The One Type of Player the Dolphins Need to Draft More than Anything

I don’t know the exact player the Dolphins should draft. I’m not certain of the position he should play. I don’t recommend a player from one college over another. Junior or Senior? Who cares.

What IS IMPORTANT is that we come out of the draft with some winners. By that, I mean a winning attitude. A ferocious competitor. A guy who’ll cut off a finger or a toe to get ready for game day. A guy who will fight tooth and nail for the ball.

Give me a fighter like that with mediocre skills, and I’ll take him any day of the week over a prima donna who’s faster and stronger.

Let’s look at the last few first-round Dolphins as an example of who we should NOT draft.

2017, Charles Harris. Not a bad player, but did we see any fire from him all season long? Did we need yet another defensive end to begin with, since we already had about 30 of them on the roster? Did he do ANYTHING all year long to show us he will be a beast for years to come? NO…instead, we got a guy who did what was asked of him and quietly played football as he was assigned. Nothing special.

2016, Laremy Tunsil. It’s too early to tell about his physical abilities, but as far as that crucial, winning determination, I haven’t seen it. He’s had a lot of distractions that he could have used to fuel a mean attitude, but it has not happened. He could have used the drug video as an inspiration to come out with a vengeance and block his opponents into next week, but no. He fell down in the shower and had to miss games. Did he come back twice as hungry the following week? No.

2015, DeVante Parker. I don’t even know where to begin with this bum. There have been worse Miami Dolphins over the years. But never has there been such a horrible player who the coaches defend and make excuses for. No matter how many passes he drops or interceptions he causes or jump balls that he is too lazy to even try for, the coaching staff says it’s because he’s has a sore foot. No! It is because he lacks desire. Lack of desire causes lack of effort. Lack of effort causes losses. He waits for the ball to float down to him (instead of going up to snatch it) worse than anyone else I’ve ever seen…let alone for a first-round pick. He drops wide open passes in the open field like no one I’ve ever seen. His lack of effort is appalling, and it’s made infuriating when the coaches make excuses for him.

2014, Ja’Wuan James. A really nice guy and a good player. But determination, attitude, never-say-lose attitude? I’ve never seen it.

2013, Dion Jordan. As I’ve said many times, Dion did not start taking ecstasy and other drugs after he got drafted. He was a partier all along, and many NFL scouts knew it. The Dolphins, however, did no homework. To make matters worse, we actually traded up to get this joker, sacrificing valuable draft picks to move up and draft a man who was only in it for the weed.

2012, Ryan Tannehill. I’ve never doubted his toughness, and he throws a nice ball when protected. But his winning attitude is nonexistent. He came into the NFL without even knowing what conference the Dolphins and Patriots were in. He’s not a student of the game–or of winning. I’m still waiting for the first time he shows some emotion or tries to fire his men up. He’s an athlete, but not a leader.

2011, Mike Pouncey. When he wasn’t nursing a sore hip, defending Aaron Hernandez, or bullying his fellow teammates, Pouncey was an adequate center. But a fierce competitor who will defy a doctor’s suggestion and get out there to win at all costs?

Jarvis Landry is the last Dolphin to display the tenacity we need, but he couldn’t keep it in check. Is there anyone else on the roster who exhibits the passion I’m talking about? I haven’t seen it. Our head coach certainly has none of it. Stephen Ross? Oh, please!


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  1. Outside of the QB position,you draft a starter with a high 1st round pick. Harris is not a full time starter. LEON Jordan-enough said.
    I would trade our 1st round pick to another team for a quality coach-it has been done before.

  2. Author

    A starter with a fierce passion to play football in the first round, followed by equally fiery role players in the later rounds.
    Watching some of these draft hopefuls the past few weeks, and I see a lot of guys dying to become millionaires on April 26. I see very few who are dying to become football players.

    1. “I see very few who are dying to become football players.”

      Regardless of what you say or think about them, these guys “ARE” football players. If they weren’t, they would not be college players who are eligible for the NFL draft.

