Dolphins Starting Offense Scores 7 points in an entire half.

While the Dolphins writers and less-educated fans are raving about how great our offense looked in the third preseason game against Atlanta, Dolphins Truth readers have come to expect a little more.  Our readers expect honest analysis.

That’s why I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but the offense didn’t do as well as some writers want us to believe.   The only stat that matters is Points.   And our starting offense scored only 7 points against a horrible Atlanta defense, a defense which began resting its starters while our first-team O was still out there.

Has this fellow caught a pass all summer?

When you score only 7 points in a half, it’s an easy projection to make:   We would have scored 14 if they played the full game.  Maybe 17 if Franks didn’t miss that brutal field goal.   14 points is not enough to win NFL games.    We’re no better off than last year. Yet.

I say yet because there was some room for optimism last night.   The O line played better.  Laremy Tunsil looked good.   I kept my eye on him isolated on several plays, and it was like he was taking it easy on the guy in front of him.   Like he knew preseason didn’t count.   I expect some huge blocks from him as the regular season starts.

Backup center Anthony Steen did well too.   I’ve noticed that every time Pouncey gets hurt, his replacement steps up and does even better.  Remember Samson Satele?  I wonder what Pouncey’s trade value would be.  I wonder if his value would have been higher before his latest injury and before he publicly supported murderer Aaron Hernandez.

Ja’uan James  and Brandon Albert held their own at the tackle positions.  All in all, the whole line was pretty impressive.  But that did not turn into points.  The play calling was suspect too.   Yes, it was cute to see 4 wideouts on one side, and one on the other.   This forces the team into man coverage, and the offense has the advantage…right?  Only if they catch the ball.

On defense, the boys started to come together a little too.   We didn’t get to see Xavien Howard do anything.  But guys like Mike Hull and Jordan Lucas had quietly good games.

Still trying to find more information on Zach Vigil’s absence.    I know he was placed on the PUP list, but no one seems to know why or for how long it will be.  He was one of our best reserves, and it has me curious.

Andrew Franks kicked one of the worst field goal attempts I ever saw in my life.

Bryan Cox is still tough as nails.

Kong Suh’s ankle injury does not appear to be serious.  Phew !

Arian Foster looks to be strong and has something to prove.   I am a big Ajayi supporter, but if Foster beats him out fair and square, I can live with that.   I have to assume they will keep 3 RBs.   Ajayi and Foster are certain.    That leaves Damien Williams, Daniel Thomas, and Isaiah Pead fighting for one job.   I would definitely cut Williams.   He’s had a few years to prove himself, and he never has.   That leaves Thomas and Pead in my book.  Pead had some decent plays with the first team, and Thomas was relegated to play with the 4th-stringers blocking for him.   I don’t think any of the 3 remaining RBs has excelled head over heels above the others.   Who do we keep?

As good as our WRs are, I want someone to emerge as the true leader.   Like a Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant….someone who will come back to the huddle and scream at Tannehill “I’m open every play,  Throw me the damn ball.”   I feel our WRs are quietly passive and following instructions a little to much.   I want to see them dominate and explode and demand the ball.



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  1. I guarantee that Damian Williams will make the cut. Even if he only plays spec teams

  2. At least defense didn’t look too bad

  3. I’ve never seen a worse RB than (3 draft picks thanx Irescum) Daniel Thomas. If he makes the team u know we stink! He’s been cut more times than any cow!

  4. It was nice to see Tannehill not get crushed by an opposing defense. But the run blocking still needs improvement. I was impressed with Dysert. I’m beginning to wonder if we should have kept Stoneburner…

  5. Jordan Cameron has to go dude just might be the worst tight end I’ve ever seen.

    1. @Zach

      I agree. The guy is a bad backup.

      But the Fins were too cheap to pay Charles Clay despite plenty of cap space.

      1. That anonymous was me as I hit post before I put my name in.

  6. As long as Tannehill is the qb this team will continue to go nowhere as we have seen the past 4 years. Excuses and more excuses and more excuses for tannehill’s inability to get it done. Its a qb league.

    All Tannehill accomplishes is getting the most people fired or other players traded. Tannehill owns the south florida media because they never talk bad about him or ask him questions about his inability to win. He also owns the dolphins front office because he continues to bs them into keeping him and changing everybody else year after year.

    The team will continue to go nowhere as long as tannehill as the qb. Gase better realize that quick or his name will be added to the tannehill get fired list.

  7. Hey for what its worth. Lets give it up for Bryan Cox. Yeah hes a coach on atlanta but he was down for his 1st team Miami. He defended us and hated along with the fans our rivals. This video is a must watch and Phins fans should watch it all the way through its great to see our team with some swagger and fight back attitude.

    1. And Admin I get your point in the article about lack of offensive scores. But lets also mention in 29 snaps Tannehill wasn’t sacked and was rarely pressured. Yes Atlanta sux but we need something to build on for confidence’s sake. Tannehill looked pretty damn good and dare I say in a commanding fashion lead the offense. I know its only one game but growth and progress is what I saw . And there were other things i noticed from Gase in terms of getting his players to buy in and compete. When Foster scored i noticed Ajayi running better. Philbin never used success of one player as motivation for another that I can recall. Gase understands this concept and from what I saw its starting to work. Yes we are still a work on progress while in other years we were a work in regress. Keep the faith.

      1. Something else to note is that Tannehil threw 29 passes in one half. The offense is running alot more plays than before.

        1. Author

          I am slowly gaining a little more confidence in Gase. I like the things he says. He offers specifics instead of “We will get it corrected.” He’s not out there saying how great 29 plays is. He knows that the 7 points is not enough. I also think they’re running the most rudimentary plays in the book, but come game time, it’s gonna open up. Thursday night coming up, I’m more excited to see the stadium’s debut than any of the other backups play in this meaningless game. Hopefully he is smart enough to rest all the starters.

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