Worst Play Call in NFL History will haunt the Seahawk fans and Patriot haters forever — Dolphins Truth Super Bowl Predictions–Please Include Yours as well

The headline says it all.  How can you NOT hand off to Marshawn Lynch?  How?

Without a doubt, that was the worst play call of all time.

The poor execution was just the side story.  The main part of that disastrous play was the call itself.

The other disaster was Seattle’s defense forgetting to show up Sunday.   Brady and Belichick have poured salt in the wound that Stephen Ross opened.

Now to recap our prediction:

I like the Seattle defense a lot, and I think it’s enough to win the game.   But New England has seen it all and will be prepared, so it won’t be easy for the Seahawks like last year was.

Brady and that offense never give up.  The Ravens had them buried by 14 points—TWICE– a few weeks ago, and New England just kept plugging away with calm consistency.  Seattle has never faced a team like that.

Rob Gronkowski will continue to be overrated as long as defenses try to match him up against a slow linebacker.   I don’t think Seattle will do that.    Seattle must also watch out for Gronkowski the entire game.  The Pats tend to use him as a decoy/spy a lot in the fiurst half just to see what the defense does.   In the second half, they exploit him.    The Dolphins kept him in check in December in the first half, but then all hell broke loose.  Seattle must be wary.

One scary thing to point out about the Seattle defense is when they were faced with their most important task of the year last week, they choked.  Badly.

They had a lead on Green Bay with only a minute or so left.  They had to keep Green Bay from tying the score.  But instead, Aaron Rodgers drove them down the field–quite easily–and the Seahawks had no answers.

They are an outstanding defense when they have a big lead, but when the game is on the line, they start pointing fingers.   Rodgers took advantage of them on the final drive to tie the game.    If the Super Bowl is close, Brady could take advantage of them and lead a final drive to WIN the game.

Seattle can and should run Lynch down the throats of New England, all day long.   There really is no reason to call any other play.  He’s that strong.

I like the Seahawks 23-19.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Even though I despise both teams my heart is pulling for the Patriots. If I’m betting straight up I see the Seahawks winning…. not by a little. … by A LOT. After seeing what Seattle’s defense did to Denver last year I don’t really think it matters who they are playing. Tom Brady is just as slow as Peyton Manning and Seattle will collapse the pocket and completely harrass Brady. If the Pats are forced into passing situations they will become one dimensional, which is what Seattle wants. Any time the Pats are put into 3rd & 10 or more things will get ugly. The Pats will need to have some effectiveness in their running game and I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

    Seattle 37 New England 10

    1. Don’t forget that the Patriots d is pretty good to And usually can play really good the last 2 min of the quarters when it really matters

      I see this game close with NE controlling the tempo and I give a close game to NE because they are proven close game winners Seattle not so much they are much more comfortable holding a big lead

      NE is not Denver there offense is much more dimensionAL

      They can win throwing to recipes

      Take away the recivers they can win throwing to the tight ends and backs

      Take that away and they can run it down your throat

      Take that away they can screen you to death

      Plus they do that out of about 14 different formations and Brady has a master command of the offense

  2. I’m going with the Pats. I hate them, but respect greatness.

    Since it’s only been THIRTY EFFING YEARS since Miami has been, I have to pull for someone right?

  3. I wish that Seattle would win. I hate the Patriots more then any other team in pro sports. However after saying that….I believe the Patsies will find a way to cheat and win 63-10.

  4. I’m surprised with all the Patriot supporters here. They are our division rivals, cheat every game and win a lot of Super Bowls. I wish neither team could win this one. There isn’t really an underdog to root for. Seattle won last year and New England seems to always be in the big game. But yes I choose Seattle because at least they don’t cheat.

    1. That’s funny

      My thinking is keep it in the east that way if miami beats the pats maybe it feels better to beat the division Champs or the super bowl champs.

      As for the cheating I’m not buying the the Patriots are evil and all other nfl teams snow white

      I assume they all get away with what they can expect for miami because Philbin is to dumb to know how to play the game right much less know how to bend the rules

    2. Author

      Yes, it’s a common debate if you root for your enemy to win or do you hate them so much you want them to lose. As a Dolfan, I will never ever wish for the Pats to win, except when they play Buffalo or the Jets and it helps our chances mathematically for New England to win. Today, that is not the case. I want them to lose to shut up their fans. I don’t know if they cheated for certain, but somehow, someway, the whole thing is fishy. I hate hearing how great Brady and Belichick are, even though they haven’t won a title in over a decade. Yes, it’s over a decade, but the media and the Pat fans act like they won last year. Nope. Time to shut them up. Just like in a movie, we have to root for the good guys and root against the bad guys. And to Dolfans, the perennial bad guys are the Patriots.

    1. Author

      I cannot believe the Seahawk defense is allowing this to happen. It’s not like NE is doing anything original. I’ve also been saying for two straight weeks that Seattle will not be stupid enough to cover Gronkowski with a linebacker. So what did they do with Gronkowski? They covered him with a linebacker. Unreal. Easy touchdown. I know they are shorthanded in the secondary because of a cheap low-hit tackle after the interception, but come on. Stop covering him with a damn LB and go win this game. Dolfans unite. We do not want to hear Pat fans talking crap for another decade do we?

      1. Hard to call it a “Cheap low-hit tackle” when the NFL is conditioning those type of hits with the stupid rules it keeps implementing year after year!

