Seahawks’ Fan Site predicts Seattle Will beat Miami in week one

A Seahawks blog is already predicting that Seattle will beat the Dolphins in Week 1, and I really can’t argue with it.

The Hawks are an elite team, facing the ever-changing, never-gelling Miami Dolphins.   It could be a bloodbath.  On opening day, every one of our offensive lineman will have someone next to him who he never played with before.  Meanwhile, Seattle’s fearsome defense has been together and knows all there is to know.   It’s gonna be ugly. Welcome to the NFL Mr. Laremy Pothead Tunsil.

Except for the Super Bowl when Pete Carroll handed a free victory to New England, Russell Wilson has mastered the read-option offense, and our new D might not stand a chance.  Suh and Wake and company won’t have a chance to overpower anyone, because Wilson will be gone the second he takes the snap.

Our best hope is that the Hawks are still in pre-season mode, and catching them early in the season before they gel can help us.

Week 2 is the Patriots of course, but we’ll win that game easily because they won’t have Brady.   That Pat offense is 97% Tom Brady, and without him, they are a clunker.   Mark my words.   The Pat will start the year 1-3 or 04.   Let’s hope that the Dolphins are not that one win !

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  1. Will be a tough one no doubt but you never know that’s why you play the games. Fins O will have to play smart and not turn the ball over if they do this the D should be good enough to keep them in there. Of course until we see some preseason we have no idea…

  2. Yes the Phins will likely lose against Seahawks. I will be happy though if they just play well. Keep the mental errors to a minimum and lose with some honor.

  3. Anybody can beat any team on any given day….I’m trying to at least be optimistic….go Dolphins.

  4. The Dolphins are penciled in as an extra bye week on every opponents schedule and why not?

    What makes you think otherwise?

    How often do rookie HC have a playoff year on year 1?

    Yes Miami has a lot of pieces but there are way to many unknowns to start awarding Miami a week to victory over the Patriots in Foxbough.

    No offense Admin but statements like that can lose a person credibility.

    Miami has absolutly sucked for a long time.

    Can a new HC fix it? Who knows.

    I will hang this out there for you though – If Maimi can’t get the tightends free down the seam and hit them 3 -6 times a game we will be .500 at best this year.

    FYI – Miami hasn’t been able to do that since Saban was our HC so chew on that………. I promise that week 2 in NE the patriots no matter who they wheel out as QB will light us up down the seams and that will open up the entire offence because it will give their RB a 3 yeard head start once our LB have to play off the line.

    1. Author

      It’s taken Brady and Gronk/Edelman/Amendola years and years of cohesive togetherness to become successful, and I just don’t think they’re gonna have it with some untested QB in there. Belichick has to coach an entirely different brand of football when he can’t rely on Brady. I still think we will win that game and probably win against the Browns. Everything else is a big question mark !

      1. a 5 -11 season would be better, and we can maybe pick in the Top 5 in 2017.

    2. @ Brian M

      Admin lost all credibility when he claimed Incognito and J Martin were best friends. LOL

      Since then its best to ignore him.

      1. Author

        LOL, Jay forgot to change his screen name to Mike!!!

      2. Jay you lost credibility by posting your discrediting comments about the admin. Im not homering for the admin but I and presumably the admin too , read the entire text exchanges between Incog and Martin. Did you? Secondly, you do realize the admin is the person writing the stories here. Right? So if its safe to ignore then why are you posting here? You should be ignoring everything from Dolphins Truth.

        1. I just post my thoughts. I stopped reading the articles since Admin has proven to be so clueless. He got kicked off the Dolphin blog for being clueless. I gave him a chance but his thoughts are laughable for the most part. That’s it.

          1. Author

            LOL, wrong and wrong. But I allow you to be wrong as often as you want because I don’t censor comments. I wasn’t kicked off the Dolphins Blog (you imply that there is an official one). I got kicked off the Phinsiders, a fan site just like mine. But I didn’t get kicked off for being clueless or wrong, because I rarely am. I got kicked off for being honest (i.e., being negative) about Philbin too many times. The final straw was the Phinsiders article about how Philbin was going to turn around the 1-3 Dolphins last year and I said it wouldn’t happen.

  5. Author

    Also, Brian…. I am hoping that Gase is smarter about the linebackers playing 3 yards deep all the time and correct that. And also, I hope Gase benches unproductive linebackers instead of relying on the same old guys no matter how well they play.
    At least Dan Campbell gave a chance to guys like Neville Hewitt and Zach Vigil.

    1. @Admin

      I too hope – hope – hope – hope! But you can’t be any less tired of hoping then I am. This group is going to have to PROVE to me that there is a reason for hope.

      I will reserve any HOPE until I see where we are at when we get to the bye week.

      If at that point Gase has benched unproductive guys. If at that point Gase has replaced unproductive guys.
      If at that point Gase has gotten something out of Thill beyond wide out hitch routes that get jumped
      If at that point the Oline can manage to keep tannehill from getting asked less then 5 times a game
      If at that point game management, timeout management, situational management is better.
      If at that time Gase has scheams that can spring a tight end or wr once in a while

      If some of those things happen and we see positive results then and only then will I dare to HOPE!

