not put him in. The game is over. The season is over. Why even play Thill in a nothing game. Give Moore some playing time. But it never happened.

  10. Moore would’ve had this team in the playoffs with this schedule. Ravens, Cowboys, and Colts all without their QB’s when they played us .

  11. @Jay-I don’t think so. Moore is a career backup that is just as bad as The ‘Bust is at throwing deep. He wouldn’t start for any NFL team unless there was an injury to the starter. There last 2 games will be ugly.

  12. I never understood why Philbum and his gang decided to start Tannehill as if he was some Marcus Mariota or Andrew Luck. Certainly the guy himself didn’t expect to play in 2012 as a starter, so I don’t understand why, given the hapless level of mediocrity reached in the last 3-4 seasons, we NEVER tried Moore. Which I agree, might not be a gunslinger like Rivers buy hey:

    1. He was way more than serviceable that last Sparano season when he filled in for Henne.
    2. If he doesn’t gets the reps, certainly he can but only stall.
    3. He’s naturally more verbal and gutsy than Tannehill (fact).
    4. Look at Fitz in NY and tell me if anyone would have bet ON PAPER for him to be the QB he has somehow become.

    This said, this team, as we educated fans all know well, has problems that prove to go way beyond personnel (players we had who later had success with other teams and players who had success and we didn’t have but once put in white and aqua started regressing). Environment as a franchise being number ONE, coaching being number two. Players come so far as third problem that it isn’t even a point discussing it. But every year we foolishly think we are “just a couple of key pieces away” … from what? I ask. From 9 and 7 instead of 7 and 9 or 6 and 10 as we will probably finish this year?

    1. Matt Moore was voted team MVP for his great play and then was immediately benched!………for sluzzy Tannepuke!!!

      What team immediately benches their team MVP??
      Only the moronic Dolphins.

  13. Not a T-hill supporter but before the Fins even think about drafting another QB, they need to bring in a Good coach and organize the structure of power. This is necessary because first of all, they will draft the wrong QB. Second, they will not have a proper QB coach to develop the QB. Third, they will continually not address the O-line and this will kill the new QB, either mentally or physically. Fourthly, will have a horrible scheme which wont allow the QB to be successful.
    It takes too long to find a QB only to finally get one and ruin him. This organization will continually producing crap until experienced and proven coaches are hired. Not only the ones that are Ross’ friends. Hey Ross your supposed to be a good business man, anyway I assume you are successful being that you are a billionaire. You know you cant place ineptitude in positions of power, right?

  14. Plain & simple…. Reshad Jones got HOSED!! Look at the other picked ahead of him… Charles Woodson??? Are you kidding me?

    Pouncey made it on prior history this year. Landry would have been a nice addition but he didn’t score enough TDs. Suh ought to have made it because he’s a beast. Even Darr the punter should have been considered.

    TEN Carolina Panthers made it….. Only 2-4 Dolphins might have even been talked about and ONE made the team…. the wrong one at that…. See the problem?

    1. Landry isn’t even a top 15 WR. Doest deserve a pro bowl.

    2. The problem is you. How do you compare the Dolphins with the Panthers? Its like comparing a college team to a pro team.

  15. You guys all make excellent points and when it comes down to it you’re talking about the same thing. We are fucked !!!! Don’t we have a big giant red reset button that we can push or a system restore point we can go back to.

  16. Does anybody have Chad Pennington phone number?

  17. Again,Moore is a career backup. Don’t you think any other team that thought he could be a starter would have traded for and paid him by now? No,all 31 teams think like I do. Career backup. I’m just as frustrated as you are with TanneBUST but Moore isn’t the answer. How bad would it be for Tannenbaum if we benched a QB who has just given a $95 mil contract to be benched for bad play? I’d laugh until next year and I’d like to see it. Moore could consider it an audition if he managed to stay alive behind 5 turnstiles,posing as an OL.

