The Importance of the Upcoming Bills Game

Three weeks ago, I stressed how urgent the Ravens game was.   But that game in Baltimore is almost meaningless in comparison the next game against the Buffalo Bills.

The same things are on the line:   a playoff berth.  Confidence and swagger.  Team identity and toughness.  Only now, it’s all magnified tremendously.  Now it’s even closer to crunch time.

The environment in Baltimore was nothing compared to how it will be in Buffalo.  80,000 fans will be there in the bitter, snowy cold.  They hate the Dolphins with a passion far more than any Baltimore fan ever could.   These nuts brave the elements for their beloved Bills no matter what weather.   No matter how many painful losses and terrible losing seasons the Bills put them through, those fans show up and love to torture the Dolphins.  You would think fans would give up on a team when they lose the Super Bowl every single year, four times in a row, but it’s not the case.

So the Bills have the fans as their 12th man and their inhuman weather as their 13th.   It’s a lot for the Dolphins to overcome.   So can they do it?   Yes.

The first thing to correct is our goal line offense.   It’s been awful.   We’ve squeaked by 2 weeks in a row, but it won’t happen again if we don’t correct it.  Early in the Cardinal game, we had first and goal.  Tannehill fumbled the snap, Cardinals ball.  Later at the end of the game we had first and goal, and Damien Williams was stuffed.  On 2nd down, Matt Moore tripped and then Damien Williams got stuffed again, almost running out the clock with him.  Jump ahead to the Jets game.  First and goal again, and two more runs were stuffed before a short TD pass to Dion Sims.  Then later, the EXACT same scenario:  First and goal again, and two more runs were stuffed before a short TD pass to Dion Sims.

That is SEVEN rushing plays from the one-yardline and ZERO touchdowns.  ZERO yards gained in seven attempts.  Things aren’t right.   The o-line has no answer to the opponent stuffing the box.   The line isn’t giving enough effort.  As Doug Flutie pointed out the other night, the Jet defenders were simply pushing our linemen out of the way.

Speaking of which, even when it’s NOT a first-and-goal situation, the line has no answers to the defense stuffing the box.  Adam Gase MUST know that opponents are going to defend against the run, but he doesn’t seem to have answers for it.   Getting a little pass-happy last week worked great, but the Bills’ defense is far more formidable than the Jets.  But if it comes down to it, I’m trusting Matt Moore and his instincts.  He might be slower than Ryan Tannehill, but his instincts and escapability are superior.

On defense, the Dolphins absolutely must toughen up against the Bills running game, including the threat of Tyrod Taylor rushing the ball.   Last week, the Bills had 4 different rushers top 30 yards.  The Dolphins struggle to have one.  Running the ball is their bread and butter, and we have to contain that.  Rex Ryan has no problem running the ball 50 times and passing it 10.   He will run it down our throat until we prove we can stop it, and then the advantage turns to us.

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  1. Tierod (shame on his parents mis-spelling and naming their son after an automobile front suspension part) has been inconsistent for most of this season and we need to have him have a below par game for us to win. We need to keep him in the pocket and hopefully knock him out of the game. I went to Jills game in December decades ago in the then-named Rich Stadium and it was the coldest 3 hours of my life. But the crowd is great because they opened bars at 9am back then and many fans had a load on before arriving for the game. We need to continue using the play that nearly everyone runs on the goal line where the TE on the left runs through the backfield to the right side and we throw a quick pass to him. Worked for us recently. Or use a RB from left side for same result.

  2. Along with what admin said,do we need to run every damn play between the tackles on the goal line? Like he said,other teams stack against it?

  3. I would love to see a toss once in a while or how about the little misdirection handoff they used for years with Ricky Williams. ANYTHING different might be a good start to confusing them a little.

    Also I trust Moores instincts but his ability to execute is streaky and in the past when his streak comes to an end it did so ubruptly.

    I know that Moore is remembered by all of you guys as a perennial Pro bowl Super Bowl winning 1st ballet HOF QB but until last week I think he had just as many picks as TD. History dictates at some point that will even back out so it is going to be imperative Gase figure out the OLine a little bit more and get the running game going to support Moore and take some of the burden off of him.

    I think it would be a good idea to try to get the ball in Ajays hand with the pass a little to start and get him running a little. Also ajay seems to get stronger as the game goes on so why does he keep getting benched in the third quarter? How about changing that too.