      1. Author

        Well, I wasn’t speaking literally. Even so, I was speaking about that driving ambition to make it as a pro. Listen to interviews with the top prospects. They talk about buying homes for their baby mamas instead of talking about Super Bowls.

        1. Look, There are over two hundred college players who will be chosen by 32 NFL teams in the 2018 draft. But I see what you did. Making accusations that you “heard” some players talk about “buying homes for their baby mamas” is a devious way to get readers to agree with your point of view, because they also know that most of the draft picks will be college players who are black. That’s elementary academia of you Admin. You don’t point to names and dates of interviews concerning these “top prospects” who you said you heard making those comments to make your point. No, we must rely on what you said to be the truth.

          The NFL is a business, and the owners of these teams are quick to let these players know that it is a business. Jay Ajayi had plenty of passion and fire when it came to playing in the NFL, but we saw what happened and the example they made of him. And you fault some of these football players if they’re focusing on the dollar, just like the owners?

          I think you need to reign in your expectations of these draft picks a bit Admin.

            1. Lol, you think the admin is racist because he wants a kid with a winning attitude?

              1. My comment has 5 words long how did you get racism out of that.

          1. Author

            The bad owners–and there is a certain Michigan-NYC resident who comes to mind,–focus on the dollar. The good ones focus on building a winning team.

  3. Not sure I can pinpoint exactly when it happened, but since the NFL became a bottom line Business – first and foremost – $$ Trumps ALL other aspects in the NFL now. All other aspects are a Far distant consideration for players, coaches, owners, etc.

    And because of that culture now, I’m not sure that there ARE any such draft hopefuls who posses those qualities you mention (above) – namely a winning attitude, ferocious competitor, and starter w/ a fierce passion to play football.

    But, having said all that, I sure do hope the fins can find a starting LB – with atleast some of those qualities mentioned above, however unrealistic that may actually be in today’s NFL.

    1. Author

      The salary cap requires teams to disclose what they pay each player. That means player A gets to see what player B earns, and then player A whines for more money. Meanwhile, player C is still a college kid, who no longer cares about school or his senior year. Instead he is studying how player A’s strategy to get more money so he can ask for even more when it’s his turn.
      Keep salaries a secret, and this nonsense will stop.

  4. Admin,there is only one player in this years draft that really stands out to me…Minkah Fitzpatrick .This dude is a game changer.I know Miami DESPERATELY needs to upgrade the QB position.But Minkah is a special football player..The type of player that will keep d coordinators up at nights.He can do it all..tackle,cover,rush the passer,special teams.Not to mention,his FB IQ is off the charts.This guy has something you can’t teach.Again,I know the Dolphins need a QB,but the only I would take early is Baker Mayfield.The thing about that that troubles me is it’s been PROVEN that gase can’t handle these types of strong personalities.So I’m not sure it wouldn’t work.Besides,any QB they would pick would be sitting a year anyway(unless Trannyhill gets hurt) And honestly,knowing this Franchise they would draft a QB early and make him a 3rd stringer.Fitzpatrick would make an immediate impact and could make a questionable LB’r core a strength.I think he’s the BP in this year’s draft.If still there around 5-7..I would trade up to get him.

  5. Author

    I agree about the versatility, smarts, and talent of Fitzpatrick. My only problem is that we have a decent D-backfield already. Not perfect, but decent. I don’t think losing Michael Thomas will hurt. We’ve carried Walt Aikens and Jordan Lucas on the roster without ever giving them a chance to play. I am very afraid that they’ll draft Fitz and then Gase will make him play special teams in practice games and blow out his knee, just like Gase did with MacMillan.
    I think we need to improve our linebacker situation before taking a DB. And for God’s sake, STOP DRAFTING D-Ends and WRs !!!!

  6. Jarvis Landry just got 47 million guaranteed from Cleveland thank god Miami dumped him when they could.

    1. Yeah, who needs an All pro when we have Davantee Parker !

    2. It’s a five year $75.5 million dollar contract with $47 million of it guaranteed.

      Jealous he’ll be making more money than you’ll ever see in your life?

  7. Good for Jarvis! I’m happy we were able to get a 4th rd pick for him…….that’s way too much for a slot WR!

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