Dolphins only 2 games behind in the Wild Card race!

Ha!    Yes, the math is correct, and technically, the Dolphins are alive.   But let’s face it, the season is over.

In my book, the season was over as soon as they picked DeVante Parker…a head-scratching move that addressed Zero of our needs.  It showed me, way back in May, that the inmates are running the asylum in Miami.

We have no depth in the secondary, and our first stringers weren’t so hot either.  But yet they selected a wide receiver.

Our linebackers are the joke of the league.  But yet they selected a wide receiver.

Our offensive line? Who needs blockers when we can instead select DeVante Parker.

It’s humiliating to lose to this bum. But to be torched by him? That just adds insult to injury,

I mean no slight to Mr. Parker, and I give him props for his first touchdown today.   But the last thing we needed with our first round draft pick was a WR.  But yet…

In the preseason, there was a buzz about how good the offense looked.   The Miami media and many of our readers were so excited.  Does anyone remember what I was saying though?  I was NOT excited.  I kept pointing out how awful the O-line looked.

I pointed out that we scored two touchdowns under Tannehill in the pre-season, and BOTH were because of defensive penalties on 4th-and-goal plays that gave us new life an because Joe Philbin went for it on 4th down.  We needed 11 plays inside the 5 yard line to get it into the endzone!   That is not a good offense.

Yes, it felt good to put up 40+ points against Houston, but that was obviously an anomaly.   We really aren’t that good.

Bill Lazor is my main culprit lately.   He abandons the run far too often, and then blames Tannehill for audibling out of running plays.  Or else he says things like you can’t run the ball when it’s 1st and 20.   That is just nonsense.   Lazor has no killer instinct in him.  He calls awful plays at the worst times.    The Dolphins D came out on fire today and stopped the Jets twice early.  The D gave Lazor’s crew the ball in excellent field position TWICE, and both times the offense blew it.

The O and D never seem to feed off of each other’s accomplishments.  Coaching?  I don’t know, but it’s a plague in Miami.

Dan Campbell’s inspiration is a thing of the past.   The players seem to be going through the motions out there.   I’m sure they have tremendous pride, but we don’t get to see it.   The defense is inconsistent and the offense is just horrible.

From Tannehill on down, the execution is garbage.   I can see i–once in a while–a play looks good in practice but just doesn’t work on Sunday.   But for the Dolphins, this happens every week.  We need 7 so the receiver runs a 5-yard route.   We need to get into the endzone, so they run routes to get to the 3 yard line instead.   Jamil Douglas can’t snap a shotgun snap, so we stay in the shotgun anyway.  Players, coaches, executives…everyone.   They all had a role in this loss today, and even more, they had a role in this lost season.




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  1. I’ll make a prediction right now we’ve already won our last game for the season we won’t win anymore.

  2. I don’t hold out much hope as long as the Tannenbaum regime is in place. There are too many chiefs in the organization. A strong leader with a plan (whoever that is) would likely not want to come in and be neutered. Therefore, unless we get incredibly lucky in finding the next big thing….or equally lucky by Mr. Ross having an epiphany and cleaning house, what can change?

  3. If they can somehow get the next coaching hire right everything changes. That’s a big if as long as Ross is the owner though.

  4. They need to compleatly clean house and bring someone in who can get up the organization again. There is a cancer that permiates the Dolphins and I honestly don’t think it’s Ross.

    I will say this – Ross is the second richest owner in football and he has shown that he will spend his money on the Dolphins I think he needs the right people telling him where and how to spend all that money because the ones doing it to this point have all been WRONG!

    I have said before and I still hope and pray Ross will somehow talk to Josh McDanials and offer him the entire bundle to leave New England and take over the Dolphins.

    If not JM then someone PROVEN

  5. No good coaches or gms want to work for cheapskate Ross after that Harbaugh-Sparano debacle.

    1. Why do you say “cheapskate Ross?” When has he held any money back?

      1. He cheaped out on players his coaches badly wanted. Gave insulting offers to Matt Flynn, Vonta Leach. He also pocketed 25-30 mill of cap space every year except this year rather than use it to improve his team. That shows he isn’t trying. He gave cheap offers to prospective coaches and gms . And the billionaire tried desperately to get the poor taxpayers to fix HIS stadium!! He wont get another dime of my money! He is a cheap SOB and that’s only part of the reason the franchise stinks.