    Last thing is the corners and LB need to hit these receivers off the line. All year the refs have been give 7-8 yards off the line……USE IT and chuck the guys off their routs a little bit!

  4. Administration…..snowy ,cold …nope it is suppose to be above freezing …go Dolphins.

  5. Adminisration …cold and snowy….nope ,it is suppose to be 34 degrees ….go Phins

  6. There is a lot more confidence with Moore at the helm. Last time he played regularly he was a top 10 NFL QB and it looks like he’s picking up where he left off.

    Neither Tannehiil nor Henne could come close to what Moore brings to the table. GO MATT!!

    1. LOL that’s absurd. Nobody hates The ‘Bust more than me but please stop with that crap about more confidence in Moore. You’re the only one that does. He is average at best and that only gets you so far. When you can’t unseat The ‘Bust as starter,you ain’t that good. And if he is as good as you say he is,why haven’t others traded for him? All we need is 1 more decent game from him. No matter how well he plays against NE,we lose. And chances are we lose in 1st round of playoffs too,but I’m just happy we got there.

  7. @Jay

    Actually your kind of right. Moore has had some good runs, some really good runs. When he was with the panthers he finished out the last half of the year and many including tony dungy thought he had a pro bowl type second half.

    Then the following year he came out as the panthers starter and stunk the place up so bad the benched him after three games only to be activated later in the season when the other crappy QB got benched only to stink it up so bad he again got benched then the other QB got injured so back in Moore went and stunk it up again until he was injured.

    He then came to Miami and had a stellar run at the end of a season (sound familiar? I.e. Jacksonville) Only the next preseason he played so poorly (sound familiar again? It should) that he couldn’t beat out a rookie QB with very limited college experience as a QB! WOW

    And Jay that was Philbin doing the evaluations a man you have heralded as a great coach! (I laugh my butt off every time I get to remember you saying that) and so Matt has sat.

    Now let’s remember HISTORY my friends!

    Maybe this is Moores third streaky run! He has it in him we know that!

    Is he the answer? Nope!

    He could win the supper bowl and I would sit him behind Tannehill next year because history will show he will suck again next year!

    Such is the story on Matt Moore which is probably why he was undrafted and never really brought in anywhere to be a starter.

    Man……all that to debunk the “we have more faith in Moore then Tannabust”


      1. Yep History and the Truth can be a tough pill to swallow which is why so many hate to study history! One bright spot Jay is that Moore can rewrite history by not tanking this time and it seems Gase may be the QB coach he’s needed all these years

        We will see

        Oh here’s some history…… Tannehil finished this year with a 96.1 passer rating and won most of the 9 games this year so I think you can take the “BUST” off the end of his name because if the Dolphins do keep Moore as there starter next year there will be teams lining up to mak Tannehill there starter……

        Unlike as with Moore

        1. Don’t fool yourself. No one wants Tannehill.

          I’ve never seen a worse QB after 75 consecutive starts.

  8. It wont be long before the players all want Moore just like they wanted him over Henne….

    1. I am not sure what drugs you take, but to think Matt Moore is better than Tannehill is a special kind of stupid. I agree with Brian and the bust label should be removed. He may not be Marino, but he is definitely not Henne. Over half the league would take him over their current starter.

      1. Henne was a better QB than TanneBust.

  9. Matt Moore stepped in for injured starter Ryan Tannehill last week and led the Dolphins to a 34-13 romp of the Jets. He looked calm and decisive in the pocket, which is a good sign for Miami as it tries to finish a playoff push.

    Offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen wasn’t surprised by any of that. Moore’s been solid in practice and been impressive enough over the past five years to stick with the Dolphins despite multiple coaching changes.

    Here are Christensen’s thoughts on how Moore played, as well as other updates from his weekly media briefing:

    — Christensen said Moore could start for a lot of teams,” he added.

    — Regarding his description of Matt Moore as a “gunslinger,” Christensen said that’s a positive term. He uses it to describe Moore’s fearlessness and poise.

    1. @Jay

      What the hell do you think a coach is going to say of a guy he needs to be the starter the rest of the way?


      Oh I take that back the Jags wanted him as there starter but four games in that season they benched him.

