Patriots Finally Finish their Month-long Homestand, While the Dolphins face their 2nd Bye-Week Team in a row.

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Back in May, I started to analyze our upcoming 2018 schedule and pointed out all the inequities in it.

Analyzing the Dolphins 2018 Schedule

Now that we’re in the midst of it all, I thought I’d revisit a few key points, because it really goes to show you a few things.

First, as we all know, home field advantage is important. It’s real. It’s a big advantage. But an even bigger advantage is getting three home games in a row, which is what the Patriots just finished up. Coincidentally, they went 3-0 in those games.

The last time that team traveled was nearly a month ago. For the past month, they didn’t have to worry about walk-throughs in unfamiliar stadiums, travel logistics, silent snaps, etc. For a month.

But the NFL schedule is supposed to be balanced, right? Do you know how many other AFC East teams get a 3-game homestand this season? Zero. No one. Only the Patriots.

Oh, and the Thursday Night Football game where teams have so little time to prepare? Dolphins on the road AGAIN and Patriots got to stay home AGAIN.

Now let’s look at bye weeks. Yesterday, the Dolphins beat a team who was coming off its bye week. The Bears had last week off. An extra week to get healthy, to prepare, to study, to practice. We got by them, but it’s typically difficult to beat a team coming off their bye.

So guess who we have next? The Lions. And now guess who the Lions played yesterday? Their couches. They had a bye.

Not once but TWO WEEKS IN A ROW, the league is throwing a fresh team at us. Not the end of the world, because everyone faces a team coming off their bye, right?

Right? Nope. Guess how many times this year the Patriots play a team coming off their bye? Guess Zero again, and you’d be right.

As I’ve said before, I understand that there is no hotline. Stephen Ross can’t call the NFL in April and correct this stuff. That being said, it MUST be corrected. The Dolphins need someone like me on their staff. Mr. Ross needs someone like me to point these things out. I’m throwing my hat in the ring if Mr. Ross wants to hire me to be the Dolphins’ representative on the competition committee.

These things simply MUST be pointed out. But do you think anyone else studied the schedule as in depth as we do here at Dolphins Truth?

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  1. Yep I remember discussing this it’s ridiculous. Patsies fans will say that we are butthurt… their favourite line must have a lot of that going on up there. I didn’t realize the bye weeks too that is a huge advantage teams not only get to rest, prepare and get healthy but it’s a physiological advantage. Ross please hire admin!

    1. Author

      LOL, I’ll work cheap too. A labor of love.

    2. Author

      Pats fans do indeed think we’re crybabies. But one thing I do on this site is to point out facts while avoiding writing nonsense like calling them lucky or saying Brady sucks. I don’t write that stuff.
      Instead, I point out pure facts. And that drives them far more crazy that name-calling.

      1. Of course it does rarely do cheaters like the truth

  2. Well ADMIN, I’m not surprised at what you’ve shown. Even before the start of the season, I watched and heard some commentators on sports TV and radio shows predict the Patriots to not only go the playoffs, but also be in the Superbowl. The Patriots played the Chiefs and had zero – 0 – penalties. Heck, if that doesn’t demonstrate some of these officials bias position for the Patriots, I don’t know what else can.

    1. Author

      I’ve seen plenty of comments about the refs, and it is a legit point. However, the laughable Chiefs defense is the reason for that beatdown. The patriots scored every single time they touched the ball. Not even in Miami’s worst years did that ever happen. Even Tom Olividotti could stop Brady once or twice.

      1. Not just this game but they are top of the league in least amount of penalties. They must be saints…

        1. They are an extremely well coached team. For years and years Miami was the least penalized team in football under Don Shula. Was it because the NFL loves the dolphins, no we all know they don’t, it was because Shula is one of the greatest coaches that have ever lived. Belicheck is right up there as well, and when you have a QB like Brady that holds everyone on offense accountable it kinda makes sense. Not saying the pats don’t get preferential treatment, they 100% do but it’s just not the only reason they aren’t flagged.

          1. Author

            I’ve seen penalties against NE, and then Belichick gets right in the official’s face to argue. He is truly intimidating, and then the refs think twice before throwing a flag next time and incurring his wrath. it should not be that way. They should throw a second flag at him for mouthing off and teach HIM a lesson, not other way around.

            1. Agreed but when you present facts and they have no answer they drop to the level of name calling it’s comical.

              BB is a good coach sure albeit always on the edge of cheating or beyond but to have 0 penalties in a tight game and one of the tops in the league? Come on its ridiculous there is holding on every play Fins get called patsies rarely. Bias is unbelievable especially in NE and I’m not sure why…

      2. ADMIN, even though the Patriots like you said “scored every single time they touched the ball” on what you called “the chiefs laughable defense,” it was still a very close game. Tom Brady and the Patriots whining and getting sympathy from the officials on the field is clearly effecting how defenses play these crybabies and it was demonstrated when Chiefs linebacker Anthony Hitchens had Brady in his grasp but let him go because I bet he thought if he slammed him to ground, that’s a roughing the passer penalty. I mean, if you sneeze on Brady that’s a penalty that can cause your team to lose the game.

  3. Author

    795 stories today about Patrick Mahomes. You’d think the guy won a game last night or something.

    1. To your poit admin,remember when we beat the Pats in the final game of the season 2 or 3 years ago and that loss kept the from home field advantage throughout the playoffs the lost in the playoffs.

      Now Mahomes knows what Marino felt like his entire career,needing 40 points to win every game.

  4. I saved that meme from 3 years ago-it still applies today.

  5. Gronk is literally wide open at the end of the game. How does that happen,even with their piss-poor defense? On a neutral field,the Chefs are a better team.

    1. I bet that was the plan but one idiot tackled him. KC knew that they would score the TD back in a minute just needed time….

  6. ADMIN,you’ve been on top of the schedule “peculiarities” for a long time. Always in NE favor.

  7. I would like to see how many times a team stops the Pats on3rd down and get an auto 1st down penalty called? That illegal contact penalty always kills us against them at least twice a game it seems.

    1. That’s exactly it the refs have a tool to extend drives at their discretion no different than WWE. Not saying they do but it does seem convenient at times especially in NE. Heck in a tight game against KC they magically swallowed their whistle. The scary thing is that it only takes one ref to be the guy to extend drives or stop them as the head ref rarely picks up flags. It’s just went on for so long you have to wonder…

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