Dolphins Defeat Jets But Still Need Playoff Help

Even if the Miami Dolphins finish the year at 11-5, they could miss the playoffs.   They could also make the playoffs at 10-6.   Either way, we need some help.

But despite that need for help, it was an impressive win over the Jets.   Several unheralded plays were just as important as the big highlight reels we’ve been watching again and again.

First was Adam Gase’s challenge on the Jets’ “first down” that was actually a yard short.   Conventional wisdom is to say “Ahh, they’re gonna get a first down anyway, so give it to them.”  Dolphins Truth said NO, and Gase agreed.   The same Side Judge who erroneously said Dion Sims’ first touchdown was out of bounds also gave the Jets an extra yard a half on his initial spot.  Both times, video proved him wrong.  Gase’s challenge helped nullify a Jet drive and get us the ball back.

Also, Marquis Gray recovered a Jay Ajayi fumble to keep our own drive alive.   That is the type of turnover that could have sunk our ship–or at least take away all momentum–but Gray was on the spot.  A huge play.

Xavien Howard was winning praise all night, but I’m still very concerned that he’s not watching the ball.   Three different time, Petty underthrew Brandon Marshall, and all three times, Marshall saw this and tried to adjust.   Howard never saw this.  If he had looked, he would have had three interceptions.  Still no word on Byron Maxwell’s ankle, but let’s hope it’s minor as we prepare for another icy game in Buffalo.

I thought the NFL announcers did a fine job last night.   I actually enjoyed the analysis of Doug Flutie and Tony Dungy, and I didn’t think I would, since these guys are not regulars in an NFL broadcast booth.

I turn it over to you.    What do you think of the Jets game?   What about my prediction of 30-13, as I was only off by 4 points?   What about the Bills?

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  1. Adam Gase has worked his magic on this team. Tannehill, reshad jones, pouncey, Koa misi all out with injuries and Miami is 9-5. Going into the year with a healthy roster there were obvious holes, for how many injuries the team has had to deal with its crazy their 9-5. I kept watching the NFL network last night in till landrys interview, In it he said previous years Miami went into games hoping to win, now they go in expecting to win no matter what. That sometimes makes all the difference.

    1. You need to put those wins in perspective. Nearly all of them were against crap teams,except the Steelers,which started the Steelers temporary slide. We haven’t beat a good team yet and when we played a good team with something on the line,we get crushed (Mavens). Yes,9 wins and hopefully 10 would be great but it’s a hollow as the come. We lost to the Bungles and the OilerTitans.

      1. Author

        Personally, I DO keep those shitty teams in perspective, and I write about it each blog. However, the Dolphins are now winning all the games we are supposed to win. Like we are supposed to, right? Yes. But under Philbin, we lost them all. Under Philbin, we don’t challenge any calls. We run 95% of our plays with a 5-wide formation and always snap the ball on one. We cave in the 3rd and 4th Q instead of coming alive. Yes, these are bad teams we are beating, but at least we’re beating someone, and it instills winning in the guys’ heads.

        1. Admin agreed. We didn’t have a cream puff sched and had to actually beat the teams we did. Yes we got stopped cold by Baltimore but they have the #1 defense and the game was in Baltimore. In years past we loose about 4 of the last 8 games and our record would be far worse. Im not calling superbowl or playoff contender at this point . But cant we just enjoy how things have gone so far. At the beginning of the season we were predicted to win 5 games total. Now if I were calling superbowl then quality of opponents becomes a relevant topic. I think most realistic Phins fans aren’t so strength of schedule is a mute point.

          1. For this 9 game stretch,we had a cream puff schedule. Thankfully we’re finally winning those games we’d nearly always lose under Philpott. And to win 2 games in December,unheard of!

            1. Yes karma but you forget we were considered a bottom tier cream puff team. Only recently being considered legit. Not sure what youre getting at. Begin of the season we were predicted 5 wins at best and some of those werent assured.

              1. What I’m getting at is simply we had a creampuff schedule for a 9 game stretch. You’re talking about what we were considered. Clear now?

                1. Exactly you just answered your own concern. We weren’t dog shit at the beginning of the season and the few wins predicted could go either way. But we didn’t get here being a contender from jumpstreet. This team grew slowly week after week. So I find your point about strength of schedule a bit over stated and how it comes off to me like its diminishing the accomplishment and implies our Team and its Fans are being unrealistic. I for one don’t need to be told we aren’t the Patriots or Dallas I can clearly see that by looking at the logo on our helmets and jerseys. So with all due respect your throwing around a lot of salt on what is already a delicious meal that needs no additional winning seasoning.

                  1. I didn’t have a concern. You talked about something else-not what I posted. I said we had a soft schedule for 9 games and 2x now you’ve ranted about how the team has grow. Learn to compare apples to apples.