  5. Deflategate aside as the probably win that game by a huge margin anyway. I’m talking about how they cheat every game and the officials let them get away with it. Look at the game against us. They had 3 players on one side of the ball and 8 on the other during a field goal attempt, no penalty. One of the guys was directly in front of the snaper, no penalty. Previous play they had 12 men on the field, no penalty. The list goes on and on. Sure I blame New England , but I also blame the refs they must pay off even more. Goodell just looks the other way and allows them to keep their jobs. The Patriots have been cheating since Snowplow-gate in 1982. I also hate how Brady is a pussy who cries whenever he gets tackled. He says that it should be a penalty if he gets tackled. Really??? It’s freakin football. If you don’t want to get sacked then don’t hold onto the ball.

    1. Author

      Well definitely not a blowout and a good game. The Pats just seemed too methodical for the Seahawks, who had zero answers. Brady had two bad throws that were his own fault, but otherwise he just did what he always does. We’ve said it a million times here. The way to beat Brady is to pound him. The Dolphins are one of the few teams that beats Brady regularly (even if it’s only once per year, we beat him at least once most years). Because Cam Wake gets to him and hurts him. Never mind 8 guys in coverage, he will beat you anyway. Seattle found out.
      plus, the Patriors’ cheating helps them too. Super Bowl with an asterisk?

  6. This sucks so bad 28-24. I bet NE cheated somehow that last drive

    1. Author

      How about when the DB tripped the WR? I didn’t notice it live, but Collinsworth pointed it out.

      1. Yes I saw it live and on replay several times and he tripped the receiver but the refs let these guys play lets be honest about that like Marshall’s clear push off that they showed repeatedly that went for like 44 yards?

        I actually liked that they let them play its a lot better game IMO.

        1. …..But to call that cheating?

          Spygate WAS cheating……..

          Deflategate may be cheating but we will never no thanks to Goodell hiring his loser pal Wells

          but a player reaching out to stop another from making a play on a ball in the Superbowl….hard to call that cheating since every player from pop Warner to the nfl does that

          1. Author

            True it’s not cheating, and the refs were letting other go all night long.

  7. I can’t believe Seattle threw an interception on 2nd and 1 on the 1. I think they pulled that play from coach Philbins playbook. You have 3 chances to get one yard. How the hell do you not run the ball. I’m totally disgusted.

    1. Author

      Jimbo, I have to be a hundred times more disgusted than you. Even the ladies at our viewing were like “Why don’t they just hand it to the Skittles guy who doesn’t talk to reporters?” She knows NOTHING about football, but she is smarter than Seattle’s OC.
      The worst play call in NFL history. And it wasn’t even Joe Philbin.

    2. That is absolutely halarious

      Yes your right that play (int included) is in Philbins playboy

      Thanks for the laugh

  8. Maybe Seattle got paid off to throw the game. The only explanation I can think of.

    1. Author

      Normally “threw the game on purpose” sounds like childish sour grapes, but in this case, what other explanation can there be?

  9. This is gonna haunt me forever. There’s no way there is another coach worse than Philbin out there. Admin- I give you props. Glad we think alike through most of this season.

    1. Author

      Wow, the Patriot trash talking is WORSE than I thought it would be this morning. The fans are talking dynasty, but none of them are even mentioning how incredibly lucky they are that Pete Carroll and Seattle handed them a game. I wouldn’t even mind if the Pat fans said “We received a gift, and we’ll take it.” But no, they are acting like Brady willed the Hawks to call that horrendous Philbin-like play. The Pat players are no better. Little Julie Edelmann, who can only catch 5-yard passes and then fall down on purpose, is talking smack. Overrated Gronkowski won’t shut up either. Even Brady’s wife. Man, it sucks that they won, but it sucks more to listen to them.
      This has been the most depressing month for Dolfans ever.

  10. Was Joe Philbin on the Seahawk sideline calling plays during the last drive? Lol! Sad thing is that Philbin does ish like that every game every year and is still employed. Carroll has done it once and may have lost his locker room and may lose his job. You can get away with calls like that when you coach the Dolphins because the players haven’t won anything meaningful and if they question you they look uncoachable and you can always scapegoat them as not being good enough to win with anyway. But bad decisions on winning teams with established players can get you fired quickly because everyone knows that that team has the talent to win as long as the guy on the sidelines doesn’t overcoach them or blow it. Plus championship players have more pull with the front office and ownership. When they grumble about coaching concerns a lot more ears are open to their ramblings. Last year’s Super Bowl will buy him a lot of leeway but it’s due to be an interesting offseason in Seattle.

    1. Author

      Yep, it was classic Philbin.

  11. Joe’s got his work cut out for him to top that play call. Unfortunately , he’d have to be coaching in the Super Bowl to top it (which isn’t happening). Time Out!

  12. Well you definitely have a point there.

  13. I have faith in Philbin

    Faith the he will find a way to top it….

    Like figuring out how to go 8-8 for another 5 years and keep his job. In my opinion that would top it

    And with Ross as the owner I can see it working out for Philbin

  14. It was still a terrible call, but Seattle was losing and they HAD to score. Joe philbin would have called for a pass in that same situation even if he was winning.
    I can hear Philbin now: “well, we had them in a defense that was beneficial to a pass play so we called it. It was the right call, even though it cost us the game.”.

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