The upcoming draft…and the suspension of Tom Brady

Unless he cries and whines his way to the courts (again), Tom Brady will miss the week 2 game against the Dolphins.   This means, in theory, that the Dolphins have their first chance to win a game in Foxboro since the advent of the Wildcat.

As I’ve stated many times, the courts are not deciding on Brady’s guilt or innocence.  Rather, the courts are deciding whether the commissioner has the right to punish players.   Of course he does.

Everyone knows this.   But last year the Patriots took their chances with a liberal judge and got their way.   This year, they met a much smarter judge who believes in something called contract law.  Law…what a concept!

Waaaah waaaaah!

Roger Goodell has the right to punish players under the CBA that the players themselves ratified.  Period.  He can punish them.  Most players take their punishment like a man and realize that Goodell’s job is to punish them.  Just ask Ray Rice or Dion Jordan, for example, or dozens of other players who break rules and must endure their fate, as imposed by Goodell.

One must remember that at the beginning of the deflategate debacle, Robert Kraft and the Pats said they would accept whatever punishment the NFL handed them.  But they were lying.  The whined to the courts instead of accepting their fate.  Now, finally, common sense may prevail.

The Patriot loved Ted Wells when he maligned Richie Incognito, but when the same man found it hard to believe that Brady didn’t know anything, then Patriot world erupted.  Good riddance!

Now onto the draft.  Looks like RB Ezekiel Elliott is a hot name in the mock drafts for the Dolphins.    Still baffled why they let Lamar Miller go away, and maybe they had their eyes on Elliott the whole time.  However, I don’t want to draft a RB when we have other needs.   Besides, I don’t see Elliott dropping to 12th.

I still think we need to stick to OLs and DBs.   The rest can be filled in eventually over the summer.      We keep wasting picks in the later rounds on positions we don’t need and on guys who have no chance to make the team.   Why not draft some big fat OLs in the later round and pray that one turns into a gem?

Vernon Hargreaves is a CB who I’d love to nab, but again, I don’t see him lasting until the 12th pick.   We’ll see.

My biggest draft fantasy is that Hargreaves AND Elliott are BOTH available at 12,  That fantasy would soon turn into a nightmare because the Dolphins would probably draft a Defensive tackle anyway.  Let’s face it, the Dolphins do not draft where they have needs.

Miami hasn’t had the NFL’s worst overall  drafts the last few years, but we’ve definitely have been the very worst at filling needs.  Last year we had excellent depth at WR, and we drafted Davante Parker.   When we were absolutely desperate for OLs, we traded up to take Dion Jordan.  A need at QB?   Some of my readers have serious opinions on that, and I am not opposed to drafting a QB.   I’d call it a need, but maybe not a hugely pressing need…yet.

For a poll:   who do you guys want to draft?   What positions?   What specific players?



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  1. If Ezekiel Elliot is within reasonable sight I say trade up….. no more than 3-4 spots….. better yet if he falls in our laps.

    Otherwise…. go for best LB or DB….. this draft is DEEP

  2. Everyone on here knows what I want


    I wouldn’t care if they spent all their picks on OLman it’s high time we fix that side of the field.

    Oh ya we need a RB now too don’t we….

  3. Here we go with the “we need a QB”

    Why? We don’t have an OL can we get that first? Did you not see what happened to the Great Tom Brady when his OL crumbled all around him….. he was embarrassed as will any current or new QB be with the crap OL we continue to trot out to the field year after year.

    1. Nah, nothing wrong with our OL. We have 2 pro bowlers and Juann is good also. A decent QB would make the OL shine! TannePuke would stink behind the Great Wall of China! Good QB’s don’t need great OL’s.

      1. it’s embarrassing to have a commenter like “nothing wrong with our OL.” And I thought the Jet fans were the stupidest.

        1. You gotta be really stupid to still be a Doll fan.

          1. Right gotta be stupid to stick with a team. How can anyone really jump around to different teams like that

            1. Author

              I think Elliott can be a great RB. But I just don’t think we need that. I’d prefer we take some chances with finding a potential monster on the OL or else a ball hawk in the DB. Especially now since Reshad Jones is holding out.

    2. While there still may be a question at guard, Brandon Albert, center Mike Pouncey and right tackle Ja’Wuan James make up a very formidable trio and a top OL when healthy.
      James said “the sky’s the limit” with this offensive line.

      1. And 2 turnstiles as guards. Sorry,no,they are not formidable.

  4. I believe if Zeke is there at 8 you trade up and get him ,I believe he is a game changer and will take pressure off of Tanny …I say go for it and pick a ol in the 2 or 3rd.

  5. If the team picks a running back in the first round I’ll personally go kill the new general manager lol that’s a little to far but seriously if they don’t see the holes at offensive line, linebacker, and corner there nuts

  6. I see these idiots taking a DL or RB. It would be par for the course.

    1. Author

      John could be right. We always seem to draft DL no matter how little we need someone there


  8. Still don’t understand why everyone thinks we need a running back, ajai looked really good last year at times. All they need is a change of pace back they can get later in the draft

    1. Author

      Zach, I liked Ajayi since day one, but wee have zero depth behind him (or in front of him). Damien Williams costs us games and is not NFL caliber. We need RBs, so I’m not opposed to EE if all the CBs we want are off the board at 13. However, the more I study this, the more I think EE and the DBs will be off the board. Which means the Dolphins geniuses will draft a D lineman.

  9. Have to go CB unless a stud falls to them. OL is never bad and they could even trade back again I’d be happy. Get a RB later on more value with a CB early….

  10. Looks like we’ll have to endure yet another season of TannePuke. YIKES!

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