Dolphins Sign Former Star Arian Foster

The Dolphins’ backfield just got a little more crowded heading into training camp, with the addition of Houston Texan Arian Foster.

Foster gets hurt more often than Knowshon Moreno ever did, so let’s home he has a productive year.  It’s only a one-year deal, and it must have come cheap, because no one else wanted Foster.

If Ajayi and the rookies do well in camp, it might turn out that Foster is a just a guy to use up minutes in the pre-season, when we don’t want our real RBs to get injured in the second half of those meaningless games while running behind 5th and 6th-string O-linemen.

Arian Foster

I’ve never been overly impressed with Foster.  He had some stud years, but all that glory was for his individual stats, and he never seemed to help his team win.  Not that one man can will his way to a team victory, but just in interviews with him and the attitude he exuded…I never got the feeling he was a team player.  Time will tell.

I do know a few positives about him:   He is better than Damien Williams.   He has more experience than Kenyan Drake.  He has just as many career interceptions as Dion Jordan.  And he even has a touchdown PASS on his career stat sheets.

All in all, I am pleased with this deal, but mostly because he came cheap and no one expects him to vie for the top spot.   If he earns it, then it’s a pleasant surprise and I’ll shut my yap,  If not, he could be a servicable stud that could help out with the depth.


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  1. Hopefully he becomes what we all thought Moreno would be before he got hurt. Him and ajai could be a nice mix.

    1. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…..LOL.

      Signing a 30 yr old RB is putting a band aid on a floodgate.

  2. He is an experienced veteran who has had great years. He adds much-needed experience to a young group of guys and he may be able to contribute on the field as well. Also has a chip on his shoulder.

    1. Couldn’t agree more and the cap is cheap. Nice to add a vet RB to teach the young guys.

  3. Might as well if he proved he is at least gym healthy. Im sure his experience and knowledge will translate in some way to our young core. If not then we wont get any worse than we already were. Its not like bringing him aboard is akin to rehiring Philbin. So.

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