    1. I don’t know if Moore is the answer or not but I do know he’s a better QB than Tannehill.

  18. We have the worst front office in pro sports and Tannenbaum isn’t going to fire himself and Idiot Ross believes everything Tannenbaum says,so were screwed as long as he’s here. I say it every day.

  19. Who cares how Tannenbaum looks. They should play the best players and the FO will look the best. Seattle gave Matt Flynn a big contract and never played him. How do they look?

  20. They are idiots too because Flynn is a career backup.

  21. Here’s the problem with everyone just constantly blaming everything on tanny. Name me one quarterback in the upcoming draft or free agency that has franchise quaterback potential. Oh wait you can’t cause there are none. Tanny might not be the best QB in the league but he is league average and the numbers show that. A lot of teams find ways to at least make the playoffs with league average quaterbacks. If the team focuses on the oline and defense they can get better and if tanny still sucks next year than think about a QB. And before jay, or mike respond your not allowed to say anything about Matt Moore cause he sucks. And your not allowed to say the same thing about how a franchise QB fixes everything cause there are none available.

    1. @ Zach

      Tannepuke is FAR from average. The worst starting QB in football. Take off your rose colored glasses wake up and smell the coffee and get a dose of reality. GEEZ!!!

      1. The numbers say otherwise but ok keep telling yourself that

        1. His QBR rating is 31st in the league. He is a career loser.


    2. 1-Nobody has said it’s all Tranny’s fault
      2-There is only 1 decent QB coming out-Paxton Lynch from Memphis and I think he’s at least as good
      3-And what do you mean,”if he still sucks”? Do you expect a 180 from Tranny next season,when we win 3-4 games? Yes,3-4 games.There will be no major improvement next season.

  22. Tanny is not the long term answer at quaterback I think everyone sees that, but this team needs to improve around him, and if they do that once they find that great QB it will be Super Bowl time

  23. Tanny is the definition of league average, not great but not awful he won’t win or lose games for you, that’s why the team around him has to be better! And jay u still didn’t come up with a single alternative

    1. Most fans like Zach forget the most important statistic is W’s. Its the goal of the game and racking up meaningless stats without winning is…….pretty meaningless.”

  24. And Tannepuke is CLEARLY THE WORST QB in the division so where are we going with him? THE CELLAR!

  25. The new NFL draft order following this weekend’s games is as follows:
    1.Tennessee 3-11
    2.Cleveland 3-11
    3.Baltimore 4-10
    4.San Diego 4-10
    5.Dallas 4-10
    6.San Francisco 4-10
    7.Miami 5-9
    8.Jacksonville 5-9
    9.New Orleans 5-9
    10.Chicago 5-9
    11.Detroit 5-9
    12.Tampa Bay 6-8
    13.New York Giants 6-8
    14.Oakland 6-8
    15.Philadelphia 6-8
    16.Buffalo 6-8
    17.Indianapolis 6-8
    18.St. Louis 6-8
    19.Atlanta 7-7
    20.New York Jets 9-5

  26. The reason Pouncey makes the Pro Bowl every year is because the voters mistake him for his brother.

    1. Pouncey is arguably the top lineman in football.

  27. Who wants a QB that has never had a winning season?

    How many good QB’s have never had a winning season?

      1. He wasn’t very good. That’s it??

      2. Archie Manning had a career QBR of 67 and he ranks as the 160th QB. He was bad. His sons are way better than him.

        1. You know absolutely NOTHING about him,statboy.All you did is check stats. You’ve never seen him play a single down.He played on some of the worst teams his entire career. Next moronic question please.

