It’s Official: Reshad Jones is holding out.

In a greedy, selfish move that will surprise no one, Reshad Jones did not show up for MANDATORY camp today and is officially a holdout.

Jones embarrassed himself and the team last year by actively campaigning for himself to be in the Pro Bowl.   Instead of just waiting for the fans and coaches to pick him.

However, neither of those options worked.  Jones was not selected by fans or coaches.   Yes, he did become a Pro Bowler, but that was only because all the other safeties ahead of him couldn’t play or had no interest in playing in such a silly game.

Reshad Jones got smoked TWICE ion this same play and then decided to give up. He watches as Antonio Brown almost pulls out out a miracle for the Steelers. Nice hustle, Reshad. Luckily Brown stepped out of bounds on his own.


14 (FOURTEEN!) Defensive backs were chosen ahead of Jones, and that was just to start.    Several of those players couldn’t make it to Hawaii, so the coaches selected alternates.   Still no Jones!  Finally, after so many others didn’t want to play, Jones got the call.   Not exactly a resounding vote of confidence.

Did Jones care that he backed his way into  a meaningless game because of injuries of others?  Nope!  He acted like he won the job fair and square!

He’s a good safety, but probably overrated because of the poor play of the linebacking crew, meaning Jones himself has to make stops and tackles that normally a LB would make.   Jones did have a few TDs this year that were sweet, but he showboated with his dangerous back flips into the endzone.

Sorry to you readers who love Jones, but I’ve always felt he is an average safety.  And I hate holdouts more than anything.   The Dolphins want to hand him millions and millions of dollars (and he gave his word in writing that he would honor that), but he has decided to spit in the team’s face.


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  1. Ross is a friggin cheapskate. That’s why we lose our top guys every year and every year have to try and rebuild. Pray for new ownership.

    1. Ross is NOT cheap. As I’ve said many times,he has given whatever was asked by whatever lame Front Office was in charge at the time. I hate Ross as much as the next guy but he ain’t cheap. Find a different reason to hate Ross-there are plenty to choose from.

      1. Sure he is cheap. No owner could spend less than this guy.

      2. Not true John. There have been numerous players that his coaches wanted that he was too cheap to sign despite plenty of cap room. Plus he hires the cheapest HC’s and GM’s that money can buy. We need a new domed stadium but Ross only put up a tent after the taxpayers rejected him AND the NFL dangled a SB in his face. He’s a cheap SOB.

  2. He’s a douche. I guess the days of honoring a 7 million dollar contract , for this year, are over. My guess is he was never coerced to sign that contract either. But yeah, screw the team and just look out for number 1. After all, don’t you know how much insurance is on a Ferrari?

  3. Didnt he sign a couple of years ago, he signed it he needs to honor his contract and then ask more….. he is a selfish individual and is only there for the money ,he don’t care about the team…as I hate Brady ,he at least isn’t greedy and keeps his contract decent so he doesn’t break the teams cap.

  4. Are any of Reshad Jones’s actions reflecting that he’s truly a Dolphin? He knows the team is somewhat strapped for cash. He made the pro bowl no matter, he was doing what he was well paid to do. Hes already the 2nd highest paid safety in the league. He needs to reproduce another pro bowl season before holding out for more money. But like all things Dolphins, we just cant seem to catch a break.

    For whatever reason I look back to how much we sacrificed to get Dion. For a moment I took stock in the implications and sacrifice just to obtain him in the draft. Indifferent, he takes drugs and fails his tests. Selfish and without any concern for the organization or fellow team mates, fails to keep clean. And gets suspended again. Does he hate where he’s playing that much?

    I ask why so much disloyalty and indifference from our players? Are we as fans failing to inspire them? Is our reputation far from what it used to be? Where is the pride for Miami?

    Players have and will abstain from holdouts if they are convinced the payoff in victories is worth more than cash money. When will this cycle end. When will our beloved team field players genuinely proud and connected to the city they play for?

    Hey Reshad there was a vacancy when you moved in, there will be a vacancy when you move out. I can hear the booos now if he holds out on the reg season and then finally renegotiates. Fans never forget. Perhaps you would prefer playing in Minnesota with your pal Mike Wallace?

    1. Reshad Jones would love to be off this pathetic team!

      1. Wow mike that was harsh. Gase seems more of a players coach than Philbin. I guess if Philbin were still HC then yeah you would need more money with what you put up with . But what about the culture change Gase and Co bring in? Isnt that enough to entice players to buy in and actually believe in themselves and this organization? They already get paid millions to do something they love. I just don’t get it. But then again I don’t have to go out on Sunday and wear those shitty colors and vanilla logo either. Our previous uniforms were some of the best in the NFL. Thanks Ross.

        1. @PhinsUp
          If you think a novice kid who’s NEVER been a HC before and who’s team finished LAST the previous season, is reason to “entice players to buy in and actually believe in themselves and this organization” then you are MORE DELUSIONAL than anyone ever thought! LOL

          1. Well Jay nobody ever though I was delusional so that’s a mute point. I point out the sorrows but always hope they will be resolved in some way. You on the other hand endlessly criticize tannehill and as far as I can recall have never posted anything positive. Delusional ? Well you can call me that at the end of our regular season and I might just agree with you. But its the foolishness hope that keeps us fans hanging on . You gotta be crazy to be a dolphin fan the last 10 years, its easier and less “delusional” to be a patriot fan isn’t it?

  5. He might be a selfish player but he isn’t an average safety easily one of the bests SS in the game right now.

    1. And probably the best player on the team.

  6. I don’t know about best SS in the league and I don’t think best player on the team.

    Remember that Mike Pouncey was a 1st vote pro bowler and I would think he was a better football player then Jones anyhow.

    Also I would argue that Jones is not the best player on the team and that we have several other player who are better football player and athletes.

    Keep in mind also that another Pro Bowler picked 2nd vote was Brent Grimes and he obviously isn’t here so Jones thinking his 15th vote PB pick is a big deal is an idiot.

    Also if our LB were worth a damm or our defensive strategy was any good last year his stats would have been a fraction of what they were.

    Our safety making that many tackles is a BAD thing!

    If he wants to hold out i say trade him to Minnesota or green bay or anywhere else not in the north east where its frozen most of the year!

    1. Send him to a playoff team….to punish him? LOL

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