Sad Day getting worse with each minute

It’s mind-boggling to think of how many NFL “experts” were choosing the Dolphins to overtake New England this year,

4 ft 8 Danny Woodhead hs become the latest nobody to embarrass us.  The pitiful Chargers haven’t rushed at all in 12 weeks, and today they all look like Larry Csonka.

The Dolphins are trying anyone and everyone at left tackle, and they are all equally giving up crushing sacks.  Reshad Jones had the ONLY nice play iof the game, followed by a death-toll play by giving the ball right back to San Diego back when it was a 3-0 game.  Thanks Reshad.   Now you’ll be watching the pro Bowl like the rest of us.

Oh, and by the way…it’s only halftime!

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  1. If they must lose, can it at least be with some honor? These total annihilations are getting very old…

    1. Author

      Good point. Don’t mind losing to Antonio Gates for example. That’s honorable. But 4 ft 8 Danny Woodhead? Seriously?

      1. My thought is that everyone in the league knows we are terrible. But if we could at least make other teams earn their victory, instead of wiping the floor with us, that would be a sign of hope. I don’t get to see the games in my area, but I do read all the posts. From what I see, things are very dismal right now.

  2. Jones will be in the Pro Bowl. He fully deserves it. Jones, Suh, and perhaps Landry are the only ones though.

    1. Jones for sure he’s been the most consistent on the team all year. By far my favorite player on the team right now. Don’t think suh deserves it tho only because I don’t think he lived up to his contract but then again that was never gonna happen. Landry would be cool to see to I kno he’s a lot better than this offense allows him to be and I hope he gets to show that

  3. Dolphingang before the trolls come out what did u think of the offense today? I feel like I never get to hear your full opinion cause your always dealing with the trolls

    1. Stop that sissy crap! Dealing with trolls? You mean those of us with a brain that don’t agree with Dorfgang.

  4. Gotta watch it on the NFL Rewind later. They don’t show the Dolphins in my region. I’ll hit you back with my opinion tomorrow.

    1. I knew he didn’t watch the games! LMFAO!!!

    2. Author

      Gang, it’s a rough one to watch. Be careful. You might as well turn it off after Reshad Jones fumbles the game away (although Jay will blame Tannehill for that!! 🙂

      1. @Admin

        Tannepukes 43 QBR says it all!! LOL

  5. This whole game sucked. I’ve never seen an OL so pitiful. Couldn’t even run the ball on the sorry as Chargers. It’s hard to take away any positives other than Parker showing more glimpses. Dallas Turnstyle must go along Upchuck John. I hope we lose the next 2 games.

    1. Author

      Bryan, yes. Parker is beginning to make me go Hmmm rather than call him a wasted draft pick. Ajayi could be a keeper. Landry and Reshad Jones made some huge mistakes today, but they’re solid. We have SOME playmakers, but not enough. I don’t see grit or toughness anywhere

      1. There isn’t one playmaker on the roster.

    2. If we lose the next 2 we should be able to draft a good QB maybe the kid from Baylor….

  6. The Draft & free agency need to focus on OL LB & DB…. guys like Cam Wake, & Branden Albert are going to have to restructure or get cut. OV & Shelby & Lamar Miller have contracts that need to be renewed. Cut Brice McCain, Jamar Taylor, and the rest of the embarrassments. Our LBs suck!

    1. “The Draft & free agency need to focus on OL LB & DB”

      Sadly, Bryan’s statement is a duplicate of what could have been said last year. Instead we took a WR and DT…2 decent players, but we had ZERO need for them.

  7. Cut Tannepuke, the worst starting QB in the league.

    1. Well, let him finish the season so we at least we can get a high draft choice. Haha

  8. I didn’t watch it either that’s why I asked thanks tho

  9. Judging by the comments it went as any usual game. Danny woodhead dropping 4 tds is what surprised me looking at the stats, like how the fuck is that possible?? Only against the dolphins man I swear

  10. Was at the game. Dolphin fans outnumbered the Charger fans( only good note, I think). My takeaway was very poor coaching. Our game plan was to run, and run every down. This one dimensional approach was easily stopped by SanDiego. Any positive yards gained was killed by penalties. 3rd and long all game. Then came the press-man coverage, which only has to cover for 3 seconds, and guaranteed sack. Another thing I noticed, Dolphin LBs can not evade Olinemen, literally they, and I mean all of them, get blocked 90% of the time.

  11. Steve Ross save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

  12. So Dolphgang is an out of touch out of towner = CLUELESS

    We knew he’s clueless now we know why.