      I would caution you to do the same!

  6. My take. The Dolphins recent tendency to play up or down to their competition is likely to happen here. It will be competitive but I dont think we have it to beat Seattle in their very advantageous home turf. But a similar game happened in Denver with a very loud and dedicated fan base supporting the Broncos. We played very well but fell short. As a fan hanging on to hope by a thread, I will be happy with a competitive game and prey its not a blowout. A blowout could spark optimism for the Pats and could spell despair for the Phins . This happening way too early in the season and an 0-2 start almost never bodes good for predicting how the season will unfold. Its essential this game no matter win or loss be close. But I agree catching the Hawks early in the season is better than mid season in my opinion. Our best chances lie in week one. If we were always right in our educated opinions we wouldnt need to see the game. So lets hope this isnt a walk out or channel changer at half time.

    1. “A blowout could spark optimism for the Pats “??

      uhh….I think the Pats are way more worried about the Jets and Bills than they are the Dullfins! LOL!

      1. Author

        I think the in the 4 non-Brady games, they’ll fear everyone!

      2. I guess i should have said more optimism. But on the other hand the only win we had against afc teams wasnthe pats so i doubt they feel as if a win is a given.

  7. To think the Pats are at all concerned about the cellar Fins is HILARIOUS! LOL

  8. @Jay

    The Pats are concerned about every team they play and they game plan accordingly thats why they are so successful.

    It starts at the top and works it way down to the players and no one on the patriots payroll takes a team (even one as bad as the Dolphins have been) as a win.

    That is part of what I would like to see Gase implement here.

    If we outplay the Jets from beginning to end we shouldn’t win by 1 point. We should blow them out of the water not play down to their level!

    We need to get to a point where we play our game and see if the opponent can keep up with us while sending our defense out to stop them from doing so.

    If we get blown out week one the Patriots are going to be taking us seriously.

    If we don’t get blown out week one the Patriots are going to be taking us seriously.

    It’s the NFL and they have great managment!

    1. The Pats haven’t taken us seriously in 12 years and aren’t about to now. They’re concerned with the Bengals, Jets, Steelers and Broncos. Sure they game plan every week like everyone, but the Fins are the farthest thing from their minds.

      1. Author

        Good, and I hope they continue to take us not seriously, because that way we’ll continue to beat them (at least once per year anyway).

  9. Ummm I believe we routinely split season games with them they take us more seriously then you think

    1. I think that’s why we occasionally beat them because they overlook us…..

      1. Author

        True, Jay.
        Week 17 felt like a total overlook. When we took the lead, the Patriots seemed stunnned (as was I myself), and they never seemed to recover.

  10. Yea really tough schedule this year. Seahawks and pats first two weeks will be impossible. The pats will do fine the first 4 weeks, fuck I mean they went 11-5 with Matt cassel and we needed the wildcat to beat them

  11. Team gets blown out first two weeks then collapses against the Browns. After that Matt Moore will take over get the team to 4 wins and we get to start all over looking for a new QB

  12. Playing the Hawks week 1 is worst ever. Pretty much a brand new team that wants to build confedence is gonna get punched in the mouth

    1. Author

      Yep, the league never does us any favors when it comes to scheduling, and Mr. Ross certainly doesn’t ask. I mean, the rotating schedule thing that the NFL uses required us to play in Seattle this year. And also in Foxboro. But did the NFL really need to stack them back to back? At the beginning of the year no less? It’s that stupid new stadium awning that no one asked for. It keeps getting delayed, and the league is leery of giving us early home games

  13. For all the dire state the Phins are in, I needed a break. Found some great youtube posts of classic Dolphins games. For the first time I watched the entire SuperBowl VIII vs the Vikings. Nice. But I just finished watching this one and damn it still feels great to be a fan. Hope you guys enjoy.

    1. Author

      Awesome Phinsup. I’m watching it now.
      I REALLY REALLY miss the score/clock in the corner throughout!

      1. Im going to be honest. I forgot the outcome even though Im sure I watched as a kid. It really looked like a stinker. I was in my room by myself throwing fists and arms for every good and bad play. And yes screaming till I had a horse voice. I love being a Dolphin.

  14. Our schedule last year was the easiest schedule I’ve EVER seen ANY team have, The Texans, Titans, Ravens, Chargers, Giants, Eagles and Jaquars were all terrible. And the Bills werent too good either.

    We’ll never see a schedule like that again!

    1. Author

      Very true, Jay. At the beginning of last year, the games against the Giants, Chargers, Ravens, Eagles, and Texans all looked like sure losses for us. But a funny thing happened, and all 4 of those trams turned out to be terrible. They were all winnable games, yet somehow the Giants and Jags and Chargers beat us.
      Losing to the Jags in week two was the most humiliating. Such a horrible team like them embarrassed us badly.

      1. I think we played only 5 games against teams with a winning record.

    1. I wanna point something out. The above game was played at New York. Listen for when plays go well for us the cheers of the crowd. There is and has been a very dedicated fan base in New York for the Dolphins. Its so inspiring.

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