Dolphins Preseason Game moves to Orlando

The London Dolphins have once again shown how much they care for their own local fans.

Once again, the Dolphins are moving a game away from their fans.

Just like the Patriots playing their home games in London and the Broncos playing in Toronto, all the great championships teams like to screw over their fans and move games.   You can’t help but be sarcastic each time you hear about Dolphins’ Management pulling a fast one on its fans.

When you hear the phrase “Miami Dolphins,” you have to accept that the Miami part is only a suggestion.   Why should “home” games be played in the home stadium?

As we’ve noted, the Dolphins have a grueling travel schedule this year, with trips to Seattle and San Diego and Los Angeles.   Why not let them stay home as much as possible?  Nah, let’s force the players to go on yet another road trip.

It must be noted that the league asked the Dolphins to move this game, and the Dolphins said yes.   This is not a mandte from the league.  It’s 100% the decision of Dolphins management.

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  1. I think they always ask the Dolphins first because they NEVER SAY NO!

  2. I think its safe to say Ross is being bribed to make all these moves. The team suffers while Ross lines his pockets.

    1. Author

      I don’t always agree with my friend Jay, but him and Brian M are right on the money again.
      It boggles the mind for Ross to think it’s a good idea to make his players travel to a meaningless game in the August heat, when the alternative was to have them drive 10 minutes to their home stadium..
      Remember Tim Tebow day back in Sparano’s last season? How soon until we have a Tom Brady Day?

  3. Author

    One of the worst and most stupid article you will ever read:

    See, this is among the reasons we started Dolphins Truth. Because there are so many idiots in the media spouting stuff like it’s “Good news” for the Dolphins to play their home games away from home. That is the nonsensical Dolphins media coverage that encouraged us to start this site.

  4. @admin

    “…..why good new? This could help the Dolphins expand their fanbase…..”

    In the 90’s the Dolphins were in the top 10 in fanbase in the NFL because they were WINNING!!!!!!!


    It isn’t a HOME GAME if it isn’t played at home…


    1. The fan base has been twindling since Ross took over and that wont change until well after he’s gone.

  5. Author

    The fan base is not the reason we keep going 7-9 or 8-8. If we had a zillion more fans and the Super Bowl was played in Miami every year and bullying was wiped off the face of the earth and we got a new awning at Sun Life…none of that helps the Miami Dolphins. It helps Ross’s legacy and wallet.

    1. Agreed. Or 6-10. Ross’s mismanagement and crap teams have discouraged the fans.

    2. I hate Ross but his wallet isn’t an issue with this roster. He has always given whatever moron is running the front office as many $$$$ as they have asked for. Crap owner and worse front office for far too long.

  6. Problem with Ross is he is looking out for his best interests as long as it puts money in his pocket and couldn’t care a less about the fans….a home game is a home game and he should be taking advantage of the 1.00 games when other teams cant handle the heat …..its the same here with the Toronto maple leafs ….as long as they sell out the tickets every year why try to better the team. Don’t get me wrong Ross does spend the money on the players but gets 3rd rated coaches and administration and has all the wrong people up top putting bugs in his ears and knows nothing about football .

    1. Yeah, he makes the WORST hires. Its laughable.

  7. This is great news for season ticket holders. Now they don’t have to pay for a preseason game we weren’t attending anyway.

    1. Are there any season ticketholders left for this crap?

  8. Yes its pretty sad when over half the crowd is cheering for the visiting team.

  9. It’s a preseason game who really cares?

    1. @zach its the principle of it. Why should MIAMI Dolphins have to play in another town?

    2. No one cares about the regular season games anymore so you are right.

  10. Yea I get the principle of it but still preseason means nothing and Orlando is at least close by

  11. I live in Orlando so I’m divided on this. I agree with admin with all of the traveling in reg season why cause more. I thought I read this was a win win for the league and for the renovations time schedule. This could be a good thing ironing out traveling quirks before reg season but still enjoying the Florida weather . I dunno I plan on going and repping the phins regardless. If anything Atlanta has to travel farther so it’s a wash to me. I just want to see regular season wins. Winners overcome and loosers succumb to obstacles. If our team suffers to the point it carries on to the regular season then its not likely they had it in the first place.

  12. CBS Sports NFL writer Jason LaCanfora this week ranks all 32 starting quarterbacks and divides them into seven “tiers,” with Miami’s Ryan Tannehill’s ranked in the sixth tier entitled, ‘Good Luck With These Guys.’ The seventh tier is an “incomplete” on the two rookie starters, so, in effect, Tannehill is lumped on the bottom rung of starters, along with the likes of Tyrod Taylor and Blaine Gabbert. (Rising Stars) or 4 (Guys That Can be Winning QBs). LaCanfora ranks Tannehill as no better than 25th of 32 starting QBs, and writes, “Not sure he is going to be Adam Gase’s cup of tea. He doesn’t make big-boy reads or throws and is very limited downfield. Still looks pretty rudimentary to me.” A negative appraisal of Tannehill as he enters his fifth season, approaching age 28 and still looking for his first playoff berth.

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