  13. The problem is that even if the phins lose enough to get a high pick, they’ll probably screw up the selection.

    So many good players we could have picked…. So many good coaches we could have hired…But all we get is garbage. Dolphins have become like a computer; garbage in – garbage out.

    We are doomed!

  14. Everyone knows that they need oline but they refuse to fix it. Until that happens we’ll see this over and over… but of course it’s all on Tanny haha!

  15. We are 2 losses (Philly & Washington) from being the CLEVELAND BROWNS! !!!!!

    1. Browns > Dolphins

      They always beat us ……….. 4 games in a row .

  16. Maybe Dion Jordan will be our savior along with Quentin Coples & Headphones Moore.
    No….. wait….. I hear Cecil the Deisel is making a comeback!!!!! Why not bring back Yatil Green & Sammie Smith for memories?!!

  17. Billy Milner could play LT better than Upchuck John

  18. What’s the difference between the 1966 Dolphins & the 2015 Dolphins?

    At least the ’66 Dolphins had a Shula in their future!

  19. So……how many coaches will get fired and how many players will get cut/traded before these idiots admit Tannepuke is the problem?
    Its laughable.

  20. “It’s mind-boggling to think of how many NFL “experts” were choosing the Dolphins to overtake New England this year,”

    And ALL the kool aid drinkin fans on this site!

    1. When others were saying playoffs,I said 7-9and that’s a laugher!

  21. Jay half the fans on this site including admin knew at the start of this season the team has major holes. The only reason anyone thought this team would do good was there joke of schedule. It’s by far the easiest in the league I mean the NFC east and the AFC south?? There’s a reason the bills and jets are doing good this year, and it’s not cause there all that great. But the dolphins found a way to blow it

    1. Nah, everyone was predicting playoffs.

  22. Well I hope all of you who were begging for us to run run run are happy now. That was a non-starter even before Mrs. Albert incurred her once every 3-game injury. The only reason the run stats and TanneBUST’s stats look as good as they do (LOL) is because once again,the game was out of reach long before the stats stopped mattering. Imagne how bad THE ‘Busts stats would be if he couldn’t pad them in the 4th quarter every game,long after the outcome is decided. The only positive to come from this game is that the mouth cancer screening for Dan Campbell came back negative.

    1. Author

      John, my main suggestion is not simply to Run Run Run. If the run isn’t working, then of course we try passing. What I suggest is that when the run IS working (like against the Giants and Bills etc). THEN we stick with it. When Lamar Miller scores on like a 40 yard TD run and then a 20 yard TD run, he should NOT be benched in favor of 5-wide formations the rest of the game. You can’t have a RB with 87 yards in the first half end up with 90 yards for the game.

  23. Even a white dwarf can score 4 TDs against us. Can it get any worse? Come Sunday,as we look across the field,we may see our next coach. But I think even Pagano is too bright to try to resurrect this shit-pile and work for the worst owner in football and unless Tannenbaum fires himself,which ann’t gonna happen ! Not any decent coach will come here as long as Tannenbaum calls the shots.Ross simply doesn’t get it or more likely,doesn’t give a crap,since all he’s interested in is $$$$. He’s too think to realize a good team has more value. How can 1 city have the worst owners in 2 sports,counting Ms Loria?

    1. Should read “too thick” to realize.

    2. Author

      Matt Hasselback is gonna eat us alive. Gonna be a long day. If it weren’t for the refs handing a free win to the Steelers in the Seattle-Pitt Superbowl a few years back, Hasselkback would/should be a champion and the MVP that game.

  24. Tannenbaum is 99% responsible for this shit-pile of a roster,1% to Hickey who has no input whatsoever. I say this week in and week out but as long as he is in charge,we have no chance to bring in a quality head coach or improve this roster. NO CHANCE!

    1. It was Ireland that drafted garbage for 7 years and Ross that kept him way too long and also hired Tannenbaum, Hickey, Philbin, and Campbell so its 100% on Ross IMO.

      1. Author

        The biggest Ross mistake ever was that extension he gave to Philbin last year on the very day we were eliminated from the playoffs. Todd Bowles and Rex Ryan were about to be free, but Ross insanely gave us the gift of Philbin.
        You can possibly see why Ross hired him in the first place. But to extend him? In the middle of a losing season?

      2. Author

        Marcus Peters was a great CB prospect and we coulda had him. But why draft a player for a position we desperately needed? The kid is tearing it up in Kansas City while Jamar Taylor, Bobby McCain and the gang just warm the bench. DeVamte Parker could have 40 TD this seaason, and I STILL say we shouldn’t have drafted him. Desperate for a CB so we chose a WR Thanks, Tannenbaum

        1. Author

          Peters = 7 Interceptions and he’s only a rookie! I loved this kid as soon as he announced that he was entering the draft early. I guess the Ross/Philbin gang didn’t want him.

