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Pass-happy Adam Gase continues to hand free victories to the opponents.  Jay Ajayi is unstoppable today, and yet Gase calls for pass after pass after pass.

Thus we have zero points as usual.


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The Falcons had a chance to make me a fan for life.   All they had to do was run out the clock vs. New England in the Super Bowl, and they had me.

Instead, they pulled an Adam Gase and decided to pass pass pass with a gigantic lead and a few minutes to go.  Thus, I am pulling for my Dolphins extra hard today to take them down.

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  1. Author

    4th and short and Gase benches Jay Ajayi. Mr Ross needs to fire him. It’s official.

    1. Author

      We’ve run 4,000 bubble screens to Landry this year for a grand total of One Yard. We fooled the defense Zero Times. Landry has had a combined total of .03 seconds between catch and getting tackled.
      And yet Adam Gase’s genius says this is a good play to keep running.

    2. At what point can longtime Dolphin fans convince Steve Ross to sell on the open market? Shut out at halftime.? 4 Picks? I have had enough! Laughingstock organization.

      1. Author

        If only.
        Ross already screwed us for years to come by pre-selling the team already to his business partner on Wall Street

        1. Dear Admin, I am aware of the fact Steve Ross has already selected the next Dolphin owner, another man from New York. Why do you think the Miami Herald never really prints much the next owner already being selected?

          1. Author

            I think it’s just not a real newsworthy story at this point. When Ross starts to hint about retiring or selling the team, THEN the local papers will start to cover the new guy. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to cover. He is another NY City bigshot in real estate who isn’t even a Dolphin fan. He’ll sell the team out just like Ross does.

  2. Author

    Do we have to snap it on ONE on every single down? Adam Gase’s simply lacks any creativity

  3. Author

    PRINCESS POUNCEY out again as usual

  4. Author

    We’re far better with Pouncey on the bench.

  5. Author

    Who is the only one who predicted this victory??

  6. I can’t believe it! I though Gase was gonna blow it with that timeout, but Atlanta actually gave us the victory by trying for a touchdown instead of just tying it.

    1. As admin said they got greedy can’t help themselves they simply love to choke instead of winning the game. It wasn’t pretty but I’m sure that we’d all take 3-2. You would also think that the offence can only get better and the D seems to be improving as well.

  7. Author

    Much like the Super Bowl, Atlanta was far too pass happy, which created several much-needed 3-and-outs for us. A 17-point lead against the worst offense in the NFL?

    1. But isn’t Ryan a hall of famer…didn’t I hear that somewhere before? He can pass pass pass and never miss a beat or choke. As predicted his numbers are averaging back to normal this season…

      1. Author

        I’m still in shock. They could have taken a knee and beaten us.

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