Mike Pouncey lost in another horrible pre-season game

Starting center Mike Pouncey is expected to miss at least the opening game against the Seahawks, further exposing the Dolphins offensive line inadequacies and testing its depth right off the bat.

This means that the Seahawks might beat us 50-10 instead of only 40-14.  Either way, we’re gonna get destroyed, but without Pouncey it will be worse.

The Dallas preseason game was worse that it looked, with a lot of false hope because our offense scored 2 touchdowns.    Whoop di doo.

You have to remember that they had 4 drives.  Only the first drive was against the Cowboys’ full lineup of starters.   Against those starters, we went three and out.

On the opening drive, facing a third down, Tannehill had two guys to his right wide open, but he went into his drop looking left.  He didn’t even have time to check to the right, because he was on his back again.

He MUST react faster.  The RB Foster ran a wheel route and was wide open.    The WR Parker ran a short route and was equally open.   You can see this below.

Two guys wide open.  But T-hill  doesn't spot them.
Two guys wide open. But T-hill doesn’t spot them.

T-hill looked left initially, and he saw Landry was double-teamed.  Next he looked to the center for TE Jordan Cameron, who was running a deep route.  This is where the screen shit above is taken.   T-hill has already looked left and then center (pictured).   He spent way too long looking in those directions.  He needed to look right much faster, and he would have seen the two wide open teammates.

He cannot miss open receivers like that.  He must speed up his looks.

Even MORE open.


A half second later, and both receivers are even MORE open.  Look how much room Foster has.   You see #98 is chasing T-hill, but you also see T-hill STILL looking downfield toward the covered TE Cameron.  He STILL isn’t looking to his right.  STILL doesn’t see Parker sitting there.  STILL doesn’t see Foster and all that running room.

These are two screen shots taken a second or two apart, and they clearly illustrate Tannehill’s lack of feel for the pressure.  He cannot simply wait for Landry to get open.  He has to realize that his best receiver is double covered and then look elsewhere FAST.

On their second series, they drove the ball better.  Dallas was resting some defensive starters at this point.   Kenny Stills had a nice long catch but then ran out of bounds.  He has to yank his head and body left and his momentum will take him left instead of going out of bounds.

Then we got inside the ten for a goal-to-goal situation.   We went 4 and out.   Even with an extra play…even when we tried 4 times to punch it in instead of 3…we didn’t do the job.

Skip ahead to our next series.  We were down 14-0, and Dallas rested the majority of their remaining defensive starters.  The Dolphins starting O finally scored.  On its 5th series of the year, the starters finally got some points, albeit against the Cowboys 2nd and 3rd stringers, plus other journeymen and undrafted Cowboys.

It is nothing to be excited about, let alone optimistic about.  No, it simply showed how bad our offense is.  And as bad as said offense played, they were not the worst unit out there Friday.

Congratulations to the starting defense, who clearly won the honor of worst unit.

They made an overrated Tony Romo look great.  But they made some unknown bum backup QB look like a god.  It was deja vu.  It was like Joe Philbin going 0-2 in his two games against juggernaut QB Thad Lewis.  Utterly embarrassing.

There is a chance, at least, that the defense will perform better once Cameron Wake is back.  But what chance does the offense have to look forward to?   Our best 11 were beaten by Dallas’s (and the NY Giants’)  second and third best 11.

Just think what Seattle’s 4th and 5th best could do to us in three short weeks…



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  1. LOL….. Seattles 3rd and 4th best will be in the game by the start of the second quarter!

  2. Our dline got manhandled by dallas starting oline. Terrible.

  3. Gonna be a long year. If the team tanks which is a 90% chance right now I wonder if gase will get fired

  4. The franchise needs to be COMPLETELY revamped if they ever care about anything but money.

    New owner, new QB, new HC, new GM are needed in order to win.

  5. The Dolphins are spraying the stadium to combat the Zika mosquito virus. YIKES!!

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