        2. We were desperate for a WR after dumping all our starters.

  25. I bet $100 that we don’t draft a QB due to Tannehill’s contract extension.

    1. @Jimbo

      That would be a sad mistake and spell doom for the next 3+ years.

      1. Except for Paxton Lynch at Memphis,its a weak QB class. We’d screw that pick up somehow,but we won’t get the chance.

  26. We are not going anywhere as long as that blind idiot Ross owns the team. Different coaches, GMs and staff have come and gone…he’s the only common denominator throughout this continuous shit-show. The Dolphins are just a convenient distraction for him. A tax write off for his personal entertainment if you will.

    Any ready for his next half-measure? He gets rid of a coach, but keeps the GM. Next, he gets ride of a GM but insists on keeping a next mediocre coach. Now he’s gonna insist that the next coach work with Tannenbaum…which is gonna reduce the pool of solid candidates by 90%. It’s always a really badly conceived half-measure. He never has the balls to completely blow the entire thing up and start from scratch…which is exactly what is needed for this dumpster fire.

    I can just see him telling a coaching prospect during an interview: “you will need to collaborate with Tannenbaum on the roster, Dawn Aponte on the salary cap but we can get rid of Hickey if you insist…since we already have a very talented young QB that I need you to build the offense around.” This scenario could actually happen!

    I pray every day this idiot either sells the team, gets a position as the university of Michigan chancellor or sinks into a deeper dementia. Otherwise, we will continue to win between 4-8 games every year due to general parity in the NFL.

    1. Author

      Well said, Moonbear. We all hope he gets tired and bored of the Dolphins and sells it to a Dolphin fan who cares about the team.

  27. @Zach. After watching this game I thought that the offense looked like it normally has looked in December the past couple of seasons. A patchwork mess of an offensive line fully being exposed by injuries and a lack of quality depth. Regardless of how you feel about the bullying scandal, Jonathan Martin failed to cut the mustard on two other NFL rosters since he left the Dolphins and finally washed out the league. However the Dolphins front office/coaching staff entrusted him to start at the most important position on the offensive line. The only bright spots I saw in this game were Devante with the grown man stiff arm, this kid is no bust the way, and Jay Ajayi. Until this front office gets serious about improving the guard play on this o-line this team will continue to struggle offensively. I know he played out of position Sunday, but how many blocks does this guy Dallas Thomas have to whiff from the snap per game before they realize that he isn’t an NFL-caliber starter? Classic head-scratcher. Now defensively I don’t know why Woodhead’s career day comes as a suprise. These linebackers can’t cover anyone and haven’t for two years.A good offensive coordinator can utilize his tight ends and receiving backs to perfection against the Dolphins in the passing game because our linebackers can’t cover at all man to man. Just look at the KC game last year and how Andy Reid exploited his backs out of the backfield against our poor linebackers to perfection. Hell he even created a few mismatches with backs being covered by defensive ends in that game. However in obvious need of linebacker help this years draft rolls around and the front office decided to draft a defensive lineman in the 2nd round instead. For some reason they thought that signing Suh would help the linebacker play against the run because he could eat double-teams and that would leave less blockers for them to fight at the 2nd level therefore more success against the run. I can understand the logic behind that but even if it did work which of course we know it didn’t they failed to explain how signing Suh was supposed to make the current linebackers better in coverage. Or did they even consider that when they decided to only address the position by adding unsigned free agents? Another head-scratcher. Saddest part is that there is talent all over this team. But an inept owner haphazardly entrusted a obviously inept manager to coach it for far too long. Suh has played well, Vernon has played well, and Reshad Jones has played at a Pro Bowl level. But a horrible coaching staff that can’t scheme around a team’s weaknesses or highlight it’s strengths to save it’s life is constantly handicapping it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The right coaching hire with the right amount of roster control can turn this around immediately because there is talent on the roster. It just hasn’t been properly cultivated. The remaining coaches don’t know shit because for three plus years some unqualified guy and his hand-picked coordinators taught them exactly how to do it all wrong. So what you’ve seen this season from what remains of this coaching staff you can’t really hold them accountable for. They don’t no any better. High time to hire some guys that do though.

    1. BORING
      Did you ever hear about paragraphs?

  28. James Walker
    ESPN Staff Writer 

    Very interesting stat: The Dolphins are 5-0 this year when RB Lamar Miller gets 13 carries or more this season. They are 0-9 when he gets 12 or fewer carries.

