Dolphins Managemement Team Causes Their Own Mess; Fans Suffer Because of it

Just a few months ago, there were positions where the Dolphins were extremely solid.  We had a versatile running back in Jay Ajayi, with a potential star in Kenyan Drake as his backup.  Awesome depth.  We had an excellent WR crew, led by All-Pro Jarvis Landry.  We had a reliable kicker who was clutch all season long.   And we had the best defensive tackle in the business.

Now…we have none of that.

Now, because the Tannenbaum-Gase crew don’t quite know what they are doing, we have to waste valuable draft choices on those positions.  Free agency has already filled a void at WR, but we still have to draft at least two RBs (remember, Damien Williams is gone too).  We have to draft at least two D-tackles.  And we have to draft a kicker (and presumably let him compete against some free agent walk-ons).

So 5 of our 8 draft picks will be spent on replacing players who we already had in place.  Instead of forcing Gase-Tannenbaum to draft desperately needed linebacker help, they now get to draft kickers and tackles and running backs.

Oh, and drafting a QB is still in the mix, leaving only 7 remaining picks to fill 5 key roster spots.

With the possible exception of WR, there is not one single position where the Dolphins can say, “Okay, we don’t need to worry about that position in the draft.  We’re all set.  Let’s concentrate other positions instead.”  The lack of security the Dolphins throw away in order to save a few bucks is astounding.

Cutting Suh means we now have money to sign two rookie D-tackles.   Will either of them be as good as Suh come opening day?

Trading Jay Ajayi for next to nothing and then letting Williams walk means we have to sign two rookie RBs.  Will either of them be more dangerous than a Drake-Ajayi tandem could have been?  (If only Adam Gase understood that you are indeed allowed to put two RBs on the field at once, God forbid.)

When our new rookie draft choice kicker shanks two or more game-winning field goals this season, will Tannenbaum be thrilled that he saved some money?

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  1. In a hard cap league some attrition is expected. If anything the front office should be applauded for not overpaying this offseason. The Suh contract was horrible to begin with and as much as I love Landry I can see why they didn’t value him like he valued himself.

  2. Landry woulda been overpaying, because dozens of guys throughout the league can catch passes. But Suh was worth the overpayment. He lined up every down without missing a game and occupied two blockers. Not his fault that ths D-coordinators could do nothing with the gaps he created

  3. Suh was overpayed to me because in a hard cap league you can only afford to pay 20 plus mil to one player on your roster. And that one player will always be a franchise qb. You won’t be able to pay 20 mil to multiple players and expect to maintain a decent overall roster. Corners will have to be cut somewhere and usually roster depth is the area that suffers. True Suh was highly-durable and effective but a 26 million dollar cap hit for a player on a team that isn’t even a contender is ridiculous. And I could see why Gase wanted to move on. His absence will obviously be felt because he was an elite player.

  4. Denver just released C.J. Anderson…..look for the Dolphins to sign him.

    1. Author

      What’s the buzz like in Denver? Do people think he has anything left in the tank? I’m concerned with Frank Gore’s longevity, as the Dolphins have a real bad history when they sign RBs past their prime. Arian Foster, Knowshon Moreno, Larry Johnson. We keep bringing in “experienced” RBs, and we get nothing out of them.

      1. People I’ve been talking to don’t want a QB now that they have Keenum. They would rather get Quinton Nelson or Sequan Barkley if he’s there. As for CJ. I’m not hearing anything one way or the other about losing him.

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