          1. You are WRONG John. I saw him play many times. He sucked.

  28. Hahahahahaha what did I say. These idiots never come up with a solid alternative. Ever! It’s the same shit with them every time, then they’ll bring up one statistic that backs them up ignoring the other 20 out there. As a fan I’m glad none of these idiots are running the franchise. Hell john thinks he knows more about player development than nfl teams based on his last comment, and the quaterback from Memphis is not a franchise caliber QB just go watch the tape. Admin it has to be easy to see who is making all these fake accounts, can’t you follow the IP address or something and limit it to one account per person

    1. @Zach- Life must be challenging for you. I never said he was a franchise QB-I said he was as good as TanneBUST. I’ll type slower next time. And your level of paranoia is mind-boggling re: fake accounts. Are black helicopters circling your house?

  29. Like does anyone really think justsayin isn’t mike, who isn’t jay, who used to be Juan?

    1. Most fans like Zach forget the most important statistic is W’s. Its the goal of the game and racking up meaningless stats without winning is…….pretty meaningless.”

  30. Zach thinks everyone is the same person?? TOO FUNNY! Can you say delusional?

  31. Lol why do u ppl enjoy ruining our website? The whole reason this website was great was because it wasn’t just like every other message board but now it is. Cause all you ppl do is hate, no alternatives ever brought up. Even when the team wins you all come talking the same shit which just shows your not real fans. Just ppl trying to stir shit up, I even tried agreeing with u so you could stop being annoying that didn’t work. U reply to anyone’s comment who tries to say anything about the oline or defense just to say how awful tannehill is. Are you a teenager? I would at least understand it, cause I can’t picture a grown man sitting at home writing what jay, and mike write. John I had a problem with you saying there’s no way tanny will get better from year 3 to year 4 cause that actually happens a lot. Alex smith was garbage in his first 7 years, look at him now. Andy dalton finally broke through this year, Ryan Fitzpatrick finally broke through as well, so it can happen. And if you don’t think the Memphis QB is a franchise QB why waste a first round pick? Did u understand that or should I make it easier for u?

    1. @Zach

      This is Tannebums 4th year.

      And Andy Dalton’s had a winning record every year.

    2. @ Zach-I never said draft him. I never said he was a franchise QB. Yes a few QB’s do manage to get better down the line. Many don’t. And they aren’t rewarded with an absurd contract for mediocre play. The ‘Bust has played 4 years,never been a backup and we’ew still hoping. Should we wait 3-4 more years? When do we cut our losses? We will win 3-4 games next season-no more.
      We’re at the end of year 4 now. Did you see an improvement from last year? I don’t. Is he worth 95million? Is he a franchise QB?

      1. John at least 2 ppl have posted links to articles showing that Tannys contact makes it easy for the team to cut ties with him if he doesn’t play well. Go read bill barnwells article from the summer it explains how the contract really means nothing since the team can easily get out of it

    3. Zach,

      Dalton is just one of five quarterbacks in history to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first four seasons

  32. John Beck, Chad Henne, and Pat White all stunk in the beginning. And just look at them now! Haha

    Zach how old are you, 18?

  33. “This is the worst year of my career,” Stills said, he went on to clarify: “Worst year since I’ve played football, probably, ever.”
    Stills caught 63 passes last season. He has 23 receptions with two games left this season.
    He had 931 yards in 2014. He has 415 now.
    The Dolphins portrayed him as the deep threat they lacked when they brought him in. Interim coach Dan Campbell has said he remains just that, even if Stills isn’t always feeling that way.

    “It’d be nice to be able to do that again,” he said. “It’d be nice to be able to get involved that way.”

    Why isn’t that happening? Is it quarterback Ryan Tannehill?

    “That’s above me to say,” Stills said.

  34. Having a deep receiver with the accuracy challenged Tannebum is really useless. Didn’t the Dolphins learn that last year from Mike Wallace?

    1. Exactly what I said when we traded for him. I’m still laughing at that deep throw that was 10+ yards out of bounds recently.

  35. When he threw that it seemed like everyone in the stadium looked at each other and said WTF was that. Funny but sad.

  36. Gotta wonder how the Dolphins didn’t notice Tannepuke’s lack of accuracy BEFORE the draft. Thanks again Ireland, the gift that keeps on giving.

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