    Enough said…fix the oline and run a balanced offense.

    1. We would need an accurate QB and better receivers to run a balanced offense. That’s many years away, bro.

  29. We didn’t sign Evan Mathis-huge mistake. He was not a long term solution but who cares.He is better than anyone not named Pouncey here. Mrs. Albert get injured when you look at her the wrong way. With Pouncey done this season, it will basically be 5 turnstiles to see who gets to TanneBUST 1st. Colts & Pats DL are already placing bets to that effect.

  30. Moonbear, totally agree. I have continuously said here that unless or until Ross is no longer the owner, we are doomed as Dolphin fans. Ross is the laughing stock of the fraternity of NFL owners but it doesn’t matter to him. He’s in the club. I have been a fan for many many years and this is by far a very sad situation for this once respected organization. Ross has ruined the organization. Sell the team to a real football fan.

    1. He won’t sell in his lifetime. We all know that. So stop. And we’re screwed because of it. All the absurd talk of a boycott is just that,absurd. We already have poor attendance but it doesn’t phase him-he’s guaranteed a profit no matter what. We’re just another harm on his bracelet. He’s a laughingstock at owner’s meetings, as is Tannenbaum.

  31. In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

    1. I’m 64,so not in my lifetime. I’ve been a fan since 1965 and I had a season ticket in 1966 and remember the 1st kickoff in our history was run back for a TD by a local kid,Joe Auer. I remember out 1st win,against the Oilers. My 1st season ticket cost $30 for 6 games and it was a good seat too. I’m not going to renew my ticket next season and drive from the west coast just to sit under a canopy. Only positive next season is that we will see some good teams at home-and get killed by them.

  32. @dolphingang dam so pretty much same as always. Our linebackers outside of Jenkins who I think is at least league average all need to go. Couldn’t agree more on the suh signing from day 1 I couldn’t understand why they would sign suh when it was the linebackers who sucked. Suh is nice but is he millions and millions better than odrick I don’t think so. The guards are awful as well simple because this team can’t develop players. How is it possible that Dallas Thomas and billy turner give us nothing those are high draft picks (3rd round I believe). The draft is gonna be so tough because we need better guard play and linebackers and cornerback, I think grimes is washed up. That’s gonna be a rough decision that I think we all kno the front office will fuck up. But see bro I knew we agreed on all this shit just can’t let the trolls get in the way

    1. At least Suh is a good player. The Tannehill contract was blatant robbery.

      1. Agreed. Worst front office in professional sports,period.

    2. So anybody that disagrees with you is a troll? LOL

      1. @ John

        .Troll is a compliment when it comes to the Dullfins. They’ve been right for the last 8 years. The rose colored glasses kool aid drinking homers are banging their heads against the wall and wrong every year. They have to be sadists-masochists to still be dreaming.

        1. Agreed. The majority here didn’t suffer in the early years-BECAUSE THET WEREN’T BORN YET! But the early teams were entertaining. I’d like to see a few winning seasons before I’m gone but it’s not looking good. Those that think TanneBUST is a franchise QB are delusional. Take away his 4th quarter stats when the game is out of reach and he is average,AT BEST! But wait,it’s the OL-they’re totally to blame. LOL I’ll be watching in the comfort of my couch next season and avoiding the frustration of a 4 hour drive home,pissed off at yet another bad game/season. Or at a sports bar that offers a senior discount (LOL) and letting out my frustration out there instead.

  33. @Zach. I actually love the Suh signing. You get a potential 1st ballot HOF player in his prime. I know one of two things would happen when they signed Suh. One the defense would improve to the point that the Dolphins would be a play-off caliber team. Or two it would expose just how flawed the coaching, personnel, and schemes were under Philbin. Meaning with Suh’s proven track record as a difference maker and huge contract Philbin would be devoid of excuses if they defense failed to perform. Well the latter did happen and it was worth it to me to be able to move on from Philbin. We need a true 4-3 mlb and another on the opposite side of Jenkins. I think that Misi should be kept for depth purposes but should be replaced as a starter via the draft. Also add another corner via the draft(2nd round or higher) and add an experienced guard during free agency. Then try Jamar Taylor at free safety and see if he can play there(I doubt it) because he isn’t anyone’s cornerback. But that would at least be an attempt to salvage him.

  34. @dolphingang idk usually history shows anytime a team gives a contract that big to a non quarterback it doesn’t work out. There’s a reason the defensive depth is awful and that reason is suhs contract.

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