Tom Brady Whines to the Courts Again…His stats vs. Dolphins in Week 2 is up in the air; Also Brian Hartline cut by Cleveland

After the Patriots got caught in the Deflategate turmoil, owner Robert Kraft said that they would accept whatever punishment the NFL handed them.

That turned out to be the biggest lie in the NFL since Bill Parcells said he would not trade Jason Taylor, and then traded him to the Redskins.  The 2nd biggest lie since Nick Saban said that he was not going to Alabama.   Why do all the big lies involved Dolphins management?


When the wife beaters, steroiders, murderers, and other various potheads are suspended by Roger Goodell, they take their punishment like a man and disappear for a few weeks.

Will this guy ever go away?


When Tom Brady is punished by Roger Goodell, well…it’s a different story.  A story that just won’t go away.

The commissioner has the right to punish players.  Period.   Case closed.   End of argument.

Why is this so difficult for Brady to accept?  More important, how on earth can some idiot judges take Brady’s side?

In other news, Brian Hartline was cut by the Browns.   How soon before the Jets or Patriots snag him?

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  1. How dare anyone even accuse the great Tom Brady of any wrongdoing? Heck, the entire nation should be worshipping the very ground that he stands on! (extreme sarcasm btw). This is typical of the whole Patriots organization- cry when you lose, and gloat when you win. At least Belichik accepted his punishment for the whole videogate scandal. Brady, the Golden Boy of the NFL, believes that he is untouchable.

    1. Author

      The thing that gets me is that neither the Wells Report nor the Commissioner outright accused Brady of tampering with the balls. The Wells Report basically said that it’s almost impossible to believe that Brady knew nothing, which is very true. There was an equipment guy on the team who Brady called The Deflator. Now does that PROVE that Brady deflated the balls? No, absolutely not. But does it SUGGEST that Brady knew something fishy? Yes.
      (Incidentally, the Patriots claim that the Deflator earned his nickname because he had lost weight). LOL, that lie should get them suspended 8 games and not 4.
      In addition, Brady destroyed his own phone right before he was gonna hand it over. Does that PROVE he is guilty? Nope. But does it imply something fishy? YES!
      The problem with Patriot fans is that they will cite the “proof” issue all day long, but when you mention the implications, the Deflator, the phone, etc etc…suddenly the Pat fans resort to name-calling and U.S. Courts.

  2. Brian Hartline has never played with a real QB. If the Pats snag him he could become another Wes Welker.

  3. Bradys just a whiny bitch who’s grasping to hold onto his legacy. He should know by now that he’s failed as he’s viewed as the fifth hated athlete….win or lose he’s lost already and spent a bunch of his colleagues money. What a douche….

    1. Not clicking on it ……but if you want to stop playing in England Ross needs to SELL THE TEAM.

  4. Author

    Stephen Ross has achieved his life’s goal. A stadium that he does not fully own in a city where he does not live gets to host a game that will more-than-likely not involved the team that Ross does own.
    Now that his dream came true, can he PLEASE shift his attention to the Miami Dolphins?
    Still baffled as to why Ross devoted so much of his heart and soul and money into this venture, while he devotes so little to the Dolphins.

    1. Its because its a BILLION dollars to him.

  5. Come on Jay just click it everybody’s doing it you know Tom Brady would click it but Tannehill is too scared to click it. So you’re more like Tannehill than you think.

    1. I’m NOT CLICKING ON IT! LOL! And I don’t care what “everyone is doing”. LOL .

      Copy and paste yes. Clicking on it no.

  6. Hartline would be great with Brady but not like Wes Welker…… too tall and lack of moves…..BUT great possession receiver. I’d snag him in a Miami minute if I was NE

  7. Koa Misi beat up some guy at a bar, but the guy won’t press charges!
    If you guys never heard of a movie called BIG FAN, I highly suggest renting it. This hardcore Giant fan gets beat up by a star player…and he’s torn between reporting the crime and getting the Giant star suspended, or ignoring the crime so that the Giants keep their star. A very good dark comedy.

    1. This is the 2nd time Misi got involved in a bar fight. 3:40 AM!
      They should consider trading/cutting him.

      1. What if he punched Tom brady? Still cut him?

        1. What difference does it make who he hits? If he cant act civilized off the field trade or cut him.

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