                    1. I have a better suggestion. Why don’t stop trying to spoil this with your “Ok but” comments. We’ve done better than anybody could have ever predicted and all you can say is that we had a weak schedule. I bet if we win the Superbowl you would complain that we didn’t win with enough of a margin. BTW why are you dumping on our Dolphins now? I come here regularly and cant recall you saying all this before regarding sched ect? And I can compare Apples to Apples just fine thankyou. I own several IOS devices and Steve Jobs just so happens to have been a Dolphins fan so.

                    2. Are you kidding me Karmen ? I haven been ummm rahh rahhing until recently. You see you may be older than I am. Not sure why that is relevant. But I can assuredly say I have been on this site much longer than you sooo I don’t need a lesson in DolphinsTruth etiquette. And Kel is his own person but since hes my “bot” I guess I have technical superiority established by your own words. I have plenty to be happy about but haven’t lost any realistic outlook either . Your johnny come lately comments are dubious at best . But if you feel because this is the site for your ill placed pessimism then feel free to post it. I will remain with my style posting about both when necessary. And for the moment my pessimism is about yours and my optimism is for my team.

                      PhinUp! - Thats how its spelled Karmen
                    1. Hey F’Up,how old are you? This isn’t a rah-rah site,it’s reality for the most part. If you want rah-rah, go to 1 of several that are available. This isn’t a site for cheerleaders. Congrats on your Apple devices-I have several also. And whether you remember me here or not is inconsequential-I’ve been a Dolphins fan decades longer than you. And take your rah-rah bot Kelvret with you.

    1. Author

      Yep, Dion Sims got my game ball. Two big catches, dragging guys with him for first downs, getting knees down when it mattered….are you reading this Mr. DeVante Parker?

  2. The game that will keep us out of the playoffs is the Iggles losing to the Mavens today by 1. We finish 10-6 and miss out. What a shame. The only help we got today was from NE. There is something not right with you if you compliment Flutie in ANY way. Here is a reason:

    1. The 2nd game that will cost us the most is the Bungles bending over completely in the 2nd half for the Steelers. I see the Mavens beating the Steelers for the division title and the Steelers in the wildcard hunt. A loss today by them would have really helped us,not to mention us beating them head to head.

      1. Author

        I agree. Each week it is painful to watch some new team bend over for the Steelers and the Ravens. Even the Chargers today handed a free win to the Raiders with a slew of turnovers. I don’t think the Dolphins have this mentality yet, but it’s a mentality you need: DO NOT WATCH THE SCOREBOARD. Just win and take it from there.

      2. So next week we need the Steelers to beat the Ravens (doubtful) and win the division and put us 2 games up on the Ravens. And of course for KC to beat the Broncos. And for the Jags to win 1 for the Gipper (Gus Bradley) vs the OilerTitans.

    2. Author

      Yes, and everyone talking about Miami is chasing Denver this and Denver that. The Broncos have a rookie QB who is starting to play like it and they have zilch running game. No threat. It’s the Ravens and Indy/Texans/Titans that I fear catching us. This is eerily similar to 3 years ago, when we were 8-6 and needed one win to get in and we choked. We just won IN Pittsburgh and beat NE Pats at home. How could we miss, right? The Chargers were seeded like 11th after week 15, and they ended up in the playoffs. It’s a mess unless you win your own games

      1. Very true all we can do as fans is hope to beat the bills next week.

        1. Hey at least we are actually having a discussion about our … wait for it… playoff chances? How far from reality was that at the start of this season? Wow we have won 7 of the last 8. What Vegas odds makers would have predicted that? And for the 1st time in 8 years we have a winning season no matter how we phinish.

          1. Hey I’m with you phinsup I’m stoked to even be having this conversation. The fine are young at a lot of important positions to like wide out, running back, oline, cornerback, and linebacker. So there’s things to be excited about even if we go 10-6 and miss the playoffs.

              1. Thanks Zach its nice to be at the promised land after so damn long. Lets enjoy this and knit pick later.

      2. I totally agree admin! I’ll take help to get in. But I want to see us seize it by winning both games period!

  3. If our POS K plays after this season,I’m really pissed. A kicker should be a weapon,not a liability. His season-long FG is what,41 yds? The Steelers K had 4 longer than that just in today’s game! He has put us in far too many situations with his crap kicks,including XPs. If you have a K capable of making a long FG,it changes your options completely when you have the ball and need to decide what to do. He needs to be gone on Jan 2 when we miss the playoffs at 10-6.

  4. Tanny throws 3 INT’s and Moore throws 4 TD’s….

    A rusty Matt Moore is BETTER than the sharpest Ryan TannePuke.

    1. Jay I cant say I disagree. Damn I so remember why I loved matt moore after he took over from Chad Spaghetti Arms Henne! Hes got one hell of a deep ball.

  5. In reference to Xavien Howard, for a guy who’s been hurt most of the season he came in his first game back in a while and played pretty well especially for a rookie. While he had those plays against Marshall he also defended a couple passes against the Jets Wrs. One thing though is you can clearly see he is lacking confidence . That’s why he would play the receiver and why he wouldn’t turn his head around and play the ball. But again for a rookie who’s been hurt most of the year he played pretty well. Sure it was against the jets but they’re still pros, probably better competition he faced then college. And Brandon Marshall is no slouch either.

  6. It’s also possible that the last game vs. New England becomes meaningless for BOTH teams. NE will beat the jests this week and clinch # 1 in AFC, with nothing to play for in last game vs. Fins.

    And yes, it’s a very Big IF – but IF the fins win in buffalo, and K.C. Beats Denver at home, the fins DO clinch a playoff spot right there and then, thus making the last game an exhibition game for BOTH teams.

    Here’s to hoping it plays out just like that ……..

    1. Are you including all scenarios with Ravens and Steelers? Please explain.

      1. Author

        Finishing as the 5th seed is a gigantic benefit instead of being number 6. So we should not ease up in Week 17, even if things are clinched. We’re only a game behind KC for the #5 seed. The difference is playing a January game in Pittsburgh, or else playing in Houston/Tennesee. Yes, I know the Titans beat us before, but we are a totally different team and match up well against both of those crappy teams. If we end up playing in Pittsburgh, the NFL will ensure the Steelers win, because they are dying for another NE-Pitt game in the AFC championship.
        All this is getting ahead of ourselves, and we have a long way to go to clinch anything.

        1. As long as the steelers beat balitomore and the Chiefs beat the Broncos Miami only needs to win to clinch I think.

          1. If Miami wins and Denver loses we make the playoffs that simple. If ravens beat the Steelers they win the division.if The Steelers then have the same record we do we have the tiebreaker since we beat them earlier. If the Ravens lose then their record isn’t good enough too get them in the wildcard. This is provided we beat the Bills next week

            1. Author

              Axel, that is mostly true, but there is one complication. If Miami and Pittsburgh and another team all end up with the same record (I can see KC getting into the mix) then our head-to-head win over Pittsburgh becomes moot. head to head doesn’t come into play unless it’s two teams and only two teams.

              1. From the Herald:It’s now not possible for there to be a three-way wild card tie that could oust Miami — if Miami wins in Buffalo and Denver loses at KC:
                Here’s why:
                • A win on Saturday gets Miami to 10 wins.
                • Oakland is at 11 wins and a KC win over Denver gets the Chiefs to 11 wins and leaves the Broncos at 8, meaning Denver couldn’t overtake Miami if the Dolphins win at Buffalo.
                • Though Houston and Tennessee each have eight wins, only one can get to 10 because they play each other in Week 17. And if one of those teams gets to 10 wins, it will win the AFC South.
                • Though Baltimore and Pittsburgh can finish tied, such a scenario would require Baltimore to win at Pittsburgh next Sunday, which would mean the Ravens would have swept the season series and thus would win a tiebreaker with the Steelers for the division title.
                And even if the Steelers and Dolphins both finish with 10 wins, Miami would win a two-team tiebreaker by virtue of winning their head-to-head matchup.
                If Baltimore loses to Pittsburgh on Christmas, the Steelers would win the division and the 8-6 Ravens could not catch the Dolphins in the wild card race if Miami wins at Buffalo.
                There’s still the possibility of a four-team wild-card tie if Kansas City loses twice, Miami wins once, Baltimore wins twice and Pittsburgh loses to Baltimore and then wins against Cleveland and Denver wins twice.
                Baltimore wins the AFC North in that scenario, and Pittsburgh and the Dolphins would be the wild-card teams in that four-team Steelers/Chiefs/Dolphins/Broncos tiebreaker.
                That’s because KC wins a tiebreaker over Denver (better division record), Pittsburgh wins a tiebreaker over KC and Miami because of a better conference record, and Miami wins a tiebreaker over KC in that scenario because of a better record in common games.
                Pittsburgh would be the No. 5 seed and Miami the No. 6 seed in that scenario.
                There’s still an outside chance Miami could move up to fifth in the conference, but sixth is more likely.

                1. Author

                  Karma, thank you for that info, and it’s all very true. For the last few days, we kept hearing that if Miami wins and Denver loses, then we are in. But I knew that wasn’t true.
                  Just like last week after we defeated the Cards and Denver lost to the Titans, CBS was reporting that Miami was the 6th seed and Denver was 7th. That wasn’t true either. It’s shoddy journalism when you hire a chimpanzee to do your tiebreaking math for you. Reporters are just spouting off anything. I heard Cleveland can still make the playoffs too.

                  1. Far too much for me to ‘cipher.

                    1. And on that point Karma we agree. But Ive heard Denver is falling apart internally. Not sure if that’s true though.

        2. Admin,do black helicopters constantly circle your domicile or your head,re: NFL wants a Pittsburgh-NE matchup? Please get over that already. There are much more appealing AFC matchups than that this season.

          1. Author

            Karma, you are under-estimating how much influence the Rooney family (Steeler owners) have on the NFL.

  7. @Admin

    You have to fix/change these narrow one word response lines above its awful irritating. No one else has that crap.

    1. Author

      Jay, do you mean when you reply to a reply to a reply, the window gets really narrow? I’ve noticed that too and will try some alterations, if that’s what you meant.

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