Man, June is a slow month for Dolphins News! OBSERVATIONS

I guess no news is good news.

Dion Jordan didn’t get re-re-re-suspended.  The team didn’t announce any London “home” games or similar stupidity.  No one was indicted.    No one’s wife mouthed off.

It’s good news for the Dolphins when we hear nothing about them.  Even from us at Dolphins Truth.

So as we get ready for full training camp, here are a few of our thoughts overt the past few months,

The funniest thing I’ve been reading is how the Dolphins are gonna have an attacking defense, and the offense  has a new system that will make it more fast-paced.   Neither of those things make you laugh on the surface…but any Dolfan knows we hear the same old thing year after year after year.  no mater who comes in, they say they’re going to fire up the offense, and it never happens.  The defense has some attackers, but they’re in the base D far too often.   So forgive us Dolfans for not believing anything until we see it.
(Runner up for funniest thing is that Reshad Jones’ brave and statement-making holdout lasted 23 hours)

The most uncertain thing is if Tom Brady will play against us in Week 2.  The man who swore to accept any punishment that the NFL handed him lied, and instead of taking his punishment that he said he would, instead he whined all the way to the courts.  Now, his fate is in the courts again.  It would be great if he’s suspended, which becomes a sure win for Miami.   But if he plays, it’s a certain loss.   Yes, Brady is THAT much of a difference maker.
(Runner up for uncertainty is Dion Jordan’s status).

The most positive thing we’ve heard is that the Dolphins have some playmakers, especially on offense.  I like the way Gase breaks things down so far, with not only a better understanding of modern offense than Clueless Joe Philbin, but also a better way of teaching.  He know what he has in Landry and perhaps Parker, for example, and knows these guys are weapons.   The rookie class looks strong and exciting.    You can usually tell which drafted guys don’t have a chance to make the team…but this year they all have a chance.   There were zero wasted picks.
(Runner up for most positive news is that Cam Wake appears ready to play ball).

The most negative thing so far is that Laremy Tunsil didn’t impress anyone so far, despite all the hype.   He has plenty of time to become the player we need, but apparently they’re putting Dallas Thomas ahead of him in the depth chart.   Let’s hope it’s very temporary.  In addition, I think it’s a negative that the city was awarded a future Super Bowl, because we all know that will distract Mr. Ross.   So when the Dolphins need his attention, he’ll be off on a Super Bowl venture.



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  1. so agreed. fun. much words. wow.

  2. Why don’t they ask a vet to play another position instead of tunsil? You would think experience would make the transition slightly more easy. I dunno but if Dallas (I should have been cut already) Thomas makes the starting line again we are doomed.he’s a depth player at best. Heck dion Jordan could play that spot better and since hes not busy at the moment. Can’t we at least get something in return for the salary he’s paid?

    1. This team does everything ass backwards. That’s why they always stink.

  3. Every month is a slow month for the Dullfins! LOL!

  4. One more thing worth mentioning is that there’s some concern that the stadium, and all it’s renovations, might not be completed before the beginning of the season. They’re saying it’s “on schedule” but its going to “be tight.” Ross you’re killing us!!

    1. Ross already killed us.

      Some are saying the stadium wont be ready until November! GEEZ!

  5. Radio host Hank Goldberg is hearing the stadium wont be finished until mid November.

    Steve Ross, the worst owner in sports.

  6. @Admin – If Brady doesn’t play, you think it’s a sure win for the Dolphins in New England?? Don’t you know by now there’s no such thing as a sure win for the Dolphins.

    1. @Rick
      I think its safe to say that Belichick’s backup QB is better than our starter.

      1. Heck, our backup QB is better than our starter.

  7. @Rick

    Your 100% right we always seem to make back up QB and back up no name RB look like Pro Bowlers.

    Until they show me something different on the field constantly I’m sorry but their losers in my book.

    Last year the defense with many of the same parts sucked.

    Last year the offense with many of the same parts and at lest one better part (think bush) sucked.

    Tannehill better come out of the gate light years ahead of where we have seen him in the past.

    The coaches better not be thinking to hard on 3rd and inches and try reverses and HB screens and all this other cr@p.

    We better not look compleatly lost on every play

    But I reserve judgement until AT LEST a quarter of the way through the year where we could very well be 1-3



    1. Author

      Yep, We just updated a new blog post about the Foster news.

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