Dolphins Come Down to earth with Uninspired play and Lose Cam Wake for the season

It was a listless performance that looked more like Week 2, 3, and 4 rather than 5 or 6.

The Dolphin offense fell into its familiar old traps, and Dan Campbell had no answers this time.   I don’t even think he tried.

On third and one, when the game was still close, they called a handoff to Miller.  He got stuffed and we punted.  Okay, so not a bad play call, right?  The problem is that they did it from that stupid spread formation that fools NO ONE EVER.  That is 100% the fault of Bill Lazor.  Campbell hasn’t done a fast enough job of flushing the ghost of Philbin out of the Dolphins.

I am shocked that we didn’t try the same play with a 3-tight-end set.  Drive it down the Patriots faces.  But no, we tried to be slick with them.

On some plays, we bunched guys together and gave New England some different looks.  Those plays were working.  But we got away from them.

Campbell left his offensive stars in far too long.   It was 36-7, with a few minutes left, and we had T-hill throwing passes and getting crushed.  Landry leaped into triple coverage.  We can’t have risks like that of guys getting hurt when the game is long over.

Tannehill looked awful.  Just awful.   He was hurried a bit more than the last few weeks, but for the most part, the protection was decent.   He just had a pig of a game at a bad time on the national TV stage, although it’s a small stage with small TV ratings when the league makes teams play in the middle of the week.

When it was still 7-0, the Pats faced a third down.  Right before the play,  Gronk false started.   You could hear Brady on national TV scream at him “God damn it!”  THAT is the passion Tannehill needs to capture, but instead, he was back to his dumb looks…shocked that New England was allowed to intercept his passes and play hard, unlike the Texans and Titans the last few weeks.   It was a terrible regression.

Meanwhile, the defense lasted as long as it could, but couldn’t stay on the field all night like the offense was making them.  Cam Wake blew up his leg and is gone.   J’Wuan James is out for several weeks.

Jamar Taylor facemasked a guy before the ball got to him. Should have been hands to the face AND pass interference.   The refs didn’t see it.   If they had, New England would have scored even more on us.

Our season now is more than likely gone.  The Patriots are better than last year, and we couldn’t stay close.

Man, this is demoralizing.  It sucks to see cheaters win.  It sucks to see Wake and James carted off.  It sucks to see Tannehill throw the ball to the wrong team.  Just a crappy night all around.

We’ll see what happens next.  Another road trip to Buffalo looms in 10 days.  The Bills have zero offense, so we have a chance there.  But it will be up to these players to shake off the lethargy in a hurry.


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  1. I’m just pissed that they played like absolute bitches…punks.
    Dan Campbell had a worried and scared look BEFORE the game on the sidelines. FUCK THAT SHIT, DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What happened to the aggression? The reckless abandon? The GUTS? Pusses out, Big Tex…pusses out bad.
    Get the fuck back on the horse and reload. FUUUUUUCK!!!
    I hate the FUCKING PATRIOTS!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!

  2. So……..where is Brian and his pom poms now?

  3. I knew when James got hurt that it was over. Jason Fox is having a horrible year. Gotta upgrade the o-line depth in the offseason.

    1. Not to mention upgrading the QB, RB, WR’s, TE, HC, and owner.

  4. John Gruden come on down. Rambo is finished.

  5. Ok…it’s time to pull out the BUST CARD on Devante Parker.
    Injured his foot AGAIN!!! Will undergo MRI tomorrow.
    JaWuan James, Parker and Wake…OUT!
    Wake out for season…the other two, are not certain yet.
    FLUSH this turd of of season down the toilet…it’s over! FUUUUCK!!!!

    1. Davonte Parker = Big Bust
      Damaged goods.
      And whoever drafted him should be fired.

  6. The Dullfins got clobbered but I do have good news. We still have a good shot at the top pick in the next draft!

  7. What was up with T-hill with his smug look on his face like he was winning or something. Like he was holding back from laughing. A shit eating grin. The one shot of him after he threw the Int, looked like he was joking around with someone. Almost like he just said fuck it and didn’t care. How can the whole team know the snap count but the QB doesn’t and looks clueless as the ball sails past his face. Even though the game was still early that play set the tone for our Offense. He had a great game last week that went to his head and the shit he smoked tonight before the game didn’t help either.
    Our D did better than the score shows. Well the line and Jones played hard anyway. The front 4 was getting off the ball good and had some push, but never got a rest. Jones was flying around as usual and Grimes played pretty good. The rest took the night off. Taylor got burned every play and nobody could open field tackle. Just a bad game against the best team in football in a short week playing at the hardest field to win at.