  6. Only 1 game behind the top pick in next years draft.

  7. Adam gase, or the d coordinator for the panthers whoever that is (team has been killing it and I really question if ron Rivera is that good). Either of those would be great. Fuck mcdaniels was part of one of the biggest collapses in footbal history with the broncos. He proved he’s not a head coach

    1. @zach

      How did belichek or Shula do in their first stints as HC?

      I actually think despite all the talking heads who are so sure McDaniels will leave to be a HC this offseason that he will stay in NE and wait for Belichet to retire in the next few years and then take over there. I know that’s what I would do if I were him

  8. Sunday night brought another Twitter rant by Miko Grimes, wife of Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes.

    Unlike previous shots at the NFL, Miko this time targeted the Dolphins’ organization and owner Stephen Ross.

    Yes, shots fired right at the top.

    Sunday night, she tweeted, “how do u trust an owner that would put his team in position 2 play SEVEN of its first NINE games on the road so the stadium can be finished?”

  9. Miko is just tripping because she knows that with the decline in Brett’s play he won’t be in Miami next year with the cap hit they will have to absorb to keep him. They writing is on the wall for him and they know it so she’s just getting a headstart on the Dolphin bashing. My take.

  10. Normally I would agree with the sentiment of no quality prospects wanting to coach Miami because of Ross’s foibles but I think the Suh signing changed that dynamic somewhat. Now a quality candidate would have to think twice because he knows that there are quality pieces to build around that are locked up long term. Part of me thinks that that was possibly Tannebaum’s plan when he went after Suh because he was anticipating that eventually Philbin’s incompetence would get him fired and he’d have to lure quality coaching prospects. I’ve never believed his story about being onboard with Philbin. I think he wanted to replace him the day he signed on but was being handtied by clueless Ross. That’s why I think we ended up with the early season firing. The way that firing unfolded reeked of an “I told you so” type scenario and a sudden realization from Ross that he should have listened to his advisors and fired Joe after the previous season ended.

    1. Didn’t Shula lead the colts to the Super Bowl in his first stint as a head coach ? And look at the lack of talent on billecheats first team. Mcdaniels had cutler and Marshall in there prime with a solid defense. Not only did the team blow a 6 game division lead (worst ever) he went on to draft and attempt to develop Tim Tebow. Two years later the team was way worse than ever. Trust me my little bro is a huge broncos fan, we don’t want this guy

    2. Mike TannenBUST has got us in the predicament we are in now,player-wise. He must go,along with the remainder of the inept front office that produces bad drafts one after another.Bad trades and awful free agent signings. But his salvation is Ross believes in him so we’re screwed.There are perhaps ~12 players to build on if we blow this up.If you are satisfied with 7-9,8-8 year after year,then yes,status quo.

  11. Ryan Tannehill = another Jeff Ireland bust

    1. Yes Armondo had a similar story as well!

      I can’t believe there wasn’t a better option for that kind of money!

      If they really believed in tannehill don’t you think they would have some say over how an intern coach uses him? Yet they don’t seem to

      This reeks of “Our giving him all that money was a good idea and here’s why”

      But they can’t possibly be live it

  12. Tannepuke got Lazor fired now. Ireland, Sherman, Philbin, Lazor, Who’s next? haha

  13. @Jay

    I think Lazor got Lazor fired!

  14. As far as that article goes I’m very skeptical in regards to anything these sports media guys report these days. As much as their stories get denied one would think that they would be required to verify their sources and validite them a lot more. Sports media is the only place that you can print what you want and once it is disproven there is little backlash or repercussion.

  15. Dolphin fans will have their eyes on tonights Ravens-Browns game in our quest for the 1st pick in next years draft.

  16. Hey! Marlon Moore just scored a TD!!!

    1. @ John
      Darn, I forget to do that!! LMAO!!

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