      Also to suggest that his lame duck passes last week wont be picked by real teams indicates you didn’t watch the game which as a Jets fan I would have figured you would have figured out a way to watch!


      I love the “special kind of stupid” comment we definitely have a live one here!


  10. TanneBust cant win games by himself…..MATT MOORE CAN!!

    1. Last I checked, nobody can win a game by himself. oh wait a minute, in whatever drug induced reality you are from, that must be possible. And if I am understanding correctly, you are a Jets fan, so that would explain why you think you know what a QB is,

  11. Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore, who made his first start in five years against the Jets, was named AFC offensive player of the week Wednesday for his four touchdown performance.

    Moore was 12 of 18 for 236 yards in the 34-13 victory that moved the Dolphins (9-5) closer to a playoff berth.

    Moore was filling in for Ryan Tannehill, who injured his knee the prior week against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Moore had a 126.2 quarterback rating.

    He threw two touchdowns of 1 yard to Dion Sims, 52 yards to Kenny Stills and 66 to Jarvis Landry to secure the victory

    1. Landry-10 yard pass and 56 yard run.

  12. My dead grandmother could throw for 3 touchdowns against the Jets. As a Dolphins fan, couldn’t be happier to see how low the Jets organization as gone. Hopefully, for his sake and sanity, Todd Bowles get fired so he can escape.

    1. But TannePuke cant!!!!

      And it was 4 TD’S!!!!

  13. So……,.,.Matt Moore plays once in 5 years and is named Offensive Player of the Week

    TannePuke plays 75 times in 5 years and doesn’t win Offensive Player of the Week once……….


  14. I seen in another article today that Mike Pouncey said he came back from his injury too soon, and that is why he re-hurt. He shoulda just kept playing through some pain this year. It’s not like sitting out this year guarantees his hip will be 100% next year. The man is brittle.

    1. And absurdly overpaid!! He should be paid on a per-game basis!!! Give me an average C that plays every week over some useless POS from Florida like Miss Pouncey that plats when she feels like it.

  15. Please everyone,stop feeding this troll named jay-he has his head buried so deep in (Door)Matt Moore’s pants that he hasn’t had a breath of fresh air (or common sense) in years. Just ignore him. All he’s doing is winding you up.

  16. @karmatourer

    Well maybe you didn’t hear that Matt Moore just won the Superbowl all by himself he won the superbowl yesterday!

    Signed JAY!

    On planet reality…….. Gase mentioned this week that he had been calling the offense to conservatively and during the Jets game he saw for the fourth game in a row they were stacking 8 in the box and bringing the safty down in the box to stop the run so he decided to be more aggressive and “Go for it” and see if they couldn’t throw over the top!

    Guess what….. it worked. It would have worked with Tannehill in there too or Chad Henne or just about any other QB. The difference is that three of the four big throws wouldn’t have looked like wounded, wobbling ducks just hanging up there for a defender to intercept.

    Tannehill would have chucked it 50 yards on a string but they probably would have left the deep safety back if tannehill was playing.

    I like gase because he eventually seems to get it but the last four games before the Jets his over conservative play calling was driving me nuts

    1. Nah, TannePuke would’ve struggled to even win that game. Moore was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Every village has it’s idiot and this Jay guy has the market cornered here.

  18. Funny how some so called “fans” are not happy with 4 TD passes and our Offensive Player of the Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Jay

      No we like Matt Moore it’s you we’re not happy with!

      1. Oh good! Sounded like u guys were knocking Moore after a spectacular game.

        (I couldn’t care less what u think of me)

  19. The Fins pass offense was ranked 27th under TannePuke. Now with Moore we’re moving up!!!

  20. Author

    I’ll stay out of the personal battles you guys have going on, as part of the purpose of our site here is to engage in lively debate.
    I will say, however, that reader Jay has called for Matt Moore to start for several years. At times I agreed with Jay, and at times I disagreed. Jay makes a lot of sense when he speaks factually and points things out. No one can argue that Moore had 4 TDs the other night, for example. As Jay often and truthfully points out, when Matt Moore last played regularly, his peers voted him as our MVP. It’s not an absurd thought to think that Moore could lead us into the playoffs. It’s not absurd to think Moore is better than Tannehill. The only thing absurd to to think that Chad Henne is better than Tannehill.

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