  8. Wake is probably out for the seaon. Just another reason to hate Thursday night games. Ridiculous to make guys who are still bruised and battered from Sunday hit the field only four days later.

    1. Wake is out for the season!

      What Crap

  9. Like I said…….just not nearly enough talent on offense to compete with the good teams in the league. 7 points against good teams is pathetic.

  10. “Tannehill looked awful. Just awful. He just had a pig of a game.”

    Can u say Chad Henne again?

  11. @Jay

    Yes it is looking like Henne all over again I was very impressed with the defense in the first half but the offense did NOTHING to support them!

    I will say that after the half they came out and tried to attack it diffrently and still got shut down for the most part but did anyone feel like at any point last night Tannehill had the confidence of the team?

    It didn’t seem to me like anyone on offense wanted to play with him and he seemed to have an “oh well” attitude.

    Granted it’s the world beater patriots but it seemed like tannehill had conceded the game somewhere between the start of the season and last week!

    1. Author

      See my new article today. First time in 13 years that a team forced New England to punt 4 times in a row. Our D was outstanding, but was out there too much later.

  12. Yep Thill wanted to go home after the 3rd dropped pass. He played bad but when you hit someone in the numbers and get a drop that does not help.

    1. Author

      Kel is right. The drops hurt, but the QB needs to scream at those dropping guys instead of pouting.

      1. Then the receivers need to scream at the QB when he throws those errant passes.

        1. Author

          Agreed. We had 3 straight years of Philbin telling Tannehill “It’s okay. You’ll get better” What he really needs is a rude awakening from a teammate or two getting in his face.

          1. @Jay @Admin

            100% agree as much as I have always disliked payton manning he gets right in his receivers faces and gets them on his page! Like a leader – not a punk!

            Last night Matthews ran two routes wrong (We at lest think because usually a QB doesn’t screw that up twice) but nether one of them showed any emotion about it.


            Put Brady behind center for ten minutes and he will straighten the receivers out!

            Put Gronk on the line with Tannehill and he will

  13. I also want to put some blame on Campbell. He was over praising the Pats in press conferences almost prophetically describing the outcome and giving himself a premeditated excuse for loosing. I think for once campbell made an error forgetting the team was feeding off him and using him as a compass directing their confidence and attitude. He didnt praise his own team nearly enough as the Pats and his team responded according to his assessment. Hes a man some of these guys are barely 25 and still need fatherly guidance. Yes they are Pros but are still growing men and their lack of identity under philbin and newfound identity under Campbell proves my theory. Campbell failed motivationaly and I think he knows it and hopefully he wont do this again.

  14. Author

    Choosing to kick off to Tom Brady to begin the game was an unwise decision. We almost got away with it when we had them at 3rd and 16, but we blew it. Ball game over.
    The other decisions I didn’t like were Lazor’s play calls in the few short -yardage situations we faced. Campbell preached toughness for three weeks, and then tried to win with finesse. Another unwise move.

    1. Admin, I want to give Campbell-whom I do like-the mercy loss so to speak. I wrote this game off as a loss when the schedule came out. Maybe next year playing NE at Gilette will be different and should Campbell be the coach, he’s now learned some things. He’s learning “on the dance floor”, and giving him some slack, to come through this loss that no matter what we would never have won. And I’m pointing the finger at our QB as #1 reason. BTW, love this site for venting!

  15. Hopefully Devante Parker’s injury isn’t serious. And any knowledgeable player knows that a player isn’t a bust as a rookie just because they get hurt or don’t immediately contribute their first season. It takes some guys a few years to develop out of college. Usually the middle of year two is where you can start to make a call on a player. Year one is just too fast for a common sense person to make that assessment. Sure the Dolphins had other needs that could have been addressed in the draft in the 1st round but that isn’t Parker’s fault.

    1. That’s total hogwash. A team that hasn’t had a winning season in 7 years needs and expects their top draft choice to make a substantial contribution. This is not supposed to be the START of a new rebuild.

      Maybe it takes you a few years to call a player a bust but I recognize it much quicker. And I’m not saying he’s that terrible(although it looks it) but that he was damaged goods all along and whether it was Tannenbaum or Hickey that made the selection it was terrible because of his injury.

      1. not only damaged goods but did not fill an immediate need for us. That is now 2 top 5 draft picks that do not play. These are players that shoulder be game changers not building projects.

  16. Todd Gurley was injured coming into the draft and was still selected first round even though it was unknown if he would contribute year one. How’s he worked out the past few weeks? Sometimes you gamble and it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t. Using your logic then Gurley is